Herbert Family of Middletown Township, Monmouth Co, New Jersey

Bridget Herbert of Gravesend, Long Island, New Netherlands, the widow of Richard Herbert of Bermuda, appeared in the Town Book of Middletown on 25th of March, 1671 for rental of a house and land of Edward Smith's. She registered Thomas Herbert, her son, for a cattle ear mark.(1) Dr. John E. Stillwell, New Jersey historian, wrote Bridget  married (2) William Bowne, son of Gershom Bowne,a but Edith Herbert Mather disputed the second marriage in her Genealogical Notes. Essentially what the Herbert descendants agree on is that (a) the Monmouth Co NJ Herberts were founded by a widow, Bridgett Herbert-Harbert-Harbour of Gravesend, Long Island, New Amsterdam and (b) she was possibly the widow of *Richard Herbert as documented in the Bermuda records outlined in the book "Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century:Genealogical Notes from Bermuda." (1a & Appendix)

In the September 28, 1654 will of Anthony Cooke of Bermuda, Anthony appointed as executor his son-in-law, Capt. Richard Harbert, making Bridget Cooke Harbert the widow of Richard Harbert, not Walter Harbert. This new data comes from Brett Burrowes who descends from both Walter Herbert of Shrewsbury and from Bridget's son, Thomas Herbert. Brett's family have lived in Monmouth County, New Jersey from 1667 until his grandfather died in 1977. 

Documents prove four Herbert males were in Monmouth Co New Jersey in the 1600s: Walter Herbert and Henry Herbert, brothers, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey, and Francis Herbert and Thomas Herbert, sons of Bridgett Herbert, widow, of Monmouth Co, New Jersey.

Mary Barnes married Walter Herbert on 14 August 1678 at Albany, New York. This marriage, however, was probably between Mary Barnes and Walter Herbert Jr., son of Bridget Herbert. The widow, Bridget Herbert, died 9 March 1681/82/83 in Monmouth Co, NJ. The Herberts were not among the original patentees of Monmouth County, as were the Grovers. (3a & b)

Bridget Herbert was the mother of at least *three children:  (several New Jersey historians have add three more):

1. *Thomas Herbert b. c1647, mar. Mary (?), d. 4 December 1721 Monmouth Co New Jersey

2. *Francis Herbert b. c1648, mar. (1) Mary Bowne (2) Hannah Applegate; d. 25 Nov. 1719 Monmouth Co N.J.

3. Elizabeth Herbert b. c1650; d. 14 Aug 1729; mar. Richard Davies c1673

4. Walter Herbert b. c1660 mar. (1) Mary Barnes 14 Aug 1678 (2) Sarah Tilton, d/o John Tilton & Rebecca Terry 2nd June 1704

5. *Susannah Herbert b. c1671, d. 16 March 1681

6. Henry Herbert b. ? ; died 23 June 1747; mar. Elizabeth ?  

Josiah3.jpg (24743 bytes)Thomas Herbert (the first) of Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey:  

Thomas Herbert was born c1647 in Monmouth Co, New Jersey, resided Middletown Township, Monmouth Co, NJ  [Patent Bk 1:168]. Married Mary ___; died intestate on 4 December 1721 in Monmouth Co, NJ. Mary Herbert, widow, married (2) __ Cooper. (some dispute over the second marriage of widow Mary Herbert) Daniel Herbert, their son, in his will refers to his mother as Widow Mary Cooper. (Daniel Herbert will. Aug 11, 1747 Mon Co NJ. "Calendar of NJ Wills," Nelson & Honeyman, Vol II:232; see Appendix)

Thomas Herbert was in Middletown by June, 1667, when he patented 131 acres sold to him by R. Hamilton and William Lawrence. (2)  In 1670, Thomas Morfort's deed referred to Thomas Herbert's Proprietary deed. In 1675, Thomas Herbert buys 140 a. of bay and meadow land next to James Grover.

