Josiah Herbert was born Aug 22, 1755, in Hunterdon Co, New Jersey.[1] Thomas Herbert, his father, was born c1726 in Monmouth Co, New Jersey. Thomas Herbert married Hannah Winter, daughter of Andrew Winter, by marriage license dated 21 Oct 1751 in Monmouth Co.[2] The Winter farm was located in Middletown, Monmouth Co. Hannah Winter Herbert's sister, Catherine Winter, married James Bray by marriage license dated 23 Feb 1756.[3]

The Herbert family of New Jersey has medieval Welsh-Anglo roots going back to WILLIAM HERBERT, first EARL of PEMBROKE, 1551, who had both ancient & historic WELSH LINEAGE. "Wilton House" in County Wiltshire near Salisbury in England is the family seat of the Herbert's.[4]

The will of Andrew Winter, Middletown, Monmouth Co, written Feb 28, 1760, proved April 30, 1760, mentioned his oldest son, James Winter, and his two daughters, Hannah Winter (Herbert) & Catherine Winter (Bray). His son James Winter was executor. Andrew Winter's father was William Winter who mentioned his son, Andrew Winter, in his 1722 will.[5]

The Herbert & Bray families were members in Hunterdon Co of the Hopewell Baptist Church, and later Kingwood Baptist Church in Baptistown.[6] Before they removed to Hunterdon Co, James & John Bray Jr. had been members of Middletown Baptist Church in Holmdel in 1758. Both were sons of John Bray Sr. who had built the Holmdel Baptist Church & parsonage in 1705.[7] Both families were part of new congregations in Hunterdon Co carrying on a tradition of founding new churches. In fact, Brays were founders of Hunterdon Co NJ.[8]  The small village of Baptistown in Hunterdon Co was one of the earliest settlements in Kingwood Township with many Baptists coming in 1720 from Monmouth Co to settle the area and build the Kingwood Baptist Church.[9] [see Appendix for Anna Herbert b. Jan 15, 1761, sister of Josiah Herbert]

Thomas Herbert was appointed Deacon of Kingwood Baptist Church on Oct 21, 1765; June 7, 1766, Hannah Herbert, his wife, was baptized. This sect performed only adult baptisms. On Oct 13, 1770, Thomas Harbert [sic] was "excluded." Toward the end of October, 1776, Hannah Herbert was dismissed. Dismissal from Kingwood Church was for the purpose of members moving to Loudoun Co, VA to begin a new church.[10]

Josiah Herbert left Hunterdon Co for Loudoun Co, Virginia, before 1772 with his brother Thomas Herbert Jr. He was joined later by his relatives: John, William and Peter Herbert, sons of Paul Herbert. It was not uncommon for men from NJ to go south into northern Virginia to start up new churches. During the Revolution, Virginian offered bounty land warrants in her western region for military service.

Josiah Herbert enlisted in the Loudoun Co VA Militia in 1776; he served in the VA Militia from 1776-1777 and from 1778-1780. [11]

Josiah Herbert & Thomas Herbert Jr. both appeared on "Tithables of Loudoun Co, Va, Cameron Parish," from 1772 to 1779. Josiah would have been between ages of 17 to 24. He probably married around 1780.

"When Loudoun Co Va. was created in 1757, it's boundaries were essentially those of Cameron Parish: on the n. bounded by the Potomac River; on s. by Pr. Wm Co (later Fauquier); on the e. by Difficult Run; on the w. by the Blue Ridge Mts. In 1770, Shelburne Parish was created from the w. part of Cameron and included the land west of Goose Creek running to the Blue Ridge." ("Marriages of Loudoun Co 1757-1853" by Mary Alice Wertz) John Herbert lived in Cameron Parish from 1775 to 1786. William Herbert resided from 1776 to 1777 & Peter Herbert from 1772 to 1779 in Shelburne Parish. Peter Herbert was tithable in Cameron Parish in 1786. [13]  Peter Herbert & Josiah Herbert lived after the War in Berkeley Co, formed from Frederick Co in 1772. It is probable the five Herberts in Loudoun Co parishes were related, probably brothers and cousins. Thomas Herbert in Loudoun Co Va. was Thomas Herbert Jr., brother of Josiah. Peter Harbourt's daughter, Mary Joanna Harbourt (b. 1770) married John Helm Jr. (b. 1768; d. c1843 Frederick Co, Va.), son of John Helm Sr. & his first wife Sarah (Andrews?). [16; Appendix).

