Key-Keys and Kay Families in Kentucky

Note: Lineage in "Other Keys Families" is an exploration of the various central Kentucky Key-Keys families in Fayette, Lincoln and Scott Cos Ky.  Lists suggest a familial link between two men: (a) James Key of Fayette/Scott Cos. and (b) William Kee-Keys-Kees of  Scott Co. Ky.  These families appear to be from Virginia and had service in Revolutionary War for which they rec'd bounty land.

Study of the various Key/Keys families in central Kentucky leads to the conclusion there are four major families: 

(a) Isaac & Zacheus KEE of Harrison Co Ky., Mason Co Ky. and Brown Co Ohio

(b) John, *James & William Key-Kee-Kay in Woodford-Scott Counties, Ky.

(c) John and James Kay, Clay's Mill Road, Fayette County, Ky.

(d) George and John Kay on Sugar Creek, Lincoln County, Ky.

(e) James Key Sr. & James Key Jr. of Mason Co, Ky.  

(a) Isaac & Zacheus KEE of Harrison Co Ky,  Mason Co Ky and Brown Co Ohio.

1800 July 2 Harrison Co Ky Tax List p. 129: James Kees 1-0-0-0 no acreage

1800 Harrison Co Ky. Census:  Zacheus Kees [1-0-0-0 and 5 a. on *Beaver Creek, Thos. Longwood entry]

1800 Harrison Co Ky. C.O. Book:  Isaac Keys    [Isaac Keys & Jas. Scott vs. Robt Harrison, April 1800, COB A:401]

1805 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List:   Zacheus Kees [1-0-0-0 & 5 a. on *Beaver Creek, June 18, 1805]  

1807 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List:  Zacheus Kees 1807 Har. Co Ky. Wm Turvey Will, Wts: Zacheus Key & Isaac Taylor [Har. Co Ky. Probate, Vol 1, p. 88]

1809 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List:  Zacheus Key      1 WM21+ 5 horses, no acres or water course     

1810 Harrison Co Ky. Census:   Zachias Kee p. 318  3-0-1-0-0 & 0-0-1-0-0     

1810 Mason Co Ky. Census:       Isaac Key    p. 56:    2-0-0-1-0 & 1-0-0-1-0

1811 Harrison Co Ky. Tax List:  Zacheus Kee      WM21+ & 3 horses, no acres or water course  

1812 Har. Co Ky. Tax List:   Zacheus Kee           1  WM 21+ & 4 horses, no acres or water course   

1814 Har. Co Ky. Tax List:   Zacheus Kee           1 WM21+ & 2 horses, 50 a. Beaver Creek, entry under Longwood

1820 Brown Co OH Census: Isaac Key    3-2-0-0-1-0 & 3-0-0-1-0 (Pleasant Twp.)  

1820 Harrison Co Ky. Census: Zaecheus Key  p. 318:    3-2-1-1-0; 1-1-0-2-1; b. 1785-1794 (Marysville)         

(b) Jask.jpg (45800 bytes) *James Kay (Key) and his wife Elizabeth Shipp Kay in Woodford/Scott Counties, Kentucky

James Kay married Elizabeth "Betty" Turner Shipp, widow of Richard Wiatt Shipp, on Oct. 26, 1789 in Woodford Co Ky. Elizabeth Turner Shipp signed statement of her willingness to marry James Kay in Woodford Co, now Scott Co. according to Scott County Court Order Book 1792 which shows Elizabeth asked for her dower rights as "relict of Richard W. Shipp" and James Kay was appointed guardian of the orphans of Richard W. Shipp.

James Kay appeared on the 1790 Federal Census in Woodford Co., Ky. In 1795, James & Elizabeth Key and Elijah & Elizabeth Craig were founding members of McConnell's Run Baptist Church in Scott Co Ky.  This Baptist church was founded by  Rev. Ambrose Dudley & William Cave near village of Stamping Ground in Scott Co. Stamping Ground Station was built in 1790 as a refuge for settlers seeking safety from Indian raids. McConnell's Run flows into North Elkhorn Creek south of Stamping Ground. (1b) James & Elizabeth Shipp Kay were married about sixteen years, so undoubtedly had children. Reuben Anderson married Rebecca Kay, daughter of James Kay, on May 24, 1810, in Fayette Co, Ky. Consent by father, James Kay, bond by John W. Stout, and witnessed by Azariah S. Higgins.

Elizabeth Shipp Kay died 1805 in Scott County. (Ky. Obituaries 1797-1854 by G. Glenn Clift, p. 6:) Mrs. Kay, consort of James Kay of Scott Co, Ky., died Tues., Nov. 5, 1805. ("Kentucky Gazette," Lexington, Ky.) James Kay b. c1778, d. October 7, 1835. (Eddlemon, Sherida K., "Ky. Birth & Death Records," Vol 1, p. 75)

William Grant Codicil July, 1804, states that testator gave his son Israel Grant, dec'd, in his lifetime 1,000 a. of land in Clark Co on waters of Stoner Creek, but never made any deed, whereas son Israel by his last will and testament did dispose of the land, testator confirms the same. Wts: James Kay, *Elizabeth Kay, Wm Grant Jr., Becky Lemmon. July Court 1804.

