The Dawsons of Dorsett: A Chronology of Richard & Frances Dawson Family of Dorchester Md. 1670-1760

Note: Numbers in brackets refer to numbered documents in the "Chronology."

Forward: Richard and John Dawson, two brothers, were living in Virginia along the Rappahannock River before 1670. [1] Sometime in the year 1670, Richard Dawson left Va. for St. Mary's County Md. [1 & 4] Richard  Dawson subsequently removed to Calvert County Md. by 1673. [7]  He finally settled in Dorchester Co Md. in 1675 on John Rawling's "White Lady Fields." [3] John Dawson, brother of Richard, settled in St. Jones Co, Delaware. [9] On March 1, 1680, Richard Dawson had a survey made for "Dawson's Lott" (1000 a.) on Broad Creek in Deale Co, Delaware. [8] In 1682, a lawsuit in Deale County (Sussex) was filed against the estate of Richard Dawson for "surveying fees." [12 & 13] 

Sons followed father's occupation in colonial era. Since Richard Dawson, carpenter, came to St. Mary's County Md. from Va. in 1670, later to the Eastern Shore by 1675, it is probable his sons, grandsons, grtgrdsons were carpenters, or even shipwrights, since the bays and inlets of Dorchester Co offered many opportunities for boat building.    

Richard Dawson (d. c1682) left a son: John Dawson of "Maiden's Choice" & "White Lady Fields." [29, 30-33] Of  Frances Dawson, wife of Richard Dawson and mother of John Dawson (d. 1723), our interest is in her first marriage. To read more about Frances Dawson's second marriage to Richard Willis and third marriage to Edward Fisher, consult Mowbray's "First Dorchester Families." [28 & 34] Question remains whether Richard Dawson or Richard Willis, first & second husbands of Frances, was Quaker because births of their children were placed in Third Haven Monthly Meeting records after the fact, no father for either set. [2]  Was this a question of faulty book keeping by the meticulous Quakers? In any case, our Dawson story begins on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and continues northeastward into Delaware where the family plantation "White Hall" was located on the headwaters of Marshyhope Creek, tributary of the Nanticoke River. Migration on the E-shore was west to east, as the grandchildren of Richard & Frances Dawson attest in the "Chronologies."

Our profound thanks to Vernon L. Skinner Jr., author of "I&A of Prerog. Court of Md.," as well as other genealogy reference vols., for sending "The Richard Dawson Paper." The late Mrs. Skinner was a descendant of Richard Dawson Jr. (b. 1674)  and his wife Susanna Foster through their son Obediah Dawson (b. c1698).

The following documents outline the "Dawsons of Dorsett" family history. Dorsett was the colonial name for Dorchester County.  If you have questions, corrections or additions, please contact the web master.

[1] 1670: Richard Dawson of St. Mary's County, Maryland, carpenter, immigrated from Virginia in 1670.Carpen2.jpg (140654 bytes)

"A Supplement to Early Settlers of Maryland," compiled by Dr. Carson Gibb, Archives of Md., 1997. In MSA SC 4341-271; Transcript 16:16 (SR 7357). 

Notes: "Immigrated from" meant the colonist furnished his own transporation. Richard Dawson was not indentured in 1670 in St. Mary's Co.

[2] April 13, 1672 to April 13, 1683: Birthdates of children of Frances Dawson from Third Haven Meeting records in Talbot Co Md. : Obadiah Dawson b. 13th of 4th mo. 1672; Richard Dawson b. 13th of 9th mo. 1674; Elizabeth Dawson b. 19th of 11 mo. 1677; Sarah Dawson b. 15th of 9th mo. 1678; John Dawson b. 7th of 6th mo. 1681; and Anthony Dawson b. 13th of 4th mo. 1683.  [Source: Third Haven Meeting Records, Md. Eastern Shore Vital Records, Book 1, 1648-1725, F. Edw. Wright, Family Line Pub., p. 57]

Willis children:  Richard Willis II b. 8-13-1684;   John Willis b. 7-7-1686, Frances Willis b. 8-7-1688. [Ibid. p. 60]

Sandra L. Willis, Ocala, FL,  Willis Web Page:

[3] Sept. 1, 1675: John Rawlings, boatwright, to Benjamin Hunt: "Mason's Hopyard" 150 a. on Transquaking River, "Strawberry Garden" 150 a., "White Lady Fields" 100 a. on Transquaking River in occupation of Richard Dawson; Also land at head of Transquaking River 600 a. and "Dover" 1000 a. at head of n.e. branch of Trans. River called Chickanoquomiquo Creek. Wts: William Lowe & John Jones. Ackn: Robert Winsmore & Henry Trippe.  [Source: Dor Co Old Deed Bk 3, pg. 90]

Note: "In occupation of" usually meant making payments toward ownership of the tract, like rent to buy in modern times.  Payment in colonial times was made in pounds of tobacco because money was in short supply in the colonies.

