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Genealogy is legend, lore and myth about ancestral  journeys: a quest of curiosity which finds as much fulfillment in seeking as in attaining. Genealogical research reveals families consumed with survival, defiant in the face of adversity when opposing oppression, yet strong in hope and communion. Our Spalding and Dawson ancestors were sustained by three river cultures: the Potomac River in St. Mary's County, the Nanticoke River in Dorchester County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and that "Highway to the West," the Ohio River, which divides North from South. 

This is the story of a remarkable people: the Spaldings of East Anglia and the Dawsons of Yorkshire, England. Over three hundred & fifty years in America (1657), our ancestors formed and fortified unbreakable links to a distant past. We, their descendants, revere their memory and honor their sacrifice. To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die, but to bequeath a timeless testament to those we love and cherish.

Goal of our web site: To promote original research combined with social history while retaining historical and genealogical accuracy. Use of original records paramount to the study of family history.


We give heartfelt thanks to these and other long-time family historians found under topic "Family Researchers."  Without you, this site would never have been written! Without you, we would not be able to share our historic roots. 

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Spalding - Maddox - Harris - Redden - Kellam - Robins - Melvin - Norris - Wells of Maryland - Dawson of Maryland/Delaware - Herbert of New Jersey & Virginia - Strawn/Buckman of Pennsylvania - Kees of Virginia & Pennsylvania are our mid-Atlantic colonial ancestors. Most migrated through western Pennsylvania. At Fort Pitt, they traveled by flat boat down the Ohio River to Limestone, Ky. They spread out in the Ohio River Valley: Dawson in Ohio, the others in Kentucky. Aaron Spaulding was in Campbell County Ky. by 1805 when he married Hannah Herbert, the daughter of Rev. Josiah Herbert. Isaac J. Dawson was in Brown County, Ohio, by 1820. The origin of both Spalding and Dawson was Maryland: Spalding of St. Mary's County on the Western-shore and Dawson of Talbot-Dorchester County on the Eastern-shore.  

                  SPALDINGSHERCLIFFE                   HERBERT (updated)                     HERBERT - WINTER - GROVER      HELM 

          SPILMAN - DeCOURSEY       STRAWN - BUCKMAN          MADDOX (updated) -    HARRIS           DAWSON - KELLAM     JUMP    

            REDDEN - MELVIN              ROBINS - LITTLETON                 NORRIS - WELLS     

Robert Clarke: Surveyor-General of Maryland  

Spaulding Family Memories       Dawsons Through the Years   

Manors of Maryland (Genesar update)    Churches of Maryland and Kentucky    Southern Maryland's Historic Sites  

"Tudor Court(click Gentry, scroll to Herbert of St. Julian)              Historical Time Line

"Historical Chronology"  http://www.mdarchives.state.md.us/msa/mdmanual/01glance/html/chron16.html           

Visiting the Maryland Archives                  Delaware Map 1775-1830: The Delaware Divide   

Warning: Biographical text under copyright. Copying the biographical text in toto is illegal under internet copyright rules. Please, don't infringe. Your ancestors stood for honesty and courteousness,  so should you!                                                                 

(1)  First, Second and Third Spalding Generations:  Lineage of Spalding Family of Maryland   

(2)  Fourth Generation Spaulding of Kentucky:   Lineage of Moses Clarke Spaulding      

(3)  DAR Supplemental;  Moses Clarke Spalding SMCo MD Militiaman

(3)  Allied Family in Revolutionary War:  Spalding - Herbert - Redden - Dubberly:  Spalding's Allied Family Rev War Ancestors 

Spalding Family Portrait (above) -  James Aaron Spalding Jr. family of Shelby Co. Mo., formerly of Washington Co, Ky.  James Aaron Jr., s/o James Aaron Sr., and his wife Mary Leake celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with their children.  Jim Pierceall sent photo of his grt-grdparents: James A.  & Mary Spalding. Jim's line: John Aaron Spalding, brother of Moses Clarke & Bennett Spalding, to son James Aaron Spalding Sr. and to son James Aaron Spalding Jr.

