Dawson Family of Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana

ForwardBrcoch.jpg (54926 bytes) Records on the Dawson family of Ohio & Kentucky were contributed by two descendants: Elizabeth French Jackson of Paris, Ky., and John Lewis Dawson of Benton, Ky. Elizabeth Jackson published her mother's memories of the Thomas Kellam & Martha Downard Dawson family in "Kentucky Ancestors," April, 1993. John L. Dawson contributed records on his father's family, Jack Lewis Dawson (1923-1969) of Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio, and "Chronologies of Isaac J.  DawsonHis Son Daniel Dawson." Photo right - Georgetown, Brown Co, Ohio, Courthouse

Part I - Dawson Family in Ohio: 1820 to 1840

Daniel Dawson (c1813-1879) was the son of Isaac J. Dawson (c1788-1851) of Feesburg, Lewis Township, Brown Co, Ohio. On the 1850 Census of Kosciusko Co, Ind., Isaac J.  Dawson reported he was born c1788 in Maryland, while his son Daniel Dawson on 1850 Census of Brown Co, Ohio, said he was born c1812 in Delaware [1a & 1b]  Isaac J. Dawson was living in 1820 in Lewis Twp., Brown Co, Ohio. Neighbors and kinfolk residing nearby were Wm. S. Jump,  Levi Riley, Ezekiel Kellam, John Young, Stephen Bolender and Jacob Shinkle. [2 & Appendix ] Mary Dawson, wife of Isaac Dawson, was reported to have died August 17, 1827, in Lewis Twp., Brown County by the Ripley-Georgetown "Castigator" newspaper. [3]  On the 1830 Brown Co., Ohio, Census, Isaac J. Dawson resided near Wm. S. Jump, Stephen & Joseph Bolender, Peter Halfhill, and James Norris. [4] On June 19, 1830, Isaac J. Dawson, widower age 42, married Anna Riley, age 25, at the Georgetown Courthouse. [5] On Feb. 9, 1832, Daniel Dawson, age 21, married Catherine Kellam, age 18, at the Georgetown Courthouse. Applicant or groom's witness was Wm. S. Jump. Thomas Kellam, father of the bride, gave his consent. [6]  Marriage Bond By 1840, Isaac Dawson was living in Concord Twp, Fayette Co, Ohio.  By 1842, Isaac J. Dawson purchased 80 acres of land in Kosciusko County, Indiana. [7] Census: Isaac J. Dawson

Feesbrg.jpg (56741 bytes) In 1838, Daniel & Catherine Kellam Dawson purchased land in Brown Co, Ohio - Lot No. 24 in the town of Feesburg for $5. In 1848, Daniel Dawson purchased Lot. No. 32 in Feesburg for $25 from Thomas & Catherine Park. In Oct, 1848, Daniel & Catherine Dawson sold Feesburg Lot. No. 32 for $132 showing lots in the small Ohio hamlet had increased in value over a ten year period. [8a, b, & c] The small town of Feesburg was named for the Fee family of Redstone Old Fort, near the town of  Brownsville, Pa. In 1795, the Fee family moved to Washington Twp., Clermont Co, Ohio. Jacob & Elijah Fee, members of Calvary ME Church, lived on the waters of Big Indian Creek near Joseph Dawson, an early Clermont Co, Ohio,  pioneer. [9]  No kinship ties have been discovered between Isaac J. & Joseph Dawson.   Census: Daniel Dawson

Photo: Christian Church, Feesburg, Brown Co, Ohio. Two doors were designated one for men & one for women, as was the frontier custom. Early Protestant churches separated their congregations by gender seating.