[4] 1678: Major John Weire of Rapahannock VA, Inventory. Appraiser: Richard Gardiner. List of Debts: Richard Dawson. Adm: John Brooke, chirugeon. [Source: Accounts of Preg. Court of Md. Liber 7A:15 & Liber 7A:17-28]

[5]  Feb 13, 1678 to July 1, 1679: Henry Bradley "will" in  Dor. Co Md. Wts: Richard Dawson, Anthony Dawson, & Bartholomew Ennalls. [Source:  Register of  Wills, Bk 10: 611]

[6]  1678:  Tobacco Tax Levy of Dorchester Co Md:  Richard Dudson (sic) 300 lbs., Capt. Anthony Dawson 1300 lbs., William Daysone (sic) 300 lbs., Edward Newton 300 lbs., and John Causey 600 lbs. for Nanticoke Campaign. [Source: Liber H. B. p. 87;  Archives of Md. Vol. VII, pp. 92, 93, and 94]

1678 Dorchester County Tax List:

[7] Jan. 7, 1680: Richard Dawson of Calvert Co Md., to John Hillyard of St. Jones Co [Del.] all rights to estate of John Dawson, my brother, lately deceased. Wts: Geo. Martin, Samuel Stills, Jno. Hillyard Jr. [Kent Co DE Deed Record A Vol. 1 (1680-1694), p. 12; Kent Co DE Land Records, Vol. 1, abstracts comp. by Mary Brewer, p. 2]

Note: Richard Dawson by assigning "rights" of his brother's estate to John Hillyard shows Hillyard had some right to it. It is possible, therefore, the widow of John Dawson, Mary Dawson, married (2) John Hillyard Sr. of St. Jones Co Del.

[8]  March 1, 1680. Richard Dawson had a survey made of "Dawson's Lott" (1000 a.) in Deale Co, Delaware, on main branch of Broad Creek. [Craig W. Horle, "Sussex Co Del Court Records," Vol 1]

[9]  Dec. 21, 1680: John Dawson "will." St. Jones County, Del.   Named Heir & Executor-Administrator: John Hillyard.  [Source: Kent Co Del. Archive Vol. A13:195; Register of Wills: Liber A:1; Cal. Kent Co Del.]

[10] The Hillyard-Hilliard Family of the Province of Md. 1634 and Calvert Co Md.

The Hilliard-Hillyard Family 1678-1713 of Delaware as follows:

[a] July 30, 1678: John Hillyard petitioned Sir Edmond Andros for land at the Whorekil, July 30, 1678 viz. "The Humble Petition of John Hillyard sheweth your petitioner obtained a warrant at Court of Whorekil for 300 a. of land in the precincts of Delaware Bay whereupon your petitioner sold his land & cattle at a very under-rate by reason of the greate distance I live from your Honor's government & in Oct last I adventured with three of my family in a very small boat through the main sea and came to ye Whorekil [Lewes Hundred, Suss Co] but did not find a surveyor & hearing that there was plenty of land at Duck Creek, set out for that place arriving there Dec 24th." ["Some Rec. of Suss Co" by Turner, p. 38]

[b] Jan 1, 1684: Charles Hillyard 300 a. granted by patent from ye Proprietor to John Hillyard Sr. from warrant surveyed Sept. 11, 1679, rent at Cranbrook 1 bushel per a. More charged Patent No. 29 for 426 a. and 100 a. granted by patent from W.M. & J.G. dated Oct 8, 1687 to Oliver Hillyard & his elder brother upon whose decease it fell to Charles & makes total of 300 a. This patent of 400 a. granted by Francis Lovelace (dated 19 June 1671) to Thomas Lane who sold to __Edmondson & then to Hillyard. ["Col. Del. Records 1681-1713," Bruce A. Bendler, p. 42]

