KEES-KEYS 1778-1860

 Bourbon, Shelby & Harrison Cos. Kentucky

The Kees history places events and people on a large canvas of pre-war settlement of western mid-Atlantic colonies, and their subsequent post-war migration west to the stations and forts of pre-statehood Kentucky along the Forks of the Main Licking River. Following the Revolutionary War (1775-1783),  many soldiers took their families into the trans-Allegany wilderness to claim bounty land. One overland route into Kentucky was down the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia, Penn., into s.w. counties of North Carolina along the Yadkin River. The New River Frontier Settlement of Virginia & North Carolina 1760-1820 covers the migration of families seeking land in Rowan, Surry, and Moore Cos. of N.C. The first settlers on New River land belonged to the generations that established the earliest American frontier. Members of large extended families were (a) married brothers with patriarchal father, or, (b) widowed mother with her sons. The majority of the early settlers were born in Pennsylvania & New Jersey in the Delaware River Valley, a single cultural area, i.e. plain folk, some with Quaker leanings, others Methodist or Baptist. Settlers did not migrate alone, they came in waves, stopped along the way, some staying, some moving on. The Great Wagon Road was one way to get to the Kentucky frontier.  Link:

Other families in Harrison & Campbell Cos Ky. were in the upper Ohio River settlements around Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh). Fort Pitt was part of western Augusta Co, Va. District, later part of s.w. Penn.'s Washington Co. Tobias and Elijah Mattox, for example, lived on Miller's Creek off Chartiers Creek, a tributary of the Monongahela. Prickett's Fort in the Tygert Valley was south of Ft. Pitt. Both Mattox and Prickett later appeared in Harrison and Campbell Co Ky. Kentucky forts, like Ruddell's & Hinkson's on the South Fork of the Licking River, later became small settlements which were to play a part in the Kees history, as for example, Stockton's Fort of Fleming Co Ky. played a part in the Williams' family history. ( photo: Fort Pitt, 1790) 

William Kees (b. c1782) and his sister Catherine Kees (b. c1785) lived at Lair's Station, formerly Hinkson's Fort, before 1810, pos. in household of Conrad Varner. Since Catherine Kees witnessed Elizabeth Lair's will in 1803 & 1806, she was possibly living in the Mathias Lair household at Lair's Station before her marriage. Conrad Varner witnessed 1807 Bourbon Co Ky. marriage of Catherine Kees to George Harter. Catherine Kees Harter left Bourbon Co Ky. for Spencer County, Indiana, after death of her husband, George Harter. Catherine Kees Harter's history on WorldConnect:

William Kees, Campbell Co Ky., bought 50 a. of land on Richland Creek in n. Harrison Co from Conrad Varner, Spencer Co Ind., in 1835, after he had relocated to Campbell Co Ky. around 1827. Richland Creek was tract on which William began family life with Ada Whaland after their 1811 marriage. Richland Creek 100 a. tract in 1810 was owned by both Henry & Solomon Whaland Sr. No deed was found in Harrison Co, Ky., Courthouse, so perhaps the couple began married life on 50 a. given to them by Ada's father, Solomon Whaland Jr. One descendant recalled: "Ada Kees spoke with an accent." Ada Whaland Kees as well as her children reported she was born in Virgina. Kees-Sprague Bible, dates by Elizabeth Whalen Kees Sprague, said: "Mattie Hutson, mother of Ada Whaland Kees."

Bourbon-Harrison-Shelby Cos. Kentucky Tax Lists

The search for the progenitor of the Kees family in Campbell Co Ky. began with a census/tax list comparison. The ancestor must disappear in one county and turn up in another in contiguous time frame. Sometimes, the ancestor stayed on the land while the county name changed around him; sometimes dates overlap because ancestors moved to new land in another county while retaining land in the old county. William Keys Jr. never seemed to own land through deed transfer.

Bourbon County Ky. erected 1785 from Fayette Co. Keys found fist in Bourbon. Since the Williams family were first found in Bourbon Co, later Shelby Co, they are included because they married into the Keys family in Shelby. Lineage for Williams family from "Marylanders to Ky," by Henry Peden. The Williams were in Montgomery Co Md. before removing to Washington Co Penn. They were on the Bourbon Co Ky. tax lists with William Keys, the elder.

Harrison Co Ky. erected 1793 from Bourbon and Scott Cos. Both William Keys Sr. and his son William Keys Jr. can be found in Harrison Co Ky. records. Wm. Keys Sr. removed to Shelby Co Ky. after 1796. William Keys Sr. removed to Shelby Co Ky. with his daughters who married in Shelby Co, and his sons, Stephen & John Keys.  Later, the trio removed to Christian Co Ky. in late 1820. From the 1850 Christian Co Ky. Census: John & William Keys were born in North and South Carolina in late 1700s. From the early Bourbon Co Ky. taxes, perhaps three brothers came into Kentucky from North & South Carolina and Virginia: John Keys Sr., William Keys Sr., and James Keys. 

1781-82 Hampshrire Co Va. Per. Prop. Tax: James Keys, Tapley Taylor, Margaret Taylor, John & David Hutson, Jas. & Stephen Ruddle

1785 Virginia Patent  James Key, May 18, 1785, Fayette Co Ky. 400 a. S. Stoners Fork of S. Fork Licking River adj. Joseph Kennedy. (Va. Land Office Grant Bk. O:524) Note: Ruddle's Mills at confluence of Stoners & Hinkson's Fork of S. Licking River. Lair's Station short distance n.w. Ruddle's Mills.     