Josiah Herbert on 1782 Frederick Co Va. Tax List, Twp. 03, when he was age twenty-seven.

Josiah Herbert on Aug., 14, 1785 purchased 414 acres on Opequon Creek in Frederick Co Va. from Elijah & Jemima Reeder of Fauquier Co Va. and his brothers and sisters of Loudoun Co Va., i.e. Jacob Reeder, Stephen Reeder, Elizabeth Reeder Lake & his husband Thomas Lake, Mary Reeder Hubble and her husband Thomas Hubble and Eleanor Reeder Grove and her husband Wm. Grove, all children of Joseph L. Reeder (IV) and his wife Susannah Gano of Loudoun Co VA, formerly of Hunterdon Co NJ.  The Reeder siblings  rented land to Josiah & Sarah Herbert for one peppercorn due on Lady's Day - although Josiah Herbert paid 700 pds the following day Aug. 15th. (see Deeds in Appendix) Joseph Reeder, Rev. War soldier (Albany County, New York Line, 5th Regt., Col. Duboys) was buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, "old" Columbia Twp, Hamilton Co, Ohio. His grave is marked with a DAR plaque in the old Presbyterian cemetery in the suburb of Cincinnati called Pleasant Ridge.

Thomas Herbert, eldest son of Josiah, was reported on the 1850 Kenton Co Ky. Census, p. 306, in household of his son, Lewis Herbert, as age 67 making his dob 1783. Often on census, the age of householders are approximations; however, it is helpful to have a date of birth with which to gauge the date of marriage of Josiah Herbert Sr., the father.

Josiah Herbert was a member of the North Fork Baptist Church in Loudoun Co VA. In June 1793, Josiah Harbert [sic] was charged with "killing a hog, the property of Thomas Thomson, which he denied; a meeting was scheduled at Peter Harbour's [sic] home." Josiah Hobert [sic] was to be read out of the meeting on Aug 10, 1793. By April 25, 1795, a review of the charge was requested and representatives from Little River & Buck Marsh Churches were called.[12] Early Baptist congregations meted out judgment to all sinners. Church deacons were responsible for punishment which could include anything from a fine to a declaration of forgiveness or the ultimate exclusion.Josiah2.jpg (22801 bytes)

Family ties between John Helm Sr. (d. c1807) & Josiah Herbert are based on following documents:

(a) Josiah Herbert's marriage to Margaret "Peggy" Helm (daughter of John Helm Sr. of Loudoun Co VA) between 1780-1783.

(b) Josiah Herbert's 1785 deed in Frederick Co VA in which John & Sarah Helm sign as witnesses, along with Thomas Herbert. [Appendix]

(c) John Helm Sr. Will & Estate Account 1800-1807: daughter Peggy Harbourt bequeathed land in Kentucky and Josiah Herbert given two slaves.

"Sixth, I give and bequeath to my son Charles Helm, my daughter Peggy Harbourt and my son John Helm Jr. part of my negroes (slaves) with stock, household and kitchen furnishings not given to my beloved wife, and also my Kentucky land to be equally divided between these my three children. At the death of my wife, I direct the lease plantation and the negroes be sold and equally divided among the three children: Charles, Peggy and John Jr. " (H:170-171) Note: Alternate spelling of Herbert surname in Va. & Ky. records: Harbert, Harbourt, & Harbour.  

(d) Joanna Herbert, daughter of Peter, marriage to John Helm Jr. (son of John Helm Sr.)