Thomas Herbert Patents & Property in Monmouth Co NJ :

June 4, 1667: Thomas Harber patented 131 acres  for 0-5-5; one-half sold by him to R. Hamilton, by him to Wm Lawrence. Pay 1/2 price per acre to Proprietors.  (Bk 1:168)

1670:  Thomas Morfort's lands are referred to in Thomas Herbert's Proprietary Deed. (Stillwell, Op.Cit. Vol 4 )

 25th of March 1675: Thomas Harbour 140 a. for 1.5.10 pounds.(Bk C:135)  Thomas Harbour conveys one of Stephen Arnels two shares to John Throgmorton of Middletown; formerly surveyed, now resurveyed, being n.e. part by Bay & Meadows of Sundrys; s.e. by Benj. Debell; s. John Job & s.w. James Ashton, w. unsurveyed part of James Grover.. (Bk D:191)

1676:  Thomas Harbert rec'd 372 acres of land claiming rights under the Grants and Concessions

June 4, 1677: Thomas Harbert rec'd patent for land as follows: (1) a tract of 120 a. on Horse Neck, n. of Navesink River (2) 3 a. of meadow w. of Thomas Merefoot (3) 8 a. of meadow at Sholde Harbor n. of Thos. Morford.

Frances Harber patented 142 acres June 20, 1677 for 1.5.11 First payment 35 March 1678. ( Bk 1:171)

Sept. 22, 1683, Province of East NJ, to High Sheriff of Monmouth Co, Summons to Thomas Harbert, Wm Whitlock, James Bowne, Henry Marsh & Wm Layton, all of Middletown, to appear at next co court 25th of Sept to give evidence in case betwixt Thos. Snawsell & Bej. Devell. Richard Gardiner, Clerk of Monmouth Co Court.

1685 Thomas Harbert owed 10 shillings for quit rent according to Gawin Lewries account.

March 1, 1687: Thomas Harbert resided between Richard Gardiner and Benjamin Devell when six King's Highways were being laid out.

Thomas Herbert of Middletown in Mercer Co New Jersey Deeds

1688 May 10: Patent to Thomas Harbur at Middletown for 140 acres s.e. Benjamin Devell, s. John Job, s.w. of James Ashtone, w. unsurveyed land and James Grover,  n.e. James Ashtone, Richard Davis, John Jobs and the Bay.

1689 April 20: Robert Hamilton to William Lawrence Jr. both of Middletown for 131 a. as granted by patent to Thomas Herbert who sold the lot to grantor.

1690 May 6 Deed:  Thomas Harbert to John Throgmorton, both of Middletown, for one share of upland and four lots of meadow of the Neversinks lands, as purchased by Stephen Arnold of Pautixit, Providence, R.I. and others of whom the present grantor, both 2 shares.

1698 Mar 10. Elisha Lawrence and wife Lucy of Middletown to Jeremiah Stillwell, late of Gravesend LI for the following lots in Middletown: (1b) 120 a. of Horse Neck, e. Thomas Morfoot, w. at creek. n. unsurveyed, s. Neversinks. (2) 3 a. meadow e. Thomas Morfoot, s.w. & n. unsurveyed, the whole 123 acres granted to Thomas Herbert by patent June 4, 1677, by him sold to Robt. Hamilton, by him to Wm. Lawrence, who conveyed it to present grantor. (3) a lot on Hogpen Neck, boght. of John Reid June 9, 1691.

Thomas (the first) and Mary Herbert's Progeny:

Thomas Herbert II b. 27 Oct 1694;  mar. Easter/Esther Tauer or Tower; died 18 Aug *1735

Note: Parish Register of Christ Church at Shrewsbury, Monmoth Co NJ: Thomas & Easter Herbert's son, John Herbert, baptized April 14, *1734.(4)  [photo right}

Mary Herbert b. 30 Jan 1695/6; d. c1700 ("Genealogy of NJ Families," p. 553)

Richard Herbert b. 22 Jan 1697; mar. Martha Dorsett Carman 2 June 1742, res. Monmouth Co NJ. d. 1777

Jonathan Herbert b. 2 Nov 1699; d. 4 March 1777

David Herbert b. 8 April 1701, d. Aug 1747; mar. Margaret Lyon 2 July 1744.

Daniel Herbert b. 8 April 1701; d. 1747; mar. (1) Susannah (2) Amy Borden McGee on 2 Oct 1745

James Herbert b. c1703; d. 1746 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, NJ, mar. Margaret Mount 24 March 1739.