Part II - Dawson Family in Kentucky: 1856 - 1921

Daniel & Katie Dawson continued living in Brown Co, Ohio. The 1850 Ohio Census listed them in Lewis Twp. with the following children: Noah, Eliza, William, Thomas K., Martha E., and Laura. [ Appendix] They added another daughter, Elizabeth, who married Wm. A. Wilson Feb. 26, 1860. [10]  For reasons we can only deduce, the Daniel Dawson family removed to Locust Creek, Foster District, Bracken Co, Ky, sometime during 1856. [11] The 1860 Census of Bracken Co, Brooksville Precinct, shows the family had moved across the Ohio River to Bracken Co, Ky. [12 & Appendix]  Perhaps Daniel felt "a call" to the ministry during the pre-Civil War years; perhaps the rising tide of anti-slavery sentiment in Ohio motivated the move.  In any case, the family crossed the Mason-Dixon line, the Ohio River, and took up residence in northern Kentucky's Bracken County on Locust Creek farm.  1850 Census of Brown Co Ohio

 Dawvale.jpg (45797 bytes)On Aug. 18, 1860, Daniel Dawson of Bracken Co Ky, purchased 70 a. on Locust Creek for $300 from Robt. & Eliza Chalfant of Newport, Campbell Co Ky. [13]  In 1860, the Daniel Dawson household contained children: Thomas K., age 18; Ellen, age 16; Laura Utter, age 13, all born in Ohio; plus granddaughter Mary C. Wilson, age 7, b. Ind. [14]   By 1860, Noah & Ellen Redden Dawson, son of Daniel, were living in Rural, Franklin Twp., Clermont Co, Ohio. [15] By 1863, Daniel Dawson and his son, Noah Dawson were both living in Bracken Co, Ky. as noted on  the 1863 & 1866 Tax Lists. [Appendix]  In 1865, Daniel & Catherine Dawson sold 17 acres of their Locust Creek farm to Nelson Uselman, husband of Lana Redden, for $438. 45. [16]  Daniel Dawson continued to  sell or mortgage portions of his farm through 1871.                      

Photo right - Daniel Dawson's  Locust Creek farm, Bracken Co., Ky.

.Rural.jpg (65841 bytes)Daniel Dawson was authorized to perform marriages in Bracken County on April 11, 1873. He "adduced satisfactory proof to the Court that he is a minister in good standing and in regular communion with the Christian Union Church." He posted bond with Thomas Redden as security. [17] In 1874, Rev. Daniel Dawson performed the marriage of George Cann to Matilda J. Jordan. Present at the marriage were John Cummins and C. D. Cann.  In 1876, Rev. Dawson performed a marriage of Edward King to Annie B. Owens. Present were Henry R. King & Grandison Toll. [18a & b] Christian Union Minister's Bond

Daniel & Catherine Dawson & their son, Thomas K. Dawson appeared on the 1876 to 1879 Tax Lists of Bracken Co, Ky. [Appendix]  In 1879, Daniel Dawson died. William Dawson, his son, paid the medical bill for Daniel, his father, on August 23, 1879. [19] Catherine Kellam Dawson died April 13, 1898 at the home of her daughter, Eliza. J. Smith, in Pendleton Co., Ky. Her will was probated May 9, 1898. [20]

Noah & Ellen Redden Dawson were living in Grants Lick District, Campbell Co, Ky. in June, 1880.  Their daughter, Minnie Jane Dawson, was only six years old at the time. [Appendix] Noah & Ellen Redden Dawson are buried at Persimmon Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Campbell Co., Ky.  Noah Dawson died May 12, 1881 of "lap gut," an undiagnosed intestinal disorder; while Ellen Redden Dawson died Oct. 11, 1921, of old age after enjoying a long life. Her granddaughter, Grace Spaulding Dells, remembers her grandmother as an instructor in family tradition. Grace comments: "Grandmother Ellen told her grandchildren to call to mind the Reddens & Purnells."  When youngsters teased Grandma about using surnames for given names  ("Pur'-nal" as it was pronounced in both Md. & Ky.)  Ellen stated forcefully: "I  name my sons for my family - you young'ns hush now - mind your manners as well as your elders!" Noah Dawson Census

Part III: Isaac J. Dawson of Kosciusko County, Indiana

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1820 Census of Brown Co, Ohio, Lewis Twp., p. 415 : Wm. S. Jump, Betsy Bolender, Stephen Bolender, Levi Riley, Isaac Young, Isaac Dawson, Zekiel Kellam, John Young, Jacob Shinkle, John Bolender. Isaac Dawson: 2M -10; 1M 26-45; 1F -10; 1F 16-25.  Note: Daniel Dawson b. 1813 under 10 in 1820.