1787 Bourbon Co Ky.  James Kase mar. Elizabeth Williams

1788 Bourbon Co Ky. Tax Roll:  James Kay & John *Whaley

1790 Washington Co Penn. Census: Bazil Williams 1 WM+18, 1 H.

1790 Bourbon Co Ky. Census: William Key (Kee) and Basil Williams, Charles and Joseph Williams

1791 Bourbon Co Ky. Tax Roll: William Key (2) 

1792 Bourbon Co Ky. Tax Roll: William Kass(sic), Bazel Williams, Isaac Kees,  *John Whealen  

1795 Nov 21 Bourbon Co Ky. Marriage:  *John Whaland mar. Betsy Matheny

1793 Bourbon Co Ky. Tax List:  Bazell Williams

1794 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List: William Kees 1-0-0-0 (no acreage)

1795 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List:  Isaac Kees    [1-0-0-0; 60 a. Gray's Run June 25, 1795]

1795 Harrison Co Ky. Deed:  *Isaac Keys  [11a. Gray's Run fr Jos. Cummins to Isaac Keys in Harrison Co Deed Bk 1:94; 50 a. Gray's Run from William McComb to Isaac Keys, Harrison Co Deed Book 1:93.

1795 Bourbon Co Ky Tax List: : William Keys, John Kays, Abraham Varner, Matthias Lair, Jacob Lair

1795 Aug 17th  Harrison Co Ky. Tax List:: William Kees 1-0-0-0 (no acreage)

1796-1799 Harrison Co Ky:  William Keys

1796 Bourbon Co Ky. Tax List: James & John Kease, Basel Williams

1798 June: Law Suit Harrison Co Ky. Sm'l Bradwell vs. Wm Darling Jury: Wm.Key et al. (Source: C.O.B. A: 223)

1799 Sept. In Covenant Harrison Co Ky: Abraham Shelton vs. Wm Hinkson Jury: William Key et al Source: C.O.B. A:348

1799 Harrison Co Ky. 1799: William Keys on Silas Creek

1799 Madison Co Ky. Marriage: William Keys to Jane Bates 21 November 1799

1799 Bourbon Co Ky. Jemima Whaley mar. Archilles VanHook Nov 17, 1799.

1799 Bourbon Co Ky. Tax List: Charles Lair & Elizabeth Lair

1800-1810-1819 Shelby Co Ky: William Keys with his son Stephen Keys

June 1798 Harrison Co Ky.  Jury: William Key et al Samuel Broadwell vs. Wm Darling Harrison Co Ky. Court Order Book A:223

Sept 1799 Harrison Co Ky. Jury William Key et al Abraham Shelton vs. Wm Hinkson Harrison Co Ky. Court Order Bk a:348

1800 Shelby Co Ky. Tax List: William Keays 1 WM 21 & 2 H and Stephen Keays 1 WM 21 (son of Wm Keays)

1810 Shelby Co Ky. Census p. 216: William Keys: M 2-0-0-0-1; F 1-0-3-0-0   Neighbors: Henry Pollard, Wm. L. Johnston, Isaac Johnson.

1810 Bourbon Co Ky. Census, p. 94: James Key M 2-2-0-0-1 + F 1-1-2-0-1 + 4 slaves  

1811 May 7th Shelby Co Ky. Tax List: William Kees & Stephen Kees

1813 Shelby Co Ky. Tax List: William Keys, 18th Regt. Eglestonís Co.

1814 Shelby Co Ky. Tax List: William Keys

1819 Shelby Co Ky. Tax List: William Keyes (disappears after 1819)

1824-25 Shelby Co Ky. Tax List: Stephen Keys

Lair's Station, Harrison Co Ky.

Matthias Lair & his wife Ann Elizabeth Rush Lair settled at Lair Station after Rev. War. He purchased the part of Capt. Isaac Ruddle's land which included the tract where Ruddle's Fort stood in 1780 when attacked & destroyed by the British and Indians. The Harrison Co Ky. tract was 463 a. purchased from Robert & Nancy Hinkson. It became known as "the Lair Settlement." Matthias Lair was an early distiller in Bourbon Co Ky. Matthias Lair d. 1795 at age 42. Elizabeth Lair, w/o Matthais, d. 8 April 1806. Catherine Kees witnessed her 1803-1806 will.  Son Charles Lair built "The Cedars," a large mansion at Lair Station, behind which were the ruins of Ruddle's Station," from 1812-1828. During the War of 1812, men were mustered in the barn of "The Cedars."  Ruddles and Martin's Fort During Revolutionary War:  Ruddles' Station:

1803 March 18 to June 1803: Elizabeth Lair's will (Bourbon Co Ky. Will Bk B:206) Wt. Katherine Keese (sister of Wm) and Bourbon Co Ky. Will Bk C:93: April 1806: "to sons Charles, John, William, Joseph & Matthias Lair; daus Sarah Lair & Elizabeth Smiser, d/o Geo. Smiser. Wt. Catherine Kees.

Bourbon Co Ky. Marriage Bond: Aug 06, 1807: George Harter to (Catherine) "Caty" KEAS Bondsman: Conrad VARNER Source: LDS Film No. 0183145 "Bourbon Co Ky. Marriages, Vols. 1-4" .