(1)   Aaron & Hannah Herbert Spalding of Twelve Mile, Campbell Co, Kentucky.

(2)  John & Elizabeth Strawn Spoldon of Alexandria, Campbell Co, Ky.

(3)  Hiram & Malinda Kees Spaulding of Grant's Lick, Campbell Co, Ky. 

(4)  Samuel B. & Minnie J. Spaulding of Grant's Lick, Campbell Co, Ky.

 (1)  John Spalding will April 21, 1521, Fornham All Saints, Suffolk, England 

(2)  John Spalding Will June 19, 1535, Tymworth, Suffolk, England

(3)  Thomas Spalding Will April 21, 1573, Tymworth, Suffolk, England

(4)   Augustine Spalding Will November 19, 1626, Tymworth, Suffolk, England

(5)   Shiercliffe of Yorkshire, Eng, and Shercliff-Shircliffe-Shirtcliffe                 

(6)  Our English Spalding Forebears


(1)  Herbert Family of New Jersey

(2) Ancient Lineage of the Blue Knight of Gwent: William Herbert

(3)  Herbert Raglan Castle: http://www.castlewales.com/raglan.html

(4)  Maddox Family of Maryland: Ancient Lineage of  Maddox of Wales   


Dawson of Maryland-Delaware and Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana  

Dawson history begins with (A) Richard Dawson (d. c1682) of Dorchester Co Md., goes up through (B) Dawson-Smith-Jump family of Dorchester Co Md. & Kent Co Delaware to (C) Isaac J. Dawson (b. c1788) of Sussex Co Del. & Brown Co, Ohio. Once established in Brown County, Daniel Dawson (b. c1813), s/o Isaac J. Dawson, married Catherine Kellam, whose mother was Elizabeth Shinkle. Just before the Civil War, Daniel & Catherine Dawson crossed the Ohio River to settle in Bracken Co, Ky. Noah Dawson (b. 1832), their son, removed to Campbell County, Ky., to marry Ellen Redden, d/o Purnell Burch Redden of Worcester Co Md. Their daughter, Minnie Jane Dawson (b. 1874), married a tobacco farmer, Samuel B. Spaulding of Grant's Lick, whose daughter, Grace Spaulding Dells (b. 1905) was mother & grandmother of webmasters.

Dawson DNA Project Request: Need two descendants of Richard & Frances Dawson of Dorchester Co Md. to test for match to other Md. families. Contact Neva Adams <searching4DNA@verizon.net>  Dawson DNA Project site http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/d/dawson/index.html

 A. 17th Century Dorchester Co Md. Family: Richard & Frances Dawson

Vernon L. Skinner, contributor of the "Dawson Paper: Richard Dawson d. c1682 Dorchester Co Md" has a new book titled "Abstracts of the Orphan's Court Proceedings of Sussex Co Del. 1708-1709 & 1728-1777," which can be ordered from Willow Bend Books 1-800-876-6103 or http://www.WillowBend.net

B. 18th Century Dawson-Smith-Jump Family of Maryland & Delaware

C. 19th Century Dawson Family of Brown Co Ohio, Bracken Co Kentucky, and Kosciusko Co Indiana


Dawson and Spalding-Spaulding Family Historians:

Mark Gilbert, West Chester, Ohio, <gilburns@gmail.com> descends from Millie Spaulding Gilbert, d/o John Spaulding and  Elizabeth Strawn of Alexandria, Campbell Co, Ky.  Edward Gilbert, husband of Millie Spaulding, was b. Aug 29, 1848, Covington, Kenton Co, Ky. He married Mille Spaulding on January 31, 1871. He died April 24, 1922. Both Millie & Edward Gilbert are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Springdale, Ohio. Two roads are named for the Gilbert family: (1) Gilbert Ridge Rd., Alexandria, Ky. (2) Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. Mark has posted lineage on his Gilbert-Spaulding line of Ohio and Kentucky on "The Gilbert Family" at http://www.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=eimarkg

John L. Dawson, Benton, Ky., Dawson-Kellam-Redden descendant, sent GEDCOM files; civil vital records of OH/KY; PAF FGSs; descendancy charts; print-out of his considerable database including Dawson of MD-DE land, census records & tax lists, marriage & court records; and photos of West Chester and Mt. Zion ME Church, Gertrude, Ky.