(e) Josiah Herbert, administrator of Meredith Helm's Loudoun Co estate, Dec 10, 1792 (15) with Mary Littleton, widow of Meredith, late  Mary Helm. (Appendix) Note: Josiah Herbert was brother-in-law of Meredith Helm which meant by 1792 he was married to Peggy Helm, d/o John.

Josiah & first wife Sarah (pos. Hutchison) Herbert children:

1. Thomas Herbert b. c1780-83 mar. Sarah Helm on 6 June 1802 Mason Co Ky. ; d. 1853 Covington, Kenton Co, Ky.. bur. Linden Grove Cem.

2. John Herbert b. c1782-84 mar. Elizabeth Laurence on 17 Oct 1803 Mason Co Ky.; d. 9 Sept 1822 Campbell Co, Ky.

3. Hannah Ann Herbert  b. c1785 mar. Aaron Spalding on Jan. 4, 1805 in Campbell Co Ky.  

4. Sarah Herbert b. c1788 mar. Wm. Jenkins on 6 May 1809, Campbell Co Ky.

5. Charles L. Herbert b. c1790-91 mar. Elizabeth Marquis 22 July 1813 Shelby Co Ky.; d. Jan 1818 Covington, Kenton Co, Ky.

Josiah Herbert's first wife Sarah, whom he married c1780 in Va., was mentioned in the DAR papers of Laura Lelia Florer of Illinois, Nat'l No. 4029. (13A) and SAR papers of Arthur Darwin Jenkins (Mo. State Soc. No. 837, Natl. No. 80812) , Warren Washburn Florer (Mich. State Soc. No. 431 Nat'l No. 14856) and Herbert Washburn Florer (.Mich. State Soc. No. 1314, Nat'l No. 41211). The pioneering Florer-Herbert family of Illinois descend through Charles L. Herbert (son of Josiah) and his wife Elizabeth Marquis who had a daughter, America Ann Herbert, who married Alexander Bruce Florer 13 Jan 1833 in Vermillion Co, Indiana. Since the DAR in 1902 did not check lineage, it is difficult to know what document the Florer family based the wife Sarah Herbert upon. They may have had Charles L. Herbert's family Bible, or "Sarah" based upon other documents in their possession.

Josiah Herbert's first wife Sarah (pos. Hutchison b. 1755) died after birth of Charles L. Herbert in 1790-91. Josiah married (2) Margaret "Peggy" Helm, d/o John Helm of Loudoun Co Va., before December 1792. Josiah Herbert administered estate of Meredith Helm of Loudoun Co Va. with Mary Littleton, late Helm, on December 10, 1792. Meredith Helm and Margaret "Peggy" Helm were brother and sister, siblings of John Helm and his first wife Sarah. Josiah Herbert, therefore, was brother-in-law of Meredith Helm which meant Josiah Herbert had married Peggy Helm before Dec 1792. (see Appendix)

John Helm, father of Margaret "Peggy" Helm, died before 1808 in Loudoun Co Va. From John Helm's estate appraisal dated Jan. 11, 1808 (H:186) Josiah Herbert was willed two slaves, Susanna & Vincent. In the will of John Helm dated July 1, 1800, probated Dec 14, 1807, the daughter of John Helm, Peggy Harbourt, was mentioned in father's will.  (see Appendix)

1820 US Census Campbell Co Ky, Newport, p. 2: Josiah Herbert M 0-0-0-0-0-1 (45+) and F: 0-1-0-0-1 (45+) and Slaves M 1--1 & F 1-1 Total 4

1830 US Census Campbell Co Ky,  p. 271: Josiah Herbert 1 M (age 70-80) and 1 F (age 60-70) and 1 F 20-30 and 1 F 5-10                                       

Note: Josiah Herbert b. 1755 was age 75 in 1830; Margaret Helm Herbert was age 60 in 1830, b. c1770. Based upon age of Margaret b. c1770 Loudoun Co Va, the younger siblings of Anna Herbert b. c1793 could not have been children of 2nd wife. They were children of first wife Sarah. Margaret b. c1770 would have been age 10-13 when Thomas Herbert b. c1780-83 was born.