1810 Bourbon Co Ky. Census: George Harter 1M -10, 1 M 16/26 + 1 F 16/26

1800 Harrison Co Ky Tax List: Solomon Whalen Sr. 1-0-0-0 no acreage; Solomon Whalen Jr. 1-0-0-0 no acreage; Henry Whalen 1-0-0-0 50 a. Main Licking (Coleman Survey)  Note: 1800 Census Taxable Categories (1) WM21=white male   21+; (2) WM16=white males 16-21 (3) B16=blacks over 16 (4) BT=blacks total; plus H=horses and C=Cattle, followed by no. of acres. and the water course where tract was located. 

1805 June 18 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List: Henry Whalen 50 a. Main Licking; Solomon Whalen Sr. & Jr. no acreage 

1806 Harrison Co Ky. Marriage Bond No. 467: Tobias Mattox mar. Anna Whaland 16 May 1806 Bonds: Solomon Whalen; Consent of Parents: Solomon Whalen, wife Lizbeth Whalen Wts: Solomon Whaland & Henry Whalen

1809 Harrison Co Ky Tax List: Solomon Whalen 1 W21 & 3 H Solomon Whalen 1 W21 & 2 H Henry Whalen 1 W21 & 4 H & 100 a. *Richland Creek. 810 Harrison Co Ky Tax List: Solomon Whaling 1 W21 & 3 H Henry Whaling 1 W21 & 3 H Solomon Whaling Sr. 1 W21 & 2 H & 100 a. *Richland Creek*

1810 Washington Co Penn. Hopewell Twp, p. 51: Margaret Marsh 1M-10, 1M 10/15, 3M 16/25, 1M 26/44 + 2F 10/15, 1F 16/26, 1F 45+. Neighbors: Edward Mattox, William Fowler, Benjamin Watson, Joseph Miller, William Patterson.

1810 Harrison Co Ky. Census p. 312: Robert Hogg (wt. John Kay probate bond Scott Co Ky.), John Hinkson, Humphrey Lyons, Samuel Hinkson, James Adair, John Talbot, Conrad Varner, Charles Lair, John Lair, Wm Lair, Wm. Johnson, John Kennedy.

1810 Harrison Co Ky. Census:  Henry Whalen 3-0-1-0-0; 3-1-0-1-0 (M 16/25) p. 319 Line 15: Solomon Whalen 0-0-1-0-0; 3-1-0-1-0 (M 16/25) p. 319 Line 22: Solomon Whalen 1-0-1-0-0; 1-2-0-1-0 (M 16/25)

1811 Harrison Co Ky. Marriage Bond No. 759 William Keys to Eady Whaland 12 Sept 1811 Bond date: 10 Sept 1811 Bondsman: Tobias Mattox

1811 Harrison Co Ky Tax List: Henry Whaling 1 W21 & 3 H & 50 a. Main Licking; Solomon Whaling 1 W21 & 2 H & 50 a. Main Licking

1812 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List: William Key ("Kep" sic)  and Solomon Whaling Jr. 1-3 & 120 a. Main Licking Henry Whaling 1-3 & 100 a. Main Licking Solomon Whaling Sr. 1-1  (Source: LDS Film No. 0008022)

1813 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List: William Kees 1 W21 & 2 H - "in 86th Regt. Capt. Richey's Co War of 1812 and Solomon Whaling Sr. 1-1 100 a."in 86th Regt. Capt. Richey's Co War of  1812 Solomon Whaling Jr. 1-2 73 a. "in 86th Regt " Henry Whaling 1-4 "in 86th Regt."

1814 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List: Wm Kees 1-2 50 a. Richland Creek (entry under Kenton) Zacheus Kee 1-2 50 a. Beaver Creek (entry under Logwood) Henry Whaling 1-2 78 a. Main Licking (entry under Johnson) Solomon Whaling 1-3 96 a. Main Licking

1815 Harrison Co Ky Tax List: Wm Kees 1-2 50 a. Richland Creek (entry-patent under Kenton) Zachariah Kees 1-3 50 a. Beaver Creek (entry under McConnell) Solomon Whaling 1-3 93 a. Main Licking Henry Whaling 1-4 75 a. Main Licking

1816 Harrison Co Ky Tax List: Wm Kees 1-5 50 a. Richland Creek; Solomon Whaling 1-3 93 a. Licking (entry under Johnson); Henry Whaling 1-3 80 a. Licking (entry under Johnson)

1817 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List: Wm Kees 1-4 50 a. Richland Creek; Solomon Whaling 1-3 93 Licking ; Henry Whaland 1-4 80 a. Licking (entry under Stuart)

1819 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List: Wm Kees 1-1 50 a. (entry Kenton); Solomon Whaland 1-5 93 a. Main Licking; Henry Whalen 1-4 70 a. M. Licking

1820 Harrison Co Ky Census, p. 178: William Kees 3M -10, 1M 26/45 + 1 F 16/26m (next door to) Margaret Marsh 1M -10, 2M 10/16 + 1F -10, 1F 10/16, 2F 16/26, 1F 45+ 

Harrison Co Ky. Kees-Pollard-Marsh-Wright Families

Four next-door Neighbors on 1820 US Census Harrison Co Ky. p.  78 shows "kinship grouping" around an older family member  :

1. William Kees Jr. :  3M -10 (Taylor, Isaac, Wm III),  1 M 26/45 (Wm Kees Jr. b. c1782 age 38) & 1F 26/45 (Ada Whalen b. c1790 age 30)

2. Margaret Marsh: 1 M -10, 2M 10/16 & 1F -10, 1F 10/16, 2F 16/26, 1F 45+

Harrison Co Ky. Marriage: Thomas Orville Pollard (b. c1791 d 1844 Mo.), mar. Nancy Marsh (b. 1796 d. 1865 Mo.) on  9 Jan 1816.