John M. Dawson sent NC Dawson-Causey family history. He has collected info on William Dawson of Jordan's Journey 1621 & Thomas Dawson of Kent Isle at VSL. He sent Sussex Co Del. Court Records 1677-1710, Vols 1 & 2, by Craig W. Horle, for Richard Dawson d. c1682, our mutual progenitor.

Barbara Sexton, Hamilton, Ohio., sent photos of James William Dawson family plus FGSs.

Daniel J. Riley sent Anna Riley Dawson Mason data in Marion County, Iowa, records.

Dot Bishop, Fortson, Ga., contributed Maddox records & photo of Christ Church, Chaptico, Md. 

Helen Wells of San Antonio, Texas, contributed research on the Redden-Melvin-Taylor families of Somerset-Worcester Co. Md. and Accomack Co., Va.

Stephen M. Robins of Highland Village, Texas, sent additional Robins Family of Somerset Co Md. lineage. Steve's son Dennis Robins is an avid Robins genealogist as well. Both Steve & Dennis can be found on the Robins GenForum page.

Randi Herbert Robinson contributed early Welsh history of Herbert family. She can be found on Herbert GenForum sharing lineage of the Anglo-Welsh Herberts from her yearly trips to Welsh libraries. Her specialty is the Irish Herbert family.

Beth Uiterwyk, a Herbert guest contributor, wrote the photo essay on Ancient Herberts of Wales.

David Ford of county Berkshire, England, e-mailed update of Maddox Welsh history.

Merrill Bolender of Ind. sent newspaper article on Bolender-Shinkle family reunion of 1912. Merrill's "Shaking the Branches" now on-line at url http://www.geocities.com/mbolender.geo/ Be sure to read Chapters 1-5 for Shinkle-Bolender history; details of Palatinate immigration bring history alive!

Shelia Perkins of Marietta, GA, sent "Descendants of Thomas Perkins," an allied family of Daniel Dawson of Bracken Co KY.

Spaldings of Frederick Co Md.  

Special Feature: Keys-Kees of Harrison & Campbell Cos. Kentucky 

The Key Emigrants: "From the beginning of of the English settlement in America, we find among the colonists the surname Key. From the 1600s to 1720s, there were seventy-five emigrants of the Key family, among whomKeycrst.jpg (110338 bytes) were John Key & Moses Key of Pennsylvania; William, Peter & Phillip Key of Maryland; Daniel, Thomas, Adam, William, Martin & Robert of Virginia; John Key of Maine; Robert & Solomon Key of Mass. They were descended from noble ancestry, distinguished in military annals from the days of the first Crusade. The Key pioneers of America helped to make the wilderness blossom for us who now enjoy its bountiful inheritance."

Derivation of Key Surname: "The English flatland by river & seacoast called quay was the derivation of the surname Key. The British spelled the surname Kay, pronouncing it the same way. Kay meant a knitting together of beam & stone to form a quay. We find various ways in which the Key surname was spelt, caused by persons writing them, who listened to the provincial or dialectic pronunciations, accounting for variations in the spelling of Key, viz. Kay, Kays, Kea, Keas, Keys, Kees, Keese, Keyes, Keies, Kease and Kee, Keay, Kei, Kea." (Source:  Lane, Jane Warren, "Key and Allied Family,"  p. 89. )

Harrison-Campbell Cos. Ky. Family: William Keys-Kees Jr., was b. c1779 in Pennsylvania, mar. (1) Jane Bates Nov. 23, 1799, in Madison Co Ky. and mar. (2) Ada Whaland Sept. `12, 1811,  in Harrison Co Ky.  ( Ref. 1840 Campbell Co Ky. Census p. 136: Harrison Bates next-door to John Keys.)  