Josiah & Margaret Helm Herbert's children :

6. Anna Herbert b. c1793 mar. Meredith Helm, Aug 19, 1815 Campbell Co Ky.

7. Josiah Herbert Jr. b. April 16, 1796 mar. Elizabeth Jenkins 22 Jan 1816; d. 10 May 1851 bur. Linden Grove Cem., Covington, Ky. (13B)

8. Margaret Herbert b. c1802 Mason Co Ky., mar. Peter Welch March 4, 1824 Campbell Co Ky.

9. William Herbert b. c1805 Campbell Co Ky. mar. Jane Shannon Thomas Nov 16, 1827 Campbell Co Ky.

10. Elizabeth Herbert b. c1808 Campbell Co Ky. mar. Wm. Burgess April 7, 1832 Campbell Co Ky.

November, 1797, Josiah & Margaret Herbert sold part of their land in Shelby Co Ky. to Paul Brooks.[18] which meant Josiah had removed from Frederick Co Va. to Shelby Co KY immediately after his second marriage, if he had two wives.. He had purchased land in SHELBY Co on July 19, 1796, from William Helm and his second wife Agnes Pickett Helm. This tract was located on Gist's Creek, part of a 1,000 a. survey made for WILLIAM HELM.[17] [see Appendix]

In 1797, Rev. Josiah Herbert held the pastorship of Elk Creek Baptist Church in Spencer Co Ky for four months before leaving for Mason Co, Ky. Reasons for his "dismissal" at Elk Creek Church were not clear, seemingly due to "want of ability."[19] On February, 1797, Josiah Herbert witnessed the will of John Whitaker, a former Maryland Baptist minister living in Shelby Co, Ky.[20]

In Mason Co Ky, Josiah posted marriage bond for his son, John Herbert, who married Elizabeth Laurence on 17 Oct 1803.[21] By 1805, Josiah "consented" to marriage of Hannah Herbert, his daughter, to Aaron Spalding in Campbell Co, Ky, Jan 4, 1805. John Herbert posted bond and Thomas Herbert witnessed, the two were Hannah's brothers.[22]

Bulbrg.jpg (39856 bytes)In 1805 in Boone Co, Ky, Rev. Josiah Herbert "preached the dedicatory sermon at Bullittsburg Baptist Church. Bullittsburg, Twelve-Mile, & Brush Creek, later Persimmon Grove, were part of northern Kentucky's North Bend Association. Early ministers of North Bend included Josiah Herbert and William Cave.[23]

From May 1818 to 1835, Josiah Herbert Sr. and his sons bought and sold land in Campbell Co KY and in the cities of Covington, Kenton Co, and Newport, Campbell Co. By 1835, Josiah Herbert Jr. and his wife Elizabeth Jenkins Herbert were selling his father's land; it is probable that Josiah died by October 1835.[24] Land on Four-Mile Creek in Campbell Co was sold by the family in 1852 to "Trustees of Four-Mile Baptist Church" the church in which the Spaulding & Herbert families worshipped.[25]

Like many men after war, Josiah couldn't settle in any one place. The lure of LAND in KENTUCKY drew him WESTWARD. He served as a Baptist minister both in central & northern Kentucky. Families were on the move in the early 18th Century seeking new lives and new vistas. Herberts were no exception; in fact, Herberts led the way from medieval time in Wales down through the settlement of the trans-Allegheny Mountain region.  As Pete Houston wrote in "One Will I Serve, The Herberts of Wales & Their American Descendants"...

The Herberts were a hard living, hard-hitting lot; but for three centuries lived in troubled times when the weak went to the wall and only the strong survived. They were strong and they survived !

                                 [from Tresham Lever's "The Herberts of Wilton "] [26]

Herbert of Monmouth and Hunterdon Cos., New Jersey

Josiah Herbert, Revolutionary War Drummer

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Will of JAMES BRAY Sr, Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co NJ, dated Mar 11, 1750, proven  May 1 1758 :  to wife Elizabeth Bray & Hannah Bray, my daughter;  to  oldest son JAMES BRAY Jr. [husband of Catherine Winter]; Wts. Thomas Herbert, Daniel Everitt, James Warford.  Inventory of James Bray's estate Feb 6, 1759: *DANIEL LAKE & Jeremiah Thatcher.   Source: "NJ Calendar of Wills, 1751-1760,: Vol III, p. 39.

Will of PETER HERBERT Sr. , dec'd, of Berkeley Co VA, dated Feb 21, 1802:  to Mary Herbert, widow & relict, to sons JOHN HERBERT, THOMAS HERBERT, PAUL HERBERT & MARGARET his wife; PETER HERBERT JR. and CATHERINE his wife; to JOHN  HELM, husband of the late  MARY HERBERT;  Wts: John Helm, Joseph Stanford, & Isaac Newton. Probated Apr 16, 1802, at Winchester, Va., Adm. Bond posted by JOHN & CHARLES HELM for Mary Herbert, widow,  at Winchester Dist. Court.  Source: Frederick Co VA Will Book SC1:427-430. Note: spelling Harbourt for Herbert in this 1802 will, but other records spell the name Herbert.

Deeds in Berkeley Co VA for Paul Harbert: PAUL HERBERT to Joseph Hackney, 22 Jun 1827, 91 acres on e. side of Sleepy Creek. Deed Bk37:274.    Note: Original tract of 400 a. on drains of Sleepy Creek, Berkeley Co VA, conveyed by George Grove to PETER HERBERT.

JOSIAH HERBERT Deeds in Frederick Co VA:

14 Aug 1785: REEDER to HERBERT viz. Elijah & Jemima Reeder of Fauquier Co VA; Jacob Reeder, Stephen Reeder, THOMAS & Eliz. LAKE, Thos & Mary Hubble, Wm & Eleanor Grove, all of Loudoun Co VA, to Josiah Herbert of Frederick Co VA, tract lying on Opeqoun Creek of 414 a. for rent of one pepper corn on Lady Day. Wts: John Helm, Sarah Helm (her mark) and Thomas Herbert.

15 Aug 1785: REEDER to HERBERT viz. Elijah Reeder of Fauquier Co Va, et al. to Josiah Herbert, Frederick Co VA, 700 pds for property purchased the day before viz. 414 acres. Wts. John Helm, Sarah Helm (her mark) and Thomas Herbert

MEREDITH HELM Loudoun Co Va. Estate Appraisal

HELM(S), Meredith  Appraisal:  Court order dated 13 Oct 1788; farm and household items,   totaling £65.10.0.  Aprs: Jno. TYLER, Benj’a. MASON, John LINTON.
 Returned to court 8 Jun 1789.  [D:37]
 Settlement of 10 Dec 1792 with Admrs Josiah HERBERT & Mary LITTLETON  late Mary HELMS:  beginning 1788; from hire of Negroes Tim, Bill &  Janny, sale of tobacco, totaling £142.3.  Subscribers: S. D. HARRIMAN,  Jno. WRENN, James JENNINGS.  Returned to court 13 Jan 1794.  [E:7]
Notes: Mary Helm Littleton was widow of Meredith Helm who d. 1788. By the time of the 1792 settlement of her first husband's estate, she had remarried and her husband took over the duties of administration for Meredith Helm. by 1792, Josiah Herbert mar. (2) Margaret "Peggy" Helm and thus was brother-in-law of Meredith Helm.

JOHN HELM Loudoun Co Va. Will and Estate Appraisal

John Helm (H:170)  date of will July 1, 1800, probated in court Dec 14, 1807: Sarah Helm, wife, PEGGY HARBOURT ( sic)  daughter, John Milborn, grdson, son of Ann; Ann Milborn, dau; John Helm Jr. son; Charles Helm, son; Meredith Helm, son; Mary Ann Helm, grddau d/o Mer;edith; Lettice Riley housekeeper. Wts: John L. & Geo. Berkeley, and John Timms. All negroes to wife Sarah Helm. Excrs of est: Charles & John Helm. $5000 bond, security John L. Berkeley & Geo. Berkley.

John Helm returned to court 11 Jan 1808 (H:186), Appraisal of slaves & household and farm items total $2513.74. SARAH HELM, wife, red'd  2 slaves, Charles Helm, son, one slave, John Helm, son, 1 slave, JOSIAH HERBERT 2 slaves (Susannah & Vincent). Apr. James Lewis, Geo. Sheveley, Elisha Timms. 

JOSIAH HERBERT 1796 Shelby Co Ky. Deed from William & Agnes Helm and 1797 Deed to Paul Brooks naming wife Margaret Herbert

19 July 1796: JULY COURT: WILLIAM & AGNES HELM/s, Shelby Co Ky. to JOSIAH HERBERT, Shelby Co Ky., 117 a. for 50 pds., tract lying on w. side of Gist's Creek being part of survey of Helm's 1000 a. lying on west bank of Gist's Creek at Helm's s.e. corner Wt. James Craig (Shelby Co Ky. Deed Bk A, p. 66-67)

28 Nov 1797. NOVEMBER COURT: JOSIAH HERBERT and MARGARET, his wife, to Paul Brooks, land lying at Herbert's south corner, 5 a. for 10 pds. (Shelby Co Ky. Deed Book D:77-78. 

ANNA HERBERT, daughter of Thomas Herbert, sister of Josiah Herbert:

Ann Herbert b. 15 Jan 1761 Frederick Co Va. mar. Michael Reasor 27 Feb 1782 Frederick Co VA.; d. 5 July 1847 Little Mount, Spencer Co Ky. Michael Reason b. 3 Feb 1760 Winchester, Frederick Co VA, d. 11 July 1843, Little Mount, Spencer Co KY. Children: Thos. Reasor b. 27 Dec 1782 Winchester, Frederick Co VA; Frederick Reasor b. 6 Jan 1785 Frederick Co VA; Hannah Reasor b. 26 Jan 1787 Frederick Co VA; Josiah Reasor b. 2 Apr 1789 Frederick Co VA; Sarah Reasor b. 14 Nov 1805 Spencer Co Ky.

MICHAEL REASOR, husband of Ann Herbert, sister of Josiah Herbert:

Michael Reasor J. b. 3 Feb 1760 Winchester, Va. son of Michael Reasor Sr. On 2 May 1777, Michael Jr. enl. as Ffifer in Capt. Gilkason's Co of Col. Kennedy's Va Regt. under Gen Geo Washsington. He marched through Maryland to Lancaster PA and later to Phila. Pa. In Jan 1779, he was discharged in Phila. (VA Colonial Militia Muster Rolls) Michael Jr. and brother Frederick Reasor fitted out a ship and sailed for Germany to pick up a cargo of leather good for the Rev. army. On home voyage a storm disabled the ship, and the brothers were rescued by a passing Scottish vessel, but their ship was lost and they landed in Phila. penniless. Michael Jr. reenl. in the army at Winchester, Va., in April 1781 in Capt. Frost Va Co. He serv'd until Sept 1, 1781 when discharged at Richmond, Va. He was present when Cornwallis surrendered his sword to Gen. Geo. Washington at Yorktown. He was granted a pension on application S-16514 dated 10 Sept 1832. The pension certificate was No. 6580.  On March 12, 1843, Michael Jr. certified he had resided in Spencer Co Ky. formerly part of Shelby Co, for 40 years and that prior to that had resided in Winchester, Frederick Co Va. After his second discharge, he married Anna Herbert on 27 Feb 1782 at Winchester, VA. Her father was Thomas Herbert. Anna was born 1 Sept 1760 in New Jersey. Michael d. 11 June 1843 at his home in Little Mount, Spencer Co Ky. Anna died at Little Mount 5 July 1847 and is buried with her husband. I found a gov. marker in the Old Little Mount Baptist Cem in Spencer Co. It shows him as a Fifer in Rev War. Michael and Anna lived in Winchester, Va. until 1797 when they with their seven children removed to Shelby/Spencer Co Ky. On 23 July 1825, they gave son Josiah 58 a. of land on Brashears Creek. Will Bk p. 449 at Taylorsville Ky. gives settlement of Michael's estate.