1830 Census of Brown Co, Ohio, Lewis Twp., p. 458-9: Wm S. Jump; Eliz. , Stephen & Joseph Bolender; James Norris; Peter Halfhill; Isaac J. Dawson; Benjamin & Michael Sells. Isaac J. Dawson: 1 M under 5; 2 M 5-10; 1 M 10-15; 1 M 15-20; 1 M 40-50; 2 F -5; 1 F 5-10; 1 F 10-15; 1 F 20-30. Note: Daniel Dawson age 17 in 1830.

 1850 Census of Brown Co, Ohio, Lewis Twp. #59: Daniel Dawson, age 38; Catherine Dawson; with children: Noah, Eliza, William, Thomas K., Martha E., Laura U.

1850 Census of Kosciusko Co, Ind., Harrison Twp: Isaac J. Dawson, age 62, b. 1788 Md.; Jemimah (Anna), age 45, b. 1805 Ky.; Joseph, age 19, b. 1831, Ind.;  Andrew, age 17, b. 1833 Ind.; Eliza, age 14, b. 1836 Ohio.; Geo. W., age 12, b. 1838 Ohio; Francis A. age 9, b. 1841 Ohio; and Isabella, age 7, b. 1843., Ind.

1860 Bracken Co, Ky,  Census -  Daniel Dawson, age 48, b. Del.; Catherine, age 47, b. Ohio; Thomas K., age 18, b. Oh.; Ellen, age 16, b. Oh. ; Laura Utter, age 13, b. Oh.; Mary C. Wilson, age 7, b. Ind.

1863 Bracken Co, Ky., Tax List: Daniel Dawson owns 70 a. on Locust Creek, value $700, with 2 horses, 3 cattle, 1 WM over 21; 2 children 6-18; 4000 lbs. of tobacco; 200 bushels of corn, 100 bushels of wheat. Noah Dawson owns 2 horses, 1 cattle, 1 WM over 21; 1 enrolled in militia; 1500 lbs. tobacco; 150 bushels of corn.

1866 Bracken Co, Ky., Tax List: Daniel Dawson living on 86 a. on Locust Creek; Noah Dawson res. on Locust Creek, 1 cattle, 1 WM over 21; 1 enrolled militia, 1 child 6-20; 1 legal vote, 1000 lbs. tobacco, 200 bushels corn.

1876 Bracken Co, Ky., Tax List: Catherine Dawson, 27 a., neighbor to Levi Blackburn, 2 cattle, 150 bushels of corn; Daniel Dawson listed with 2 horses, 1 buggy, 1 WM over 21, 1 legal vote, 1 child 6-20; 1 hog. Thomas K. Dawson, 28 a. nr. Levi Blackburn, 3 horses, 1 cattle, 1 MW over 21, 1 legal vote, 1 enrolled militia, 1 child 6-20; 1000 lbs. tobacco, 150 bushels corn, 65 bushels wheat.

1879 Bracken Co, Ky., Tax List: Daniel Dawson with 1 horse & cow; Catherine Dawson with 9 a. and 1 cow; Thomas K. Dawson with 2 horses & 1 cow. Thomas K. & Catherine Dawson listed with 53 a. near Jordan; 48 a. nr. H. Persingers.

1880 Census of Campbell Co, Ky.: Noah Dawson, age 49, b. Ohio; Ellen Dawson, age 42, b. Ky., Charles, age 21, born Ky; Mary, age 19, b. Ky.; Daniel Purnell, age 16, b. Ky; Rosa, age 4, b. Ky; Omer, age 11 mos. b. Ky.   

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