[c] 1681-1688 Kent Co Rent Roll: John Hilliard: "Hillington" (300 a.)"Hilton" (1200 a.) "Whitehall" (600 a.) "Hilburne" (700 a.)  Partnership" (800 a.) and Charles Hillyard "Mother Plantation" (200 a.) [Bendler "Col Del. Rec. 1681-1713" p. 3]

[d] Jan. 30, 1684. Deed. John Hillyard Jr. and *Mary Hillyard, his mother, adm. of estate of John Hillyard Sr. late of Duck Creek Hundred in Kent Co Pa. in consideration of 4400 pds. of tobacco and twenty barrels of Indian corn sell to George Martin, same place, plantation called "Coventree" on s. side Ducke Creek at corner of land of George Martin on w. line of Francis Whittwell's land for 425 a. Wts: John Bradshaw, Wm. Wilson. Ackn 17 Feb 1684.

[e]  Aug. 14, 1684. Will. John Hillyard Sr. Heirs: *Mary, wife; sons John Hillyard Jr.; Thomas, Oliver, Charles Hillyard; dau Mary Hillyard. Execrs. Mary Hillyard, wife, and son John. Wts: Jno. Bradshaw, Evan Jones, Wm. Ellingsworth, John Walker. Prob. Oct 9, 1684. Arch. Vol A-24:39-40. Reg. of Wills G:25-26. Penna. Hist. Soc. Papers, Vol AM. 2013:21-23.

[f] John Hillyard III, son of John & Rachel Hillyard of Kent Co Del. born 15th day of October, 1686. [Turner, op cit, p. 138]

[g] 1693 Tax Assessment for Kent Co DE paid at John Hillyard's Landing at Duck Creek [Bendler, op. cit. p. 25]

[h] Kent Co Quit Rents c1701-1713:  Robert Smith Esq. of Chester Md. purchased 800 a. of Wood Patent from John Hillyard Jr. whose father John Hillyard Sr. took it up as patent. Charles Hillyard "The Exchange," at head of Duck Creek formerly taken up by John Hillyard Sr. by warrant, claims whole or a share. [Bendler, op cit p. 40- 43]

[11] April 24, 1680: Susanna Foster, d/o John & Mary Foster, date of birth.  [Third Haven Meeting Records, Wright, op. cit. p. 58]

[12]  April 11, 1682: Court at Deale for the Town & County of Deale. Petition. Cornelus Verhoofe, plaintiff,  petitions the court that he may have an Order of Court to attache the Estate of Richard Dawson for his clarks & surveyors fees which are due to him; the Court grants into the petitioner. [HSP, p. 55 in "Records of the Court of Suss Co Del. 1677-1710," Vol 1, ed. by Craig W. Horle, 1991, p. 161] and August 14, 1683: Action of Attachment viz. Cornelus Verhoffe, plaintiff, vs. Richard Dawson Estate, defendant. The plaintiff declares for eighteen hundred foot of planck due upon bill. Refer'd. Withdrawn by the Plaintiff's Order. [Ibid. p. 226]

[13] Sept 11, 1683: Court for County of Sussex: Action of Attachment. Cornelius Verhoofe, plaintiff, vs. Richard Dawson's Estate, defendant. The plaintiff declares for 1112 pds. of tobacco for clarkes survey of 1000 a. of land ref. with consent of ye plaintiff. The case coming bef the court...Richard Dawson being deceased, the Court grants a Nonsuite against ye Plaintiff. At a Court held 14th of 6th month 1683. [Ibid. p. 233; C.B. Turner, "Some Records of Sus Co DE," Phila: Allen, Lane & Scott, 1909, reprint by Heritage Bks, 1989,  p. 102]

[14] June 19-23, 1683: Thomas Cosden of Calvert Co Md. Inventory's List of Debtors: Richard Dawson. [Source:  Invent. & Accounts of Prerog. Court of Md. Vol 8:60]

[15] Dec. 17, 1684:  Richard Dawson, Dorchester Co Maryland:  Inventory. "An appraisemente of ye estate of Richard Dawson made by Bartholomew Ennalls & James Brooks on December ye 27th day of 1684." Worth: 42.17.8 pounds. [Source: "Index to Dorchester Co. Md. Probate Records in Md. Archives" in Box 5, folio 25]   Inventory of Richard Dawson d. c1682

Arcdoc1.jpg (214002 bytes)   

Note: "Double wax seal" (round black blobs) appeared on Inventory for lawyer's verification of document.