Notes: Birth dates of above children not from a Bible record, but from a Copy Book which belonged to Thomas Harburt, then to his grandson Jonathan Herbert of Middletown. "Herbert Family Records" was contributed by Frederick D. Herbert to "Genealogy of New Jersey Families" in NJ Genealogy Magazine. The copy book dates on p. 176: Bridgett harburt deyed on the ninth day of March in the year 1682; the death of Thomas herbert he died 4th day of December in the year 1721; the death of Elizabetbh Davies, she deyed on the fourteenth dah of August in the year 1728;  Inside back cover: The death of *Thomas Herbert he deyed on eighteenth Day of August in the year of our Lord 1735 (eldest son) The key to understanding the text is the Children of Thomas Herbert is followed by the list above. (5)

Thomas Herbert II was b. 27 Oct 1694, d. 18 Aug 1735 at age 41. (4) He evidently lived in Middletown Township, Monmouth Co, New Jersey, but a baptismal record for his son John Herbert (April 14, 1734) can be found in Christ Church (Episcopal) Parish Records in Shrewsbury. John Herbert must have been the last child of Thomas & Easter Herbert because Thomas died the following year in 1735. Thomas Herbert married Easter-Esther-Hester (Tuer/s).  Being a devout Baptist, Thomas Herbert would have had his son John christened at Christ Church Shrewsbury to protect his son's inheritance right. (5) Marriages performed by Anglican rectors were legal, Baptist or Quaker marriages were not. Before the Revolutionary War, the Anglican Church became entwined with all aspects of the civil government including authority over marriage. Children born to Quaker or Baptist parents were not legitimate until christened in the Anglican Church, a way to harass religious non-conformists or dissenters. There was a migration of Baptists to Hopewell and Amwell Townships in Hunterdon County from Monmouth County. A new church was formed in Hopewell Township called "the Old School Baptist Church." (photo left) Grounds of the Old School Baptist Church were donated by John Hart, a singer of the Declaration of Independence and an outspoken leader of the American cause during the Revolution.

 The Kingwood Baptist Church in Hunterdon Co was consequently formed by Hopewell's Old School Baptist Church in 1742. Baptists in Hopewell followed others to Hunterdon County's Kingwood Church. Thomas Herbert III, son of Thomas Herbert II, can be found among Kingwood Baptist church records. Today, only the cemetery of Kingwood church in Baptistown remains with a newer church across the road. "The New Jersey Churchscape" web site has history & pictures of NJ's colonial churches: http://www.njchurchscape.com/photography.html

Thomas Herbert II (d. 1735) Probate Records of Monmouth Co NJ:

Edward Higbee Middletown, Mon Co NJ. Aug 21, 1716/Mar 25, 1717. Inventory "made" by Thomas  Herburt; Obadiah Winter debtor.

Henry Swingler, Mon Co NJ. Adm. Wm Lawrence, Jr. Jan 22, 1725/6. Inventory "made" by Thomas Harburt, Jon. Smock, Guisbert van Matre.

Eleazer Cotterell, Middletown, Mon Co NJ. Mar 18, 1726/Apr 20, 1727.Inventory "made" by Thomas Harbert & John Bray. April 15, 1727. Worth: 446.16.3

Thomas Herbert III married Hannah Winter October 21, 1751, in Monmouth Co, NJ. (6; Appendix) Hannah Winter was the daughter of Andrew Winter, the son of William Winter and Hannah Grover. The Winter and Grover families were pioneers of Monmouth Co, New Jersey. Andrew Winter was born about 1790, and died before April 30, 1760. Andrew Winter's daughter, Catherine Winter, married James Bray.(7)

 Thomas and Hannah Herbert in 1766 in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon Co, NJ, had neighbors Joseph Everits of Kingwood Township, who in a deed dated October 6th, 1766, sold his property (277 acres) to Smith Cornwell of Bucks Co, Pa.  The deed described the tract lying along "Abraham Gray's line" near "Thomas Herbert's plantation" and "Hezekiah Bonham's & Daniel Everit's line." (8) Abraham Gray Sr. died 1782 in Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon Co, NJ. His wife was Ariaantje Aertsen, and his children included Anne Gray, Daniel Gray & Isaac Gray Sr. (8a)

Baptist interest at Kingwood Township began in 1722. By 1734,  Kingwood Township has eight Baptist families. Mr. Thomas Curtis, a minister and a member of Hopewell Church, supervised construction of a small meeting house. James Bray and his wife, former members of Middletown (Holmdel), a son of John Bray (who built the 3rd house of worship and parsonage at Holmdel in 1705) arrived in Kingwood Township.(9)  John Bray of Middletown had acquired 500 acres in the Baptistown area; and in 1737, he bought another 1,000 acres. In 1748, a year after the Kingwood Baptist Church was founded, John and James Bray moved from Middletown to Kingwood. At the formation of the Kingwood Baptist Church in 1742, all member signed a covenant formally and solemnly obligating themselves to live up to its rules and to accept penalties for transgression of those rules.