3. Thomas Pollard: 1M -10, 1 M 26/45 & 1F -10, 1F 16/26 (Nancy Marsh)

4. John Pollard: 1M -10, 1M 25/45 & 1F 16/26 (seven doors from Thos Pollard)

Marsh Family History: Samuel Thomas Marsh (c1760-c1815 Harrison Co Ky) married Margaret Wright, dau. of Capt. John Wright III and Ann Williams, on March 24, 1792, Surry Co NC. She was born c1774 Prince Wm. Co Va. (National Soc. of American Colonists, Alice C. Hand, 1997, p. xxxi, No. 30803) and. d. aft. 1850 (1850 Census Owen Co Ky. p. 238-39) On 1810 Census of Surry Co NC, Samuel Marsh was over age 50. Samuel Marsh left Surry Co after 1810. By this time, they had eight children. He purchased land in Harrison Co Ky. on June 10, 1811. (Deed Bk. 3:333) Three more children were born in Ky. Samuel Marsh "heirs" on deed dated May 13, 1817.  Children: (1) Rev. James Thos. Marsh b. Jan 3, 1793 NC, d. 17 Sep 1840 Clay Co Mo.,  mar. Martha Riley 1817 Harrison Co. Ky. (2) Wm March b. 1794 NC (3) Rught Marsh (4) Nancy Marsh b. c1800, m. Thos Pollard 9 Jan 1817, neighbor of Wm Kees in 1820 Harrison Co Ky., d. 25 Sept 1865 Mo. (5) Mary Marsh b. July 1, 1801, d. 4 July 1868 Owens Co Ky. mar. James Alnutt 10 July 1825 Harrison Co Ky. (6)  Andrew B. Marsh b. 4 Mar 1806 Surry Co NC, d. 15 Jul 1864 Holt, Mo. (7) Susan Marsh b. c1808 Surry Co NC, mar. Frederick Kneaves (8) Rosannah Marsh b. 1810 m. ? Ruby (9) Martha "Patsy Marsh b. c1812 Harrison Co Ky. mar. Wm Alnutt Jr., s/o Wm Alnutt & Mary Riley (10) Samuel Wright Marsh b. 14 Feb 1814 Harrison Co Ky, d. 19 Dec 1892 Gentry Co Mo. mar1. Emily Thomason 1843 mar2. Tempa Ferguson 30 Nov 1873 (11) David Marsh b. 1818 d. 1853, m. Patsy Johnson. On 1850 Census Owen Co Ky. p. 238-39, Margaret Marsh age 83 b. c1767 NC in household of her son-in-law James Alnutt age 51 b. NC, and her daughter Mary age 49 b. NC.

Wright Family History: Capt. John Wright III b. 30 Oct 1728 Pr. Wm. Co Va., d. 30 Oct 1789 Flat Rock Creek, Surry Co NC. He was born at his Grndfather John Wright Sr.'s estate "Leesylvania" near Potomac River in Pr. Wm Co Va. His grandfather was originally from  Westmoreland Co Va.  John lived on  Father John Wright Jr.'s estate "Pine View" near Liberty, Va.  He married Ann Williams (b. 15 Oct 1838 Pr Wm Co Va) around 1753 in Fauquier Co Va.  Couple had 18 children. Margaret Wright Marsh was the fifteenth child, the ninth daughter. He became Surveyor of Fau. Co. Va. 1771. He was commissioned a Capt. of the Fauquier Co Va. Militia. (DAR Supplemental #637068, July 13, 1990). He  serv'd in 4th NC Regt. Rev. War 1771-1777. He was released as a casualty. He supplied Continental Army and helped muster men for service. John completed the sale of his estate 24 Oct 1774 in Fauquier Co Va, and departed with his family through the Blue Ridge Gap upon the old Warrior's Trail which led southward to the Yadkin River in North Carolina. He settled in Shoal Township, Surry Co, NC after 21 Sept. 1774. He was Episcopal in Va., but Baptist in NC.  He was buried at Hamptonville, Surry Co NC.  Sources: (1) "Descendant of Richard Wright of London, Eng. & Northumberland Co VA, 1655," by Chas. A. Hoffin (2) "Descendants of Col. John Washington," by Dr. Justin M. Glenn, Tallahassee Fl.

1820 Harrison Co Ky. Marriage Bond No. 1436 John Whalen m. Cynthia Sneed 21 Aug 1820 Bondsman: William Kees Consent: Henry Whalen for son John Wts: Wm Kees & Wm Sneed

William & Ada Whalen Keys move to Campbell Co Ky. Campbell Co Ky. erected 1795 from Harrison-Mason-Scott Cos.

1835 Harrison Co Ky. Deed William Keys "of Campbell Co Ky." from Conrad Varner "of Spencer Co Ind." 50 a. Richland Creek in Harrison Co, Ky.

1827 Campbell Co Ky. Marriage Bond:  Charles FOWLER m. Nancy WHALING 2 Mar 1827 Bondsman: William Kees, Campbell Co Ky.

1855 Campbell Co Deed Book 26:420 March 1, 1855: Richard Southgate to William Keys for lifetime & that of his wife, Ada Keys, 50 a. Scaffold Creek. Lease mentions "prior lease." Notes: Wm & Ada Kees in 1855 lived near sons Taylor Kees Sr. and John James Kees on Scaffold Creek nr Poplar Thicket Rd. west of Alexandria. A life-hold lease was rare for the time. Feb 22, 1860 Campbell County Ky. Deed Bk 31: 293-94 : Nathaniel B. Shaler & Jacob Hawthorn, excrs of Richard Southgate's estate, sell 50 a. Scaffold Creek to Jacob Hawthorn; cancel "life leasehold" of William Keys and wife Ada.


Shelby Co Ky. Kees/Keys Family

William Keys Sr. and his son Stephen Keys found in Shelby Co Ky. where William's daughters marry into the Williams family: Nancy Kees, d/o Wm., mar. Bazel William in 1798, Milly Keys, d/o Wm., mar. John Williams 1802. By 1810, Wm. Keys was living next door to Henry Pollard b. 1743 Lunenberg Co Va. In Harrison Co Ky. 1820 Census, Wm. Keys Jr. was living next door to Thomas Pollard, s/o Henry of Shelby Co. Pollard-Marsh connection furnishes a clue for Wm Keys Jr.'s paternity.

Shelby Co Ky Tax List 1792-1815 (LDS Film No. 0008227)

1796 District N. Franklin Rd. to Falls of Ohio: William Keys 1 WM21 &1 Cow

1797 Mar 23 List of Ezekiel Talbot: William Kees 1 WM 21 & *1WM 16 & 1 B16

1799 Shelby Co Ky.  Tax List, District 3 of Thomas Shannon: William Kees 1 WM 21 & 1 Horse 1

1798 February 27 Shelby Co Ky. Marriage Bond: Nancy Kees d/o Wm Kees, m. Bazel Williams

1800 Shelby Co Ky Tax List of Thomas JOHNSON Dist. 1: May 18, 1800: William Keays 1 WM 21 & 2 H & Stephen Keays 1 WM 21

1802 Shelby Co Ky. Mar. Bond: Milley Keyes d/o Wm.  m. John Williams 19 Feb 1802 Bondsman: Matthew Williams.

Shelby Co Ky. Land Records "1789-1838 Grantor Index" 1796 Deed John Key, Chas. Cole lots 15-16 Shelbyville B:347 ; 1797 Deed John Key & Geo. Cardwell lots Shelbyville C:108; 1834 Deed  KAY lot Six Mile B2:123 ; 1841 Deed Nancy Kay Dan'l Duncan 100 a. Six Mile H2:109.

1801-1802 Shelby Co Ky Tax List:  Stephen Keays 2 WM 21 

Mar 19, 1803 Shelby Co Ky Tax List: Wm Kees 4 C 

May 14 1804 Shelby Co Ky Tax List: Wm Kees 2H May 14 1804 Stephen Kees 1 WM21

Mar 25, 1805 Shelby Co Ky. Tax List: Stephen Kees 1 WM-21 1 H

1806 Shelby Co Ky. Tax List Dist. No. 3 Edm. Thurston: Wm Kays 1 WM21 4 H

1807 Shelby Co Ky. Tax List Dist. No. No. 3: Wm Kays 1 Wm 21 4 H

1808 Shelby Co Ky. Tax List Dist. No. 1: Wm Kees 1 H & Stephen Kees 1 WM21

1809 Shelby Co Ky Tax List - Geo Wilcox Dist. No. 1: Stephen Kees 1 WM 21 (nr Clear Creek) and Absalom MATTOX20 on Clear Creek in Shelby County.

1810 US Census Shelby Co Ky. p. 216:

William Keys Sr. :  2M -10, 2M 10/16, 1 M 45+ & 1F -10, 3F 16/26  Note: William Keys Sr., father of William Keys Jr. of Harrison Co Ky.

Henry Pollard: 1M -10, 1M 45+ & 1 F 16/26 (Henry Pollard b. 1743 Lunenburg Co VA, mar. Rachel ?, d. October 1811 Shelby Co Ky)

Shelby Co Ky. MarriagesHenry Pollard m.. Eliz. Farwell 1808; Henry Pollard m. Ann Ashby 1810

Will of Henry Pollard, Shelby Co Ky. dated 8 Aug 1811/proven Oct 1811: to wife Rachel; to son Elijah Pollard, to dau Rachel Finley, to ch of dau Rebecca Ragsdale. Wt. John Johnston.

Thomas Pollard b. c1741 Va. d. Feb 1818 Shelby Co Ky.  ("Descendants of Thomas "Old Harry" Pollard" by Maurice J. Pollard)

1811 Shelby Co Ky Tax List - John Hall, Dep. Clerk Co Court: William Kees 1 WM21 1 H Stephen Kees ditto

1813 Tax List Shelby Co Ky William Keys 1 WM21 "18th Regt. Egleston's Co War of 1812"

1814 Tax List Shelby Co Ky: Wm Keys 1 WM 21

1819 Shelby Co Ky. Marriage Bond: Rachel KEYS, d/o Wm Keys, m. William Johnson 2 Sept 1819 Bondsman: Stephen Keys (brother)

1819 Tax List Shelby Co Ky: Wm Keyes 1 WM 21 (disappeared fr Shelby Co Ky. aft. 1819, removed to Christian Co Ky) 1824-1825 Tax List Shelby Co Ky: Stephen Keys 1 WM (see Christian Co Ky. Stephen Keys)

Christian Co Ky. Keys Family

Christian Co Ky. erected in 1797 from Logan Co. along Tennessee border in western Kentucky. John Keys Jr. married Ursula "Usley" Slaton c1805 in Pendlelton Dist. SC, and they removed to Christian Co Ky. by 1810. Ursula Slaton Keys was b. c1787 Moore Co NC, d. 7 Feb 1861 at age 74 in Christian Co Ky. (death cert.) John & Ursula Keys's dau, Lucinda Keys Simpson, d. 15 August 1854. (LDS Film No. 216820 Christian Co Ky.)

1810 US Census Christian Co Ky. p. 523

John Keys (Sr.) 1M-10, 1M 10/16, 1M 26/45, 1 M 45+ b. 1765 or earlier & 1F 10/16, 1F 16/26, 1 F 45+

John Keys Jr. 2M -10, 1M 16/26 b. c1784-1794 & 1F 16/26

1820 US Census Christian Co Ky. Hopkinsvlle, p. 202

William Keys 1M 16/26, 1M 45+ & 2F 16/26, 2 agr. (William Keys Sr. and son Stephen Keys Sr. from Shelby Co Ky.)

John Keys 2M-10, 1M 10/16, 1M26/45 & 2F -10, 1F 26/45, 3 agr. (John Keys b. 1787 NC, nephew of Wm Keys Sr.)

Christian Co Ky. Marriage: John Keys mar. Peggy Brown March 28, 1820.

1830 US Census Christian Co Ky. p. 34 & 38

p. 34: William Keys 1M 40/50, 1 M 60/70 & 1 F 30/40 (Stephen Keys Sr. b. c1780 & wife; William Keys Sr. b. c1760)

p. 34: John Keys  3M 5/10, 1M 30/40 b. 1790-1800 & 1F -5, 1F  20/30

p. 38:  John Keys Jr. 2M -5, 1M 5/10, 2M10/15, 1M 40/50 b.1780/1790  & 1 F 5/10,-1 15/20, 1 40/50

p. 38:  Stephen Keys 1 M 20/30 & 1F-5, 1F 20/30 (b c1807 Shelby Co, m1. Susannah Cansler 27 April 1828 Christians Co Ky. m2. Clarisa Pool 23 Aug 1838 d/o Henry Pool & Marg. Brown, d. aft 1880, had son James Leander Keys b. 22 Nov 1830)

p. 38: George Keys 1 M 20/30 & 1 F 20/30

Christian Co Ky. Marriage: George G. Keys mar. Anne Cansler Dec 17, 1829.

1840 US Census Christian Co Ky.

p. 203: Stephen Keys 1M 5/10, 1M 30/40 & 1F -5, 1F 10/15, 1F 20/30

p. 203: Margaret H. Keys 1M 5/10, 1 M 10/15, 2M 15/20 & 1F 10/15, 1F 30/40

p. 208: Wm. Keys 1M 15/20 & 1F 20/30

p. 213: John Keys (Jr.) 1M 10/15, 1M 10/20, 1M 50/60 & 1F 15/20, 1F 50/60

p. 213: George Keys 1M -5, 3M 10/15, 1M 30/40 & 1F -5, 1F 30/40

p. 217: Alfred Keys 1M 10/15, 1M 20/30 & 2F -5, 2F 5/10, 1F 20/30

1850 US Census Christian Co Ky. Division 1, p. 476

716 George G. Keys age 39 b. c1811 Ky, wife Sarah age 40 b. c1810 Ky., Harmon J. Keys age 7.

717 John Keys (Jr.) age 62 b. c1788 NC, wife Ursley (Ursula Slaton) age 63 b. c1787 NC (see Slaton note below)

718 Daniel Keys age 24 b. 1826 Ky., wife Mary A. Keys 26 b. 1824 NC, Ursley 6, Amanda 3, Enoch 1/12 b. c1850 (s/o John Keys Jr.)

719 Stephen M. Keys age 33 b. c1817 SC, Sarah E. Keys age 6 Ky, Richard B. Keys age 2 Ky. 

720 Wm. H. Keys age 24 b. c1826 Ky. wife Mary A. age 30, John H. Keys 9, Frances A. 4, Wm. Gaither Keys age 1.

p. 473: Margaret Keys age 49 b. c1801 SC, Mary J. Keys age 20 Ky., John age 18 Ky.

1860 US Census Christian Co Ky. p. 50

M.H. Keys age 60 female b. c1800 NC., M.J. Keys age 30 b. 1830 Ky., John R. Keys age 28 b. c1832 Ky. .

T.A. Keys age 39 b. c1821 Ky, A.J. Mitchell 33, Sarah Cooksey age 9, G.A. Cooksey age 7

1870 US Census Christian Co Ky. Scates Mills p. 217

208 Stephen W. Keys age 63 b. c1807 SC, John Keys age 83 b. c1787 NC

209 Robert B. Keys age 21 b. c1849, wife Brazilla T. age 30, John W.W. Keys age 2 b. 1868, James E.  11 mos. b. 1869

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Q: What county in North Carolina did the Christian County, Kentucky, Keys come from?

A: Keys GenForum Messages by Gwendy Baldwin and Honore Olson : John Keys Sr. b. bef. 1755, d. May 27, 1820, testate at age 65, Christian Co Ky.  Son:  John "Johnny" Keys Jr., b. 1788 Moore Co NC, d. c1830 Christian Co Ky,  mar. Ursula Slaton (b. 1787 Moore Co NC; d. Feb 7, 1861, Christian Co Ky).  John & Ursula Keys Jr. son Stephen W. Keys b. c1807 SC, d. aft. 1880, mar. Susannah Cansler (b. c1807, d. 1837 Chr. Co Ky.) on Apr 27, 1828 Christian Co Ky. Stephen & Susannah Keys had son: James Leander Keys b. Nov 22, 1830, d. July 18, 1901, mar. Lydia Sizemore Feb 8, 1855 Ky. He was Union soldier in Civil War. 

A: Tim Lewis, Muncie, Ind. : John Kees Sr. b. c1735, mar. Mary,  died bef. Sept. 23, 1786, Wilkes Co NC, testate. He was bur. Grandin, Wilkes Co NC. John and Mary Keys two sons: John Kees Jr. b. c1750 & Jacob Kees b. c1760 Wilkes Co NC. It is not known who the first settlers were in Happy Valley of the Yadkin, but the deeds made to Thos. Isbell by Edward Smith & David Witherspoon indicate John Kees and John Simpson were the first settlers on south side of Yadkin River,  part of a 500 a. grant to John Kees.  An ever-flowing spring near Grandin was called "Kees Old Spring." An old stone near the house was reported to be the headstone of  John Kees' grave;  the  footstone found when the grounds were cleaned. ("The World of My Childhood" by Robert Lee Isabell, p. 188.  (Note: Happy Valley on Yadkin River nr. North Wilkesboro)

John Kees Jr. b. c1735/1747, d. 26 June 1806 Pickens Co SC, m1. Francis Allen, m2. Mary Allen. Children: Elijah H. Kees b. 20 Apr 1766 NC, Sarah Kees b. c1770 m. Thos. Barton ; Thomas b. 18 Oct 1772 SC, d. 20 Jan 1868 Caldwell Tx. mar. Mary Brooks;  Absolom; Polly b. Dec 19, 1791, Ga.,  Geo. Washington Kees b. c1801.  Capt. John Kees came into SC about 1785 with Col. Benjamin Cleveland, settled on Cain Branch of Tugaloo River, moved to Chuaga River p.o. Franklin Co GA where he serv'd in state legislature 1787; state line moved, and John was in SC. (Terry Barton on Kees GenForum & Charles Moore on Keese-Kees web page) 

Elijah Harrison Keese b. 20 Apr 1766 (Va?), d. Nov 1, 1850. Elijah & his brother John Keese lived in Wilkes Co NC. Elijah Keese wit. a wedding in 1779 Wilkes. He mar. Celia Stepp in 1785. Their children: Ogden, John, Nancy, Lucy, Syepp, and Millier. Their graves which share a headstone can be found in Beaverdam Baptist Church Cem. Oconee Co SC.  "Keese Family History-Southern Branch" by Wm. Shelton Keese, privately pub. 1950 (Jim Keese GenForum Message 4) 

"Keese-Kees Family History" by Chas. Moore

1771-1772 Surry Co NC Tax List: John Kees

1790 US Census Moore Co NC p. 156: John Keys 3M+16, 2M-16, 5F+16 & Thomas Keys 1M +16, 7M -16, 3F  

1800 US Census Moore Co NC: John Keas 3M+16, 2M-16 (John Keys b. 1788 Christian Co Ky), 5F

John Kees Sr. b. c1735 NC?, d. Sept 1786 Wilkes Co NC,  mar. Mary  Ch: John Kees Jr. b. c1763, Jacob Kees b. c1764, Elijah Kees b. Apr 1766, Sarah Kees, b. c1770, Thomas Keys b. 1774, George Kees b. c1776, Mille Kees b. c1778.

John Kees Jr. b. c1750-1763 Wilkes Co NC, d. 26 June 1806 Pendleton Dist. Pickens Co, SC, m1. Frances Allen c1777, m2. Mary Allen. Ch: Elijah b. 20 Apr 1766 NC, Thomas b. 18 Oct 1770? NC, Sarah b. 19 Dec 1770 Rowan Co NC, Absalom b. 1779 Westminster, Oconee Co SC, Polly b. 1791 Franklin Co Ga. Geo. W. Kees b. 10 Mar 1799 Franklin Co Ga., (2 more b. 1803 & 1805, dob John Kees Jr. dispuated)

Sources: (a) "Happy Valley History & Genealogy," by Thos. F. Hickerson  (b) "The Early Germans of New Jersey," Theodore Frelinghuysen Chambers, pp. 633& 286: William Kaes,  ( library) (c) "The Palatine Families of NY & NJ, Some Late Arrivals 1717-1776,"  p. 132  John Case 1792 will (c) "Price, Kees and Allied Families," Bettiann W. Lloyd, 1988 (d) WorldTreeProject Carolyn Sue Smith & Clinton Stayton (e) WFT Vol 5 #1550 Tim Lewis>

Hunterdon Co NJ Wills 1791-95, p. 61-66: John Case, Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co NJ. 13 June 1792/31 July 1791: wife Margaret, sons eldest John, Wm, Peter, Godfrey, Jacob. Daus. Mary w/o Peter Bloom, Eliz. w/o David Stem, Catherine & Charity. Excrs. Jacob Case, Peter Young, Isaac Stout.


Williams Family of South Wales and Seneca Hundred, Montgomery Co Maryland

"Jared Williams was born in Maryland July 31, 1759, and enlisted Feb. 1777 in Hagerstown, Md., for three months under Capt. Basil Williams, his father. Jared mar. Ruth Clements in Pittsburgh, Pa., Feb. 2, 1792. She was b. March 26, 1774. Jared Williams applied and rec'd a pension in Fleming Co Ky. in 1832. He died June 21, 1833. His widow apl. 1836 and rec'd pension W2981. Lawrence Williams was son of Basil and brother of Jared. He was born in Maryland Feb. 28, 1758, and enlisted June 1776 for six mos. under Capt. John Reynolds in Washington Co. Md. He reenl. for one year as a Sergeant in Feb. 1777 under his brother, Capt. Nathan Williams who was killed at Battle of Camden, S.C. Lawrence removed to Washington Co Pa., and in 1779 enl. and serv'd as a Spy and Ranger under Capt. David Hosias. In 1787 he moved to Stockton's Station (Major George Stockton 1787) in Kentucky. Lawrence Williams apl. for and rev'd a pension in Fleming Co Ky. in 1832 and d. Sept. 14, 1834. His widow rec'd pension W9018."  (Source: "Marylanders to Ky. 1775-1825," Henry C. Peden Jr. p 155)

Historical Markers and Tablets by DAR Fort Boonesborough Marker: "Site of Fort Boonesborough 1775-1783. In memory of the Pioneers of Ky. Erected by the Boonesborough Chapter DAR 1907. List of names include Lt. Jared Williams.

"John Williams (b. c1741) was son of Basil Williams of Seneca Hundred, Montgomery Co Md. He serv'd with his elder brother, Joseph Williams, in Capt. Joshua Beall's Co. during French & Indian War. He enl. June 1, 1758 at age 17, and was discharged at the same time as his brother: Dec. 20, 1758. He and his wife Sarah and their five children were living in Sugarland Hundred, Frederick Co Md. in 1776 (Census). He removed to Kentucky by 1780 and settled in Bourbon Co Ky., now Fleming Co. In an 1816 deposition in Fleming Co, he stated he first explored Johnston Creek in May-June 1780. The Great Buffalo Trace from the Ohio River near Limestone to the Lower Blue Licks crossed Johnston Fork.  He was taxed in Bourbon Co in 1787 for personal property. He was later joined in Fleming Co by several nephews and his niece Delilah, children of his older brother, Basil Williams, of Washington Co Penn. His children, all born in Frederick Co Md. were (1) Nancy b. 1764; (2) Elizabeth b. c1766 (3) Charles b. c1768 m. Permelia Clements 1795. Note: two of his cousins, Levin & Jared Williams (see above), married daughters of James & Hannah Walton Clements of Buffalo Twp. Washington Co Pa. Williams Clements (1765-1849) a sibling to these sisters, wrote to their elder brother Jeremiah on Dec. 15, 1795: "Your sister, Permelia, married Charles Williams, a cousin of the other Williamses."  (4) *Basil Williams b. c1773 (5) William b. c1775."

"Nothing is known for certain about *Basil Williams, son of John & Sarah Williams. The likeliest candidate is Basil Williams who mar. Mary Sharon 5th Oct 1797 Bourbon Co Ky. James and Elizabeth McCormick Sharon were married 1768 at East Pennsboro Twp, Cumberland Co Pa. James Sharon died there c1795. What brought Mary Sharon Williams to Kentucky is unknown. " Source: "Basil Williams of S. Wales & Montgomery Co Md," by Warren Skidmore, pp. 45-46.

"Colonial Families of Anne Arundel Co Md," Robt. Barnes, Fam. Line, 1996, p. 25:

Joshua Barnes on Bourbon Co Ky. Tax List 1787. In the spring of 1787, the Barnes & Williams families with George Stockton and Stocktonís cousin, Isaiah Keith, from s.w. Pa, came down the Monongehela & Ohio Rivers, to Fleming Co Ky. They built a stockaded settlement called Stocktonís Station. The Williams family included Basil, John, Jarred, Thomas, Laurence,and Zadock. Williams were from Washington Co Md. Joshua Barnes mar. Delilah Williams. Joshua Barnes prob. Fleming Co Ky. July1806.

p. 54: "The Basil Family" Raphael Basil & Richard Shield appraised the inventory of John Keys of Anne Arundel Co Md. on 6 Nov 1718 (Md. Inventories 1:456) Ralph Bazzell, cooper, of AA Co will dated 27 Mar 1728/27 June 1728. ("Abstracts of Inventories of Md 1718-20," V.L. Skinner, p. 17)


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