William Grant II of Fayette Co Ky. died Jan. 22, 1804. He was b. Feb. 22, 1725 in Penn. He married Elizabeth Boone, d/o Squire & Sarah Morgan Boone Sr., in 1750 in Rowan Co, N.C. Elizabeth Grant, his daughter, was b. Aug. 28, 1765 in N.C. She married (1) John Mosby, and died July 18, 1807 in Scott Co. Ky. (from "N. Ky. Family. Archives: Genealogy of George & Frances Thatcher Kees," Ron Brennan, p. 28)

Vol. 4, p. 62. 1804 Will of William Grant Sr., dec'd, was proved by oath of Francis Browning, and Codicil prov'd by the oath of Wm Grant Jr. and James Kay, ordered to be recorded. John C. Richardson & Wm Grant, two executors, took oath & made bond with Hezekiah Harrison & Leonard young, their securities in sum of 900 pounds. Leave given to Elizabeth Grant to qualify at a later time. Ordered Albertus Bright, Wm Russell, James Fisher & Wm Moore make appraisal of the personal estate of the decedent.

Vol. 5, p. 157. November Court 1814. William Grant Sr. will probated. Wm. Grant Jr. & Squire Grant, and daughters *Elizabeth Mosby, Mary Mitchell, Sarah Saunders, and Rebecca Lemmon, and grandchildren, sons & daus of Israel Grant, dec'd, and Samuel Grant, dec'd. Wm. Grant Jr. & John C. Richardson named trustees & executors under the will, and appoints wife Elizabeth (Boone) Grant, executrix.

Chronology of  James Key & William Kee 1794 to 1804 in Scott & Pendleton Cos. Ky.:

a) 1794 Scott Co. Tax List: William Keys

b) 1795 Scott Co Tax List: James Kay 

c) 1797 Scott Co Tax List: William Kee "west of North Elkhorn" and James Key "west of N. Elkhorn."  

Source: Scott Co Ky. Tax Lists 1794-1810 Microfilm 0.008.221 FHC LDS Library

1800 Scott Co Ky. Census: James Key

Pendleton Co Ky. 1801 Tax List: James Key   0-0-2-2 no acreage in Kentucky. Source: "County Court Records: Grant-Pendleton-Harrison" 13 Vols. comp. Janet K.  Pease,  Arvada, CO, for Grant Co Historic Soc., 1987, Vol IV, p. 268.

Pendleton Co Ky. 1803 Tax List: James Kaes (sic) 0-0-2-2 with 600 a. on Licking (April 2, 1803)

1801 Pendleton Co Ky. Court Order Bk: Motion of James Kay, men to mark out a road: John Sanders, Isaac Moses, John Moore, John Rush. Source: Pendleton. Court Order Book A:6.

1801 Pendleton Co Ky. Deed: Dec 2, 1801: John Grant to James Kay. Deed  Bk A:1-15
1802 Nov 8 Pendleton Co Court Order Bk: Delinquent Tax List: James Kay - 2 slaves removed to Scott Co Ky. [Pendleton Court Order Bk A:146]
1804 Pendleton Co Ky. Court Order Bk: Delinquent Tax List: James Kee - Blacks (to) Scott Co Ky. [Bk A:261]

1801 Pendleton Co Ky. Deed Bk A:299. Oct 5, 1801. John & Elizabeth Grant of Campbell Co to James Kay of Scott Co, for 311 pounds for 200 a. in Pendleton Co. on south side Main Licking at mouth of Flour Creek, part of John Harris survey.
1801 Pendleton Co Ky. Deed Bk A:301. Oct 5, 1801. John & Eliz. Grant of Campbell Co to James Kay of Scott Co, for 311 pds. for 600 a.   in Pendleton Co. on south side Main Licking begin at John Kennedy survey opposite mouth of Flour Creek.

1803 Pendleton Co Ky. Deed Bk A:408. Sept 2, 1803: James Kay, Scott Co Ky., "for the love & affection I bear for the Church at Flour Creek, Pendleton Co, land beginning at a stake on road leading from Sanders Rd. to Grant's Salt Lick, 1 a. including meeting house built in center of said lot."  
    Notes: Flour Creek Baptist Church, Pendleton Co Ky., on modern maps on Route 177 (Flour Creek Road) east of Rt. 27 in northern Pendleton Co, east of Butler. US 27 goes n. into Campbell Co, so in old days, Grant's Lick was next settlement up the road. Flour Creek Baptist Church's first minister was the Rev. John Taylor, an early minister in the Union Association No. 2 of Pendleton County. The Flour Creek church was constituted in 1795 and dissolved in 1833. [from "A History of Ky. Baptists 1769-1885" by J.H. Spencer, 1886, reprint by Church History. & Archives, 1976, Lafayette, Tenn.]


1b. James & Elizabeth Key:  "Scott Co's Stamping Ground Precinct and original members of McConnell's Run Church."
1790-1795 Scott Co Ky. McConnell's Baptist Church Membership: James & Elizabeth Key in "History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison & Nicholas Cos Ky., ed. Wm. Henry Perrin, 1882, pp. 203-204, "Stamping Ground Precinct," