Elk Creek Baptist Church is the oldest in Spencer County and the oldest in the Long Run Association. It was begun on April 27, 1794 when Joshua Morris, pastor of Brashear's Creek, and ten members came into Spencer County from Shelby County. Joshua Carman was the first pastor and the small church grew to 149 members in 1823. The church's name derived from a small tributary of the Salt River on which the church was built.[1] Elk Creek church prospered until 1837 when it grew to 188 members. It withdrew from Long Run Association in 1838 over a dispute concerning "money for support of seminaries." Other splits concerned the Baptist schism over an "antimissionary party."

Rev. JOSIAH HERBERT was the third pastor of Elk Creek. In 1797, he served only four months due to "want of ability."[2] For this and other reasons, Josiah & Margaret Herbert moved with their children to nothern Kentucky's Campbell County. In 1805, he "preached the introductory sermon at Bullittsburg Church before the North Bend Association."[3] He became "supply pastor" of the North Bend Association. His pastorship included "circuit riding" between small churches in Ohio river communities. He settled in the small river community of Four-Mile, now Camp Springs, in Campbell County where he and his family became members of Four-Mile Baptist. James Spillman and his family were members at Four-Mile along with Aaron & Hannah Herbert Spalding and William & Martha Spilman DeCoursey Jr., thus sealing the close ties of kinship among the four famillies.

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Notes: For a complete history of northern Ky.'s early Baptist settlements begun by members moving north from central Ky., consult "History of Kentucky Baptists." For an understanding of founders of the first Baptist churches in Ky., consult Spencer's Vol I, Ch. 1, "First Baptist Settlers in Ky."