Thomas and his wife Hannah Herbert were members of the Kingwood Baptist Church at Baptistown. (10) Thomas Herbert became Deacon of  Kingwood Church on 21st of October 1765. Hannah (Winter) Herbert was baptized (adult baptism) on 21st of June 1766. (11) The Winter, Bray and Herbert family lived in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon Co, in the years before the Revolutionary War. Thomas Herbert was "excluded" from Kingwood Church 12th of October 1770; Hannah Herbert was "dismissed" toward the end of October 1776. Dismissal was for the purpose of membership to another church; exclusion was for chastisement. Thomas Herbert sold his "plantation" Sept. 5, 1770, to Isaac Gray and Hendrick Gulick (12) Thomas Herbert IV and  Josiah Herbert, sons of Thomas III,  removed to Loudoun Co Va. in 1772. Thomas Herbert remained in Hunterdon Co as shown by final settlement of "mortgage debt" to James Gray and John Jones in August, 1774. Andrew Bray Esq. settled his debt to Thomas Herbert at the same time. (see #12 under Hunterdon Co NJ Common Pleas Court Entries next)

Thomas Herbert III Documentation

Hunterdon Co NJ Deeds

Vol. 1 p. 18-19: 6th day of Oct 1766 Indenture between Joseph Everits of Kingwood Twp. Hunterdon Co NJ and Smith Cornwell of Buck Co Pa. land lying along Thomas Herbert's plantation south, along great road to corner of Hezikiah Bonham land to Daniel Everit's corner to line of Abraham Gray. 277 a.  for 105 pds.

Vol. I p. 116 : Mortgage Deed from Thomas Harbert of Kingwood Twp. co of Hunterdon in the Province of Western Division of New Jersey to Henry Gulick and Isaac Gray both of township aforesaid bearing date fifth day of Sept 1770 for tract of land lying in co of Hunterdon bounded by corner of Richard Opdick by the road etc. cont. 105 a. to be paid on/bef first day of April 146 pds 15 shilling etc. Signed Thomas Herbert, Hendrick Gulick, Isaac Gray. Proved Sept 10, 1770 & Oct 2, 1770 by Wm Allen before John Grandin.  Wts. Wm Allen, Go. Birkhead Sr.(May 20, 1772 org. mort. produced).

Mortgage Deed from Thomas Herbert Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co etc. to Henry Gulick and Isaac Gray, same, 5th of Sept. 1770 tract lying bounded by etc. corner of Daniel Everit and by the road of Everit's land to corner of said Everit and Richard Opdike, 63 a. for 100 pds. Signed Thomas Herbert, Henrick Gulick & Isaac Gray. Wts. Wm Allen, Geo. Birkhead Sr. (May 20, 1772 orig. mort. produced).

Court of Common Pleas of Hunterdon Co NJ: 

(1) Book VIII p. 134: Feb. Term, 1758 : Stephen Jones (plaintiff)  vs.Thomas Herbert (defendant)  Capius Debt 105 pds.

(2) Bk VIII p. 151: May 1758 Stephen Jones (same plaintiff)  vs. Thomas Herbert & John Everit Decline speciality warant & attorney bid warrant recently. filed Note: Everits lived next to Thomas Herbert (see 1766 deed) 

(3) Feb 1771 Bk XI p. 420: John Jones vs. Thomas Herbert Captis cout. 500 pds. 

(4) 16 Oct 1771, Bk XI p. 466: John Jones vs. Thomas Herbert "subpoena"

(5) Oct 1771 Bk XI p. 467: Dom Rex (the King) vs. Thomas Herbert an indictment in motion made on behalf of the Attorney Gen. that the tryal of the indictment do come on immediately, Mr. Blackston of Coriel? for the defendant, it is ordered the same be part of the next term, to come in person to be sworn on Wed. and defendant defray all costs of the Justices.