For additional data on Anna Herbert Reasor, contact Bert L. Scott Jr., 32614 Coastsite Dr, Apt !, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275.

PROBATE of ROBERT GORDON (Loudoun Co Va. Bk B:332 & 381)

5 Jan 1779/11 Sept 1779:  ROBERT GORDON Certificate of importation for slaves, none are his: THOMAS SHANKS & Betsey Halley's slaves imported 1 Nov 1778.

May, 1779: Appraisal of estate of ROBERT GORDON: slaves Dinah, Jem, Patt, Bess, Cate, Andrew, Jere & Winn, farm and household items. Division of est. to dau Susannah Shanks (given Doll, Nell, Milly, hsehold ites; dau Letticia Gordon (given Cate, Winny, Patt, Sinah & Harry, hsehold itesm). Subscribers: Benj. Mason, Jere Hutcheson, Har Lane. Returned to court 10 Sept 1781.

Loudoun Co Va. Deed Book N:455: 22 March 1781, rec'd 13 May 1783: JOHN HELMS of Frederick Co, Jas. Whalley & Jos. Mershon of Loudoun adm bond for SARAH GORDON, relict of ROBERT GORDON, dec'd, now wife of JOHN HELMS. Wts. Jer Hutchison, Benj. Mason, Har Lane. 

Loudoun Co Va. Deed Book N:493: 14 Apr 1783/8 Sept 1783: James Muschett & wife Caty of Fauquir Co to SARAH GORDON, widow of Robt Gordon, died intestate late of Loudoun, and daus Susanna Shanks & Leticia Gordon sale of 290 a. on w. side Salisbury Plain Run. Wt: W. Ellzey, Thos Lewis, Chs Simms, John Turley, Cleon Moore.

Loudoun Co Va. Deed Bk W:366: 29 Mar 1797/11 Apr 1796: WM NEILL and wife Lettishe of Frederick Co Va. to Samuel HUTCHISON of Loudoun sell 141 a. w. side Salisbury Plain Run (deed fr James Mushett to SARAH GORDON, Susanna Shanks, and Letishe Gordon.) Wts. Samuel Love, Francis Adams, Lewis Ambler, Wm Ambler, Wm Stowers, Cas Love.

Loudoun Co Va. Deed Bk X:171: 20 Aug 1796, rec'd 12 Sept 1796: JOHN HELM & wife SARAH of Loudoun Co Va. to JEREMIAH HUTCHISON Sr. and Sam'l Hutchison, 90 a. nr Salisbury Plain Run where Zachariah Riddle now lives. Wts. Geo Hutchison, Zachariah Riddle, Jere Hutchison Jr.

Notes: ROBERT GORDON's widow, SARAH GORDON, married (2) JOHN HELM of Loudoun Co Va. In John Helm's will of 1st July 1800, prob. 14 Dec 1807, he names his wife SARAH HELM and daughter PEGGY HARBOURT (Herbert) and dau Ann Milborn, sons John Jr., Charles, Meredith Helm and grddau Mary Jane Helm, d/o Meredith. (H:170) In John Helm's appraisal, 11 Jan 1808 (H:186) he named JOSIAH HERBERT (to rec. slaves Susanna & Vincent). Since JOHN & SARAH HELM witnessed the 1785 deed Reeder et al to Josiah Herbert is possible Sarah Herbert was the daughter of Sarah Gordon, her mother having married John Helm after the death of her first husband Robt. Gordon.