 Wm. Kees Jr. and Adah Whalen of Harrison-Campbell Cos. Ky.   

William Keys Sr. and William Keys Jr. of Bourbon-Harrison-Shelby Cos. Ky.

 Keys-Harter-Fowler of Harrison Co. Ky.

Whalen-Whaland Census Search and Lineage

Four Key-Keys-Kay Families of Scott-Fayette-Lincoln-Mason Cos. Ky.           Kees-Keys of S.W. Pennsylvania      

Order of the First Families of Maryland

On March 24, 2003, Patricia J. Doster was accepted into the Order of the First Families of Maryland by right of descent from Thomas Spalding I (c. 1640 - c. 1711/12) of St. Mary's Co, Md. October 26, 2004, Pat was accepted into the Order in the line of descent from Robert Clarke, an early settler of the Province of Maryland. Robert Clarke in 1639 sat as a freeman in the Maryland legislature, in 1640 as Deputy Surveyor, in 1649 as Surveyor-General of the Province of Maryland. In his last capacity, he was an ex-officio member of the Maryland Privy Council, and sat in the General Assembly of 1659 which voted for the Toleration Act. He was a friend of the Indians. As steward of the manor of Calverton, an estate of 10,000 a. which was set aside for the habitation of the Indians, he was court-baron of the manor. In the Battle of the Severn, he was one of the defenders of the government against the Puritans. He was taken prisoner, tried by a council of war, and although his life was spared, he was heavily fined and his estates were confiscated.   

FFM url is  http://www.rootsweb.com/~mdoffmd/ Please click left button "Surnames" to go to Thomas Spalding's name.  If you would like further info on the Order, please contact Governor General. Application can be downloaded on-line and filled out at your leisure. Documented proof of each generation, of course, should be submitted with the application, and sent to FFM's Genealogist-Registrar.    

Doster Family History: Grafenberg, Germany to Barry County, Michigan

Eli Edwin Doster and his wife Margaret Curtis of Cleveland Heights, Ohio: Eli Doster's family was from Doster, Barry Co, Michigan. Eli Doster's father, Christopher Doster, was born 1836, Sheldon, Wyoming Co, NY; he died 1900 in Cleveland, Ohio. The old family homestead  was designated a state historical site. The Dosters of Barry Co, Michigan, have their roots in Grafenberg, Wurttemberg, Germany.  See "Doster Genealogy" by Mrs. Ben Hill, ed. Wadsworth Doster, Wm. Byrd Press, Richmond, Va., 1945; also a copy of "Pioneer Families of Barry Co, Michigan" by Joanne Marshall Doster, 1995.

Lineage of Eleven Generations of Doster family (click underlined blue title) 

1938 Xmas Card - Eli & Margaret Doster sent an old fashioned card with photos of Eli's parents, Christopher & Augusta Doster and Uncle Victor Doster & Aunts Cornelia & Jennie Doster from old daguerreotypes. 

Curtis Family History: Stratford, Connecticut  to Long Island,  New York  to Cleveland, Ohio

The Curtis family of New England were original patentees of the Connecticut town of Stratford, Fairfield County. For Curtis progenitor and direct lineal descent to Margaret Curtis Doster, wife of Eli Doster, go to Curtis Family and Boothe-Booth Family. We have a copy of "A Genealogy of the Curtiss-Curtis Family of Stratford, Conn. A Supplement to the 1903 Edition," by Harlow Dunham Curtis, pub. by the Curtiss-Curtis Society, 1953. Ira Curtis Jr. of Mayfield Heights, Cleveland, Ohio, appears on p. 372 with his daughter Mary(sic) Elizabeth Curtis. Please contact Jim Booth <Chubbyhubby5kids@aol.com> for more data on Booth Family.

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