(6) 22 Nov 1771 Bk XI p. 477: Feb Turn 1771 The King vs. Thomas Herbert "in debt subpoena sealed

(7) 16 Mar 1772 Bk XI p. 495: Sarah Perkins vs. Thomas Herbert Bk XI p. 495 "in case captis 100 pds. 

(8) Feb Tern 1772: The King vs. Thomas Herbert in debt subpoena sealed (p. 477)

(9) Feb Term 1772: The King vs. Thomas Herbert per indictment in obed.to His Excellency command to me under the Seal of Arms, I hereby enter a nonved uloriem presequi in the court case. Col. Skinner, Attorney Gen. (p. 481)

(10) March-May Term 1774. Sarah Perkins vs. Thomas Harbert in case Capius 100 pds.

(11) Feb Tern 1774: John Herbert vs. Richard Reed in state of guardianship in the year being filed according to Act of Assembly and ng plea upon motion of warrant, attorny for the plaintiff ordered judgment be entered insitu.

(12) August Term 1774: John Jones vs. Thomas Herbert per attachment the Auditors apt. in the cause having returned their report of the Mortgage to them by counterclaim it appears the defendant indebted to the plaintiff in the sum of 79 pds, 18 shilling, 7 pence, proclamation money, and to James Bray in the sum of nine pds, 11 shillings; and the auditors hereby certify Andrew Bray Esq. is indebted to Thomas Herbert in the sum of 52 pds, ten shilling, 11 pence, due first day of May on the motion of Smith for the judgment entered to rule etc. (p. 106) [Andrew Bray was f/o James Bray who mar. Catherine Winter, sister of Hannah Winter who mar. Thos Herbert; therefore James Bray was bro-in-law of Thos. Herbert]

Probate Records of Monmouth Co NJ:

Jacob Covenhoven, Middletown, Mon Co NJ. Yeoman. July 5, *1743 Will. Inventory Dec 3, *1744: Debtors - Thomas Harbert, Andrew Bray, etc.

Henry Van Hook, Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co NJ. Yeoman. Will Feb 18, 1750. Inventory: bills of Thomas Herbert & Nathaniel Bowman. 1750/1.

1752, June 26. Margaret Watson, d/o Wm Watson, dec'd, released & quit-claimed land to Ufamy Johnson, d/o Wm Watson, left them by the will of Wm Watons. Land lying on Milstone Brook. Wts. Peter Imlay Jr. & Thomas Herbert Jr.. (Freehold Records Lib 1:64 & 269)

Joseph Grover, Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co NJ,  Will dated 24 March 1771, prob. 6 March 1772. Wt. Thomas Herbert (7)

William Winter will dated July 3, 1722 and qualification of Andrew Winter, the Surviving Executor.13 June 1733. Proved by deposition of Rich. Gibbens, wit., signed in presence of Robt. Lawrence, 13 June 1733.

New Jersey Early Census Index:  Thomas Herbert Monmouth Co March-Nov 1778 p. 7.

Thomas Herbert Monmouth Co March-Jan 1779 p. 7.

Lt. Thomas Herbert Monmouth Co Upper Freehold June Tax List 1793

Grover Web Sites:

"Jack Mounts Genealogy: My Grover Ancestry" http://members.cox.net/mountgen/grover.html


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Anthony Cooke Will, Bermuda, Sept. 28, 1654: planter, wife Ann, d/o BRIDGET HARBERT, wife of Capt. RICHARD HARBERT, silver cup and negro. Two grandchildren: Richard & Anthony Harburt. Wife Ann Cooke, & son-in-law Capt. Richard Harbert, excr. (Mercer, op. cit. p. 30) For more data, contact Brett Burrowes <bburrowes@aol.com>

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Andrew Winter Will dated Feb 28, 1760, proved April 30, 1760. Middletown, Monmouth Co NJ. Yeoman. Will proved Apr 30, 1760, mentions sons: James Winter (who had daughter Deborah) and Moses Winter; daughters: Catharine Winter, Ann Winter, Hannah Winter, and dau-in-law Mary Winter (w/o James); Excrs: James Winter, son, with friends John Taylor Esq. & Nathaniel Leonard. Wts. Matthew Lofborow, John Layton and John Young. ("Calendar of NJ Wills, Adm. etc" Voll III, 1751-1760, p. 363-64)

James Bray Sr. of Kingwood, Hunterdon Co NJ. Will. 1758 Mar 22/May 1, 1758  to wife Elizabeth; to eldest son *James Bray Jr. land on s. side creek from Wm Fowler; daughters Susanna & Anne Bray get 10 pds each from estate; Hannah Bray; to sons Daniel, John ;  Excrs: Andrew Bray, brother of Legannon & friend Isaac Leet of Kinwood. Wts:Thomas Herbert, Dan'l Everitt, James Warford. Inventory: Feb 6, 1759: Daniel Lake & Jeremiah Thatcher. 337.4.4 pounds.