[16] Dec. 27, 1684: Richard Dawson.  Inventory:  Appraisers: Bartholomew Ennalls & James Peterkin; List of Debts: Capt. Anthony Dawson & Bartholomew Ennalls. [Inventory & Account of Prerogative Court of Maryland,  Bk.  8: f. 416] 

[17]  Feb. 28, 1686: Richard Dawson, Adm. Accounts of Dor. Co Md. Total: 42.17.0 pounds or #1926 pounds of tobacco; Payment made to Francis Hayward; Adm. Executor of Accounts was *Richard Willis (sic). [Source: Inventories & Accounts of Prerogative Court of Md. Liber 9: f. 248]

Notes:  Richard Willis was second husband of widow Frances Dawson.  Dorchester Land Records Old 4 1/2 dated Oct 21, 1689,  contains the "will" of Richard Willis Sr. It reads in part: "to two sons Richard & John Willis, dwelling plantation Rondly whey they attain age 21; to my wife, Frances [Dawson] Willis and my daughter, Frances Willis." Records of Third Haven MM contain births of Richard & Frances Willis' children. On July 26, 1718 [DLR Old 7:63], Frances Fisher deeded lands to her sons, Richard & John Willis, with the proviso they convey Rondly to [her son] John Dawson [b. 1681].  The records of Third Haven Meeting show Frances Willis, widow of Richard Willis, mar. (3) Edward Fisher on Jan. 8, 1699, at Tuckaho Meeting House.  Richard Dawson's adm. accounts by Richard Willis serves as "proof"  Frances Dawson was wife of Richard Dawson.  [See "First Dorchester Families" for Willis family p. 173 for document citations.]

[18] 1687: Richard Willis patented "Roaley" in Dorchester Co Md for 260 a. ["Patents Issued for Tracts in Dor Co in the Year 1687," Appendix V, "Early Settlers of Dor Co & Their Lands," Cal & Mary Mowbray, Vol 2, p. 117]

[19] March 8-10, 1687: Suss Co Del. Court Case. Richard Willis, adm. of the estate of Richard Dawson of Transquaking River Maryland, deceased, by this Attorney Henry Bowman petitioned. Your petitioner's predecessor, Richard Dawson, formerly bought of John Cullison, late of this county, about 300 or 400 a. of land situated on the n. side of Broadkill (Georgetown 100, Sussex Co) between lands of Bryant Roles & Anthony Haverly as may appear by a contract produced in court, for the purchase or payment of land the said Richard Dawson paid & satisfied to the said John Cullison about five or six thousand pounds of tobacco; further, the creditors of the said John Cullison hath by a Warrant from your Worships recovered fourteen hundred pounds of tobacco out of the hands of your petitioner's Attorney Henry Bowman, so that the whole purchase of the said land is very near satisfied, if not quite, and the said John Cullison (not to be found) to make over the said land to your petitioner according to law, your petitioner craves on the behalf of the Orphans of the said Richard Dawson that he may have your worships Judgement and Opinion for the said land according to contract for the use & behalf of the Orphans of the said Richard Dawson to please grant a Resurvey of the said land to the use of aforesaid and your petitioner as in duty bound shall pray etc...The Court Orders the land above shall be surveyed for Obadiah Dawson, orphan and eldest son of the above Richard Dawson, deceased. Henry Bowman doth engage to the Court to pay the remainder of the purchase money that appear to be due from the said land in behalf of the petitioner & his predecessor. [Horle, op. cit., p. 445 & HSP p. 12b]  

[20]  Dec 1, 1693: Suss Co Del. Court Case. Frances Willis, executrix of Richard Willis, dec'd, vs. William Clark, Esq., adm of Henry Bowman, dec'd. Plaintiff & defendant both called & personally appearing, the declaration was read, being for one & twenty pounds, ten shilling. Plaintiff having no [proof] against the suit and incapable of proving payment, the Court passed judgment against the defendant for amount given. [Craig W. Horle, "Suss Co Del. Court Records 1677-1710, Vol. 2, p. 969]

[21]  Dec 1, 1693: Suss Co Del. Deed. William Clark of Lewes, Sussex Co Pa. for 46 pds sold to Obediah Dawson of Dorsett Co, Md., planter, and Frances Willis of Dorsett Co., widow, tract of land (whereas James Claypool & Robert Turner, two of the Commissioners appointed by William Penn, Esq., Proprietary of Pa.) which on 29th Sept 1686 was granted unto James Gray (1000 a. tract of land on s. side Broad Crk called Millford bounded by Henry Bowman & James Gray) for 20 pounds, who on 6th Dec 1687 conveyed tract unto Wm. Clark. Wts: Luke Watson Jr, Cornelius Wiltbanck, Thos Klaman. Ackn. Dec 7, 1693. [Suss Deed Bk A-I:143]

[22]  Dec 5-6, 1693: Sussex Co Del. Court Session. Mr. William Clark ackn. in open court the same of these tracts of land lying in county of Sussex, Viz....Unto Obadiah Dawson & Frances Willis, widow, 1000 a. according to Conveyance bearing date the 1st of Dec 1693. [Horle, op. cit., p. 896]

[23] October 21, 1694: Death of Obediah Dawson. [Wright, op. cit., p. 61]

[24]  August 23, 1698: Marriage of Richard Dawson, planter, & Susannah Foster, spinster, both of Dor Co at Transquaking Meeting House. [Wright. op. cit. p. 53]

[25] January 8, 1699: Edward Fisher, Dor Co planter, and Frances Willis, widow, relique of Richard Wills, Dor Co, married 1-8-1699, at meeting house near Tuckaho Creek. ["Md Eastern Shore Vital Records," Bk 1:53]

[26]  August 24, 1702: William Willoby, Dor Co, to Richard Willis, Dor Co, "Maydens Choys" (sic) on Transquaking River adj. "Exchange' cont. 100 a. Also "White Lady Fields" adj. "Maydens Choice" 100 a. [Dorchester Co Land Rec. Old Bk. 5:196] 

[27] Nov 7, 1704: Sussex Co Del. Before a court of Common Pleas held in Lewes for the County of Sussex before Wm Clark, John Hill, Thos Fisher, Thos Fenwick, James Walker, Philip Russell & John Walton, Esqs. Justices of said Court: Thomas Fisher appeared in court by virtue of a Power of Attorney in the deed inserted from Edward & Frances Fisher did ackn. and make over unto Wm. Clark, his heirs, 1000 a. of land in the County of Sussex, lying and being on the s. side of Broad Creek, and delivered in open court the said deed bearing date 24th of May 1700. [Sus Co Deed Bk A-I:309]

[28] July 26, 1718: Francis Fisher of Dor Co to Richard & John Willis, her sons, [Dor Co], "Weston" cont. 50 a.   "Addition to Fishers Landing" cont. 53 a., "Bartholomews" cont. 200 a. and "Fishers Landing" cont. 50 a. Said Richard & John Wills to convey to John Dawson a tract called "Rondley" (sic). Wts: John Rider and Levin Hicks. [Dor Co Land Records Old Bk 2:63]

[29] Aug. 7, 1721: Richard Willis, Dor Co Gent. and Ann his wife, to John Dawson, Dor. Co. planter, "Maiden's Choice" on Transquaking River adj "Exchange" cont. 100 a. and "White Lady Field" adj. "Maidens Choice" cont. 100 a. Wit: Charles Deane & John King. [Source: DLR Old 8:26; Abstracts Vol 3:97 by McAllister]

Wlfmap.jpg (113509 bytes)Notes: On Maryland Rent Roll 10, p. 384, in the Md. Archives, Sandra Willis <>, a Willis descendant, found the following: "White Lady Field" 100 a. surveyed 6 July 1674 for John Rawlings in Transquaking at a tree on w. side of main Beaver Dam Swamp, this land belongs to Richard Willis,but he pretends it is taken away by a Survey called "Beaver Neck." On p. 420: "Fishers Landing" 50 a. surveyed 5 May 1682 for Edward Fisher on n. side of Nanticoke at a white oak by the river side, in possession of Edward's widow. Francis Fisher from Mary, Sarah & Jane Fisher 5 Mar 1712, 50 a. Richard & John Willis from Francis Fisher 26 July 1718. On p. 424: "Weston" 50 a. surveyed 15 may 1682 for Edward Fisher on n. side Nanticoke between land called "St. Bartholomews" and "The Manor" in possession of Edward's widow. Richard & John Willis from Francis Fisher 26 July 1718, 50 a. On p. 431: "Roaley" 260 a. surveyed 5 Oct 1684 for Richard Willous (sic) on the w. side of Transquaking, in possession of Widow Fisher. On p. 461: "Addition to Fisher's Landing" 53 a. surveyed 8 June 1706 for Frances Fisher at a marked tree in a field in possession of Widow Fisher. Richard & John Willis from Francis Fisher 26 July 1718, 53 a. [M.C. = Maidens Choice]

[30]  January 11 - Jan 31, 1721: Richard Dawson Dor Co Md. "Inventory" Balance 60.16.6 pds. Next-of-kin: John Dawson & Obadiah Dawson; Appraisers: Thomas Peireson, Henry Hayward; Creditors: Henry Ennalls & Wm Stephens; Admintrix: Susannah Dawson. ["Inventories of Prerog. Court of Md" Bk 7:61]

[31]  Feb 4, 1722/23 to May 9, 1723: John Dawson Dor Co Will.  Sarah Dawson, wife of John Dawson, executrix, to receive residue of estate. Sons: Richard Dawson & Isaac Dawson, each to receive half of dwelling plantation at age eighteen; Thomas Dawson, tobacco at age twenty from his two brothers; daus Frances Dawson, Sarah, Rachel & Ann Dawson, personalty. Wts: Edward Newton, John Newton, and John Pearson.   Original of Will of John Dawson d. 1723 [Source MCW Vol V, p. 134;  Prerog. Ct. of Md. Wills Bk 18:81]

[32]  June 17, 1723 to June 19, 1723: John Dawson Dor Co Inventory, Worth 159.18.11; Next-of-kin: Richard Willis [half-brother] & Obadiah Dawson [nephew]; Appraisers: Edward Newton & Thomas Cannon; Creditors: Richard Willis & Henry Ennalls;  Adm/Exctrx: Sarah Dawson. [Source: Prerog Ct. Inv. Bk 8:194-196; Abstract Inv. Prerog. Court of Md., 1720-24, p. 34]

Notes: John Dawson was son of Richard & Frances Dawson as proved by Inventory under Next-of-kin: Richard Willis, John Dawson's half-brother. Richard & Susannah Foster had  son, Obadiah Dawson, who was nephew of John Dawson. Obadiah Dawson, brother of John, having died in 1694 in Third Haven Meeting records.

[33]  August 12, 1723: John Dawson Final Account by Sarah Dawson, executrix. Estate Balance: 59L.19s.11p. Tobacco due from estate of John Dawson, deceased, to Richard Willis upon Bond, quantity 4000 pds, paid by accountant as receipt upon Bond for 2720 pds of tobacco. [Prerog. Court of MD Act. Book 5:198-199]  

[34]  Feb. 29, 1723 to May 7, 1729: Frances (Dawson Willis) Fisher, Dor. Co Md., "will" mentions son Richard Willis, who received one-half of plantation on Nanticoke River; dau Frances [Willis] Newton, personalty; grdson Richard Willis III one-half of afsd. plantation pursuant to agreement made with son John Willis; grddaus Frances & Mary Newton, daus/o Edward Newton [husband of Frances Willis], personalty; Elizabeth Thompson, d/o Joseph Thompson, personalty to be delivered by uncle Edward Newton at age 18, Obediah Dawson, Anthony Dawson, and Elizabeth Dawson, children of Richard (& Susannah Foster) Dawson, personalty; and son Richard Willis & [son-in-law] Edward Newton, residue of personal estate. Codicil dated 15 Apr 1729: grddau Elizabeth Thompson [d/o Joseph &  Elizabeth Dawson Thompson], son Richard Willis and his sister Mary Willis, personalty. Wts: Thomas Thompson Jr., Wm. Thornell, Marg. Edwards.  [Source: Wills Prerog. Court of Md Bk 19:679-683; MCW Bk VI:109]  Frances Fisher Will                             

[35]  November 20, 1729. Dor Co MD Deed. Richard Dawson of Dor Co to Joseph Ennalls, same co, "Maidens Choice" on branch of Transquaking River 100 a. Also land where Timothy Long now lives formerly the dwelling plantation of John Dawson, deceased. [Dorchester Land Records Old Deed Bk. 8:314]

[36]  March 9, 1730. Dor Co MD Deed. Isaac Dawson of Dor Co to Joseph Ennalls, same co, part of land bought by John Dawson, dec'd, from Richard Willis on w. side main branch of Transquaking River. Wts: Richard Dawson, Jno. Pitt, Jno. Anderton. [Dor. Co. Old Deed Bk. 8: 405]

[37]  May 21, 1737. Dor Co. Deed. Matthew Travers, Dor Co Gent. to his son-in-law Charles Nutter, same co: slaves & personalty. Wts. Thomas Dawson, Thos. Nutter, Thos. Hooper, Thos. Stayton. [Dor Deed Bk 9:459]

[38]  November 16, 1736 to June 13, 1737: Dor Co MD Commission to perpetuate boundaries of Thomas Foster's land "The Gift" at head of Transquaking River. Deposition of James Wheeler, age 38, re boundary tree shown to him by Richard Dawson (across a branch from the dwelling house of John Wheeler). [Dor Deed Bk 9:446]

[39]  December 16, 1738. Thomas Foster, Dor Co, & Elizabeth his wife, to Obediah Dawson, same co, "The Gift" on branch of Transquaking River where said Obediah [s/o Richard Jr.] now lives 245 a. [Old Deed Bk 10:40]

[40]  March 6, 1740 to Aug 13, 1741. Dor Co Commission to set boundaries of "Ennalls Purchase" for Dr. Joseph Ennalls. Mentions the road which led from Joseph Ennalls to Kennerlys Mill "at that time much used by the Quakers who were then numerous & much frequented John Foster's and William Foulks, two of the principal Quakers of Transquaking Meeting House by Kennerlys Mill." Land bought from Thomas & Mary (Ennalls) Foster & their son John Foster. Col. Thomas Ennalls, dec'd, brother of Mary Foster. Deposition of Obadiah Dawson, age about 42. (b. 1700). [Dor Co Old Deed Bk 12:122] 

[41]  Sept 1, 1746. Sussex Co Del. Deed. Henry Osbourne, yeoman of Sussex Co, Del., to John Gum, yeoman, same place, 100 a. of land, part of tract "Milford" of 1000 a. formerly surveyed to James Gray by patent 29 Nov 1686 and directed by James Gray's attorney Joshua Barkstead, who executed deed 6 Dec 1687 to William Clark, who afterward conveyed on 1 Dec 1693 to Obadiah Dawson & Francis Willis, jointly. Obediah Dawson died without paying the consideration money to Wm Clark. Edward Fisher, who  married Frances Willis, jointly with Frances Fisher, his wife, sold back to & conveyed tract on 24 May 1700 to Wm Clark. Thomas Bedwell & his wife Honor Bedwell, exectrx of Wm Clark, on 1 Aug 1710 conveyed 500 a. to Matthew Osbourne who beq. by his will dated 10 Dec 1733, 100 a. to his son, Henry Osbourne, which land was resurveyed 15 Mar 1742. Land located on s.e. of Long Bridge Branch in Broadkill Hundred, boundaries in Deed Book HN-7:122. Land surveyed & divided 17 Jan 1745 by Wm Shankland. Henry Osbourne sigend and witness by Peter Hall, Wm Shankland and Wm Reid. [Sus. Deed Bk H-8 pp. 62 & 129]

[42]  November 20, 1753.  Anthony Dawson, Dor Co planter, to Obadiah Dawson, same co, part of "Dawsons Lot" lying on n.w. side of s.w. line of "Hayward's Lot" but renamed by Anthony Dawson "Dawsons Lot" adj. land called "The Gift." 72 a. Also 10 a. of original tract "Haywards Lot" adj. Total 82 a. [Dor Deed Bk 15:30]

[43]  February 18, 1760. Obadiah Dawson, Dor Co planter, to his son John Dawson "The Gift" 245 a. & part of "Dawsons Lot" cont. 70 a. [Old Deed Bk 17:87]

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John Dawson of "Marsh Point" Talbot Co MD 1694-1728

Note: John Dawson of Marsh Point has no known link to Richard Dawson & his brother John Dawson.

Sept. 5, 1694: Thomas Flowers, Dor Co. planter, to John Dawson & Edward Coxell, Talbot Co planters, "Marsh Point" on Hog Creek  300 a.  [DLR Bk 5:52 & Dor Co. Land Abstracts B:12]

Sept. 11, 1694 to Oct. 22, 1694: Mary Stoker, widow, Dor. Co Md. "will." Wts. John Dawson Charles Powell, and Humphrey Hubert. Note: John Dawson b. 1681, s/o Richard & Frances Dawson, too young to be wt. to this will in Dor. Co Md. [Source: Wills Prerog. Court of Md. Bk. 7:55]

Jan. 9, 1696 to March 18, 1696: William Parrott, Talbot Co Md. "will." Bequests to sons John & William Parrott and daughters Hannah & Rebecca Parrott and Elizabeth Parrott Kerwick;   "Edmondson's Reserve" and "Strawberry Fields Adn." mentioned. Testator desires to be buried by his brother, Benjamin Parrott, according to rites of Friends [Quakers] Wts: John Dawson, John Morgan, Bryant Mounticue, Wm. Making

June 13, 1710: John Dawson of Talbot Co Md to Edward Coxell "Marsh Point" on Hog Creek, 300 acres. [DLR Old Bk 6:154; Abstracts DLR Book B:12 by McAllister]

Nov. 26, 1713 to June 8, 1715: John Dawson Sr.   Dorchester Co Md. "will." Named in will: Ann Dawson, wife; son John Dawson Jr. to receive "Mt. Pleasure" 150 a. where he now dwells, and plantation "Barter" at decease of wife. To grandson, John Cromean and daughter, Mary [Dawson] Cromean, personalty. Wts: Daniel Cromean, Wm. Angleys, Steven Ileharty. [Source: MCW IV:180; Preg. Ct of Md Will Book 14:687] Note: Alternate surname spelling "Dason" used in this will with "Croney" for Cromean.

July 16, 1717 to Nov. 14, 1718: Anne Dawson, widow of Dor. Co Md. "will."  Named in will were sons  John Dawson Jr., excr. of will, & Jonas Dawson; daughters Mary Alford, Margaret Cromean, and Isabel Dawson. Overseers: John Needles & thomas Berry. Wts: John Needles, John Holland, Grace Williamson. [Source: Md. Cal. of Wills Vol IV:187; Wills Prog. Court of Md. Bk 14:731]

Aug. 11, 1719: Anne Dawson, Dor. Co Md. Inventory. Worth  33,5,6 pds. Appraisers: Peter Taylor & Wm. Scotting. Next-of-kin: Jonas Dawson & Abel Dawson. [Source:  Prerog. Court of Md. Bk 2:153 &"Inventories of Prerog. Court of Md.," 1718-1720 by V.L. Skinner, p. 23]

Sept. 10, 1722 to Nov 26, 1722: Daniel Cromean Sr., Dor Co Md. "Will" mentioned Margaret Cromean, wife, to receive 1/3 of estate, should she not recover, Terrance Connolly & Wm. Edmundson apt. excrs. Son John Cromean rec. "Skipton" 100 a. & "Range" purchased from Edward Alford. Son, Daniel Cromean Jr. rec. remainder of "Skipton" and "Range." Dau Catherine Cromean, personalty, to be kept by step-mother Margaret [Dawson] Cromean. Daughter to be kept at Wm. Edmondson's for two years at mother's discretion. Wts: Anne Davis, Robert Thomspn & Geo. Usher. [Source: MCW Vol 5:187]

May 11, 1723 to Oct 30, 1723: John Needles, Talbot Co Md. "Will" mentions tract "Mt. Pleasure" 50 a. purchased from John Dawson to be left to daughter Mary Needles Dudley, w/o Samuel Dudley. "Mt. Pleasure" located on Bells Creek. [Source: Wills of Prerog. Ct. of Md. Book 18:198]

Nov. 19, 1728 to Jan. 19, 1728: John Dawson Jr. [d. 1728] of Dor. Co Md. [s/o John & Anne Dawson of "Mt. Pleasure"] Inventory & Accounts mentions Sarah Dawson, wife, excrtrx.  Appraisers: Joseph Alford & Abraham Clark; Creditor: Wm. Perry, merchant of Dor Co Md. & Moses Nichols; Next-of-kin: Mary Alford & Margaret [Cromean] Nichols. [Source: Inven. of Prerog. Court Md, 1726-1729, V. L. Skinner, p. 3]

April 9, 1735. Dor Co. Transfer of Personal Property. John Dawson to Thomas Cooper: personal property. [Dor Co Old Deed Bk 9:271]

June 15, 1744. Dor Co Deed. John Dawson, Dor Co planter, to Burtonwood Allcock, same co planter, "Billeters Landing" on s. side Choptank River at Fowling Creek adj. "Cabins Ridge." 50 a. [Dor Co Old Deed Bk 11:248]

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