Progeny of Andrew Winter d. c1760 and wife Alice Winter:  

James Winter mar. Mary Shepherd Oct 21, 1755. Rev War Sol, d. Sugar House, NY during war. Mary Winter, d. July 4, 1824 bur. Winter farm.

Moses Winter

Catherine Winter mar. *James Bray mar. license Feb. 23, 1756 

Ann Winter                                                                                                                                            

Hannah Winter mar. Thomas Herbert mar. license Oct 21, 1751.(Source: Stillwell, "NJ Hist Misc," Vol V, p. 414)

Herbert Researchers Supposition of Walter Herbert as husband of Bridget Herbert:

Walter Herbert born c1615 England, died before 1668 at Gravesend, Kings Co, New York. Walter Herbert as a grandson of Philip Herbert, Earl of Montgomery 1606, who succeeded his brother Philip as 4th Earl of Pembroke in 1630 (Wm. S. Hornor, "This Old Monmouth of Ours," p. 215), is a theory tested by Randi Robinson who used Alice McWater acme@ionet.net account that Walter Herbert may have come off the Herbert of St. Julian's line begun by Sir Geo. Herbert of St. Julians, son of Sir William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke. His gg-grdson, Edward Herbert of Merthvr Gerin, (will proven 1667) had sons Henry, Wm, Edward, Walter, Isaac, and Abraham Herbert. With the location of the Bermuda records by Brett Burrowes, the marriage doesn't connect to Bridget.

"Herbert's of Undy  (from"Genealogies of Glamorganshnire, p. 283) were the most likely ancestors of the New Jersey Herberts based on naming patterns and family lore. Many descendants thought the family descended from the Earl of Pembroke, grandson of Philip, Earl of Pembroke, second creation; but all grandsons have been accounted for. This was an extremely wealthy family, and it just doesn't make sense that any of this line would settle in New Jersey. All of the grandchildren of Philip Herbert married into families of dukes & earls, or died before they could marry. The St. Julian line, however, descends from Wm Herbert (Black Will 1421-1459) Earl of Pembroke of the 1st creation. His eldest son Wm inherited the title, but traded it back to the King in exchange for the Earl of Huntington. His only heir, Elizabeth, married a Somerset who became Dukes of Beaufort and Earls of Worcester. Black Will's grandson, by an illegitimate son, was made Earl of Pembroke of the second creation. Black Will's 3rd son, Sir George of St. Julian b. 1460 was father of Sir Walter Herbert (b. c1490, d. 1550) who had son George Herbert of Newport (b. c1520)  who had son Walter Herbert. of Christchurch b. c1550 who was father of Edward Herbert b. c1590 of Merthyr Gerin/Geraint, will dated 27th June 1666, proved 28 Nov 1667. His issue were all born between 1615-1625. It also substantiates the claim of descent from the Earl of Pembroke, although not from Philip of the second creation as alleged by Ellis & Stillwell. It's possible that any money Walter inherited in 1666/67 was used to emigrate to America."

HerbertCrest1.jpg  and "Herbert Family of Raglan Castle" http://www.castlewales.com/raglan.html  

"Herbert of Ireland & Wales" Randi Robinson http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/r/o/b/Randi-Robinson/

Note: Brett Burrows emailed: "I believe the Walter Herbert of the St. Julian line may be the ancestry of Walter Herbert of Gravesend, but not the ancestry of Richard, Bridget, Thomas and Francis Herbert."

Winter-Grover lineage

See "Winter GenForum" Message #1141 by David Winter

James Grover (b.1607 Eng; d.1685 Middletown, Monmouth Co NJ),  had daughter Hannah Grover (b. 1655 Gravesend Long Island New York, d. 1733 Monmouth Co NJ) who married (1) Richard Gardiner) and (2) William Winter (b. 1616 Ireland, d. 1733 Middleton Co, NJ), who had son Andrew Winter who married Alice (unknown) who had daughter Hannah Winter who mar. Thomas Herbert Oct. 21, 1752, in Monmouth Co New Jersey.

Grover-Gardiner-Winter Probate

James Grover Sr. Will dated Dec 1, 1685, Middleton, Monmouth Co NJ, proved Jan 28, 1685/6 wife Rebecca. Children: James, Joseph, Safety, Abigail w/o Benjamin Border, and Hannah, wife of Richard Gardiner. Land on n.e. side of Mill Creek. Personal property. Excrs. son James and soin-in-law Richard Gardiner. Wts: Rich. Hartshorne & Tho. Webley.  Bond of Richard Gardiner of Neversinks and James Grover Jr. excrs. of last will.  ("Calendar of NJ Wills," Vol 1 1670-1730, Part I, p. 196.

Richard Gardiner of Middleton, Monmouth Co NJ, Inven. dated Dec 30, 1687, receipts by Benj. Devell, Nickcallas Winewright, James Grover and John Whitford to Hannah Gardiner, widow, for sums due the estate in 1688-1690-1691.  Jan 18, 1687 Bond of widow Hannah Gardiner as admistrx. of the estate; Safety Grover and Ben. Griffith bondsmen. Dec 26, 1688. Account of Richard Gardiner's est. and *Feb 20, 1693-4 shows payment to Safety Grover, widow Hannah Grover & Rich. Burges. Letter from Hannah Winter re payment of a bill due James Emit, her former husband Richard Gardiner.  Minute of County Court held at Middletown in Sept. last re suit of Lewis Morris of Tinton Manor vs. William Winter, husband of Richard Gardiner's widow, for debt. May 14, 1895, Act. of William Winter agst. the estate. April 14, 1704: Affidavit of Hannah Winter as admtx. of est. of  Rich. Gardiner, estate amt. to 9 pds. May 22, 1704, Quietus granted to William Winter husband of the admtx. Hannah Winter, formerly widow of Richard Gardiner. (Monmouth Co NJ Wills Lib. 1 p. 184)

William Winter Will dated July 3, 1722 of Middletown, Monmouth Co NJ, probated  June 13, 1711. Wife Hannah Winter. Eldest son John 4 a. salt meadow on e. side Shoal Harbor. Second son ANDREW WINTER land where testator lived  with land bgt. of James Grover. Youngest son James. Grandson Benjamin, second son to testator's eldest son John. Son, Andrew Winter currier's knife and all tolls of the currier's and shoemaker's trade.  Son James great Bible and carpenter's tool. Daughters: Zerniah Border and Rebecca Applegate. After wife's marriage or death, residue of est. to testator's two sons-in=-law Richard & Joseph Gardiner and testator's own five children above named. Excrs. sons Andrew & Jas. Winter. Wts: Rich. Applegate & Richard Gibbens. Andrew Winter surviving excr. sworn. (Liber B:460)

Will of Daniel Herbert, Middletown, Mon Co NJ, yeoman, dated Aug. 11, 1747/Sept 23, 1747

to wife Amy Herbert to have goods she bgt. testator since given her by her grandfather Safety Grover

to mother MARY [Herbert] COOPER, a widow. [remarried after Thos died] ; to children: Jonathan, Mary; brother, David Herbert;  Excrs: friends John Taylor & Joseph Stillwell of Middletown, gent. 

Wts: Samuel Legg, Jos. Patterson Jr, Nathan Hutrchins.

Lady Deborah Moody, an English aristocrat, was an early champion of the cause of religious freedom. She was also the first woman to found a settlement in the New World. In England, she became a convert of the Anabaptist sect which held that baptism should not be given to infants, but withheld until a child can understand its meaning. She sailed for the New World colony of Massachusetts in 1639, but found the Puritans intolerant of her sect. In 1643, she received an invitation from Willem Kieft, Director-General of New Netherlands, to lead a small colony of followers to New Netherlands with the promise of religious tolerance. She founded an English town, Gravesend, in the midst of five Dutch towns at the west end of Long Island. Original Patentees of Gravesend include familiar New Jersey names: James Grover, Thomas Applegate, Thomas Cornwall, John Tilton, Richard Stout. In 1667, Long Island, New Netherlands became English and was called New Yorke for the Duke of York.  Gravesend's founding by Lady Deborah Moody of England for Anabaptists can be read on-line at "Long Island: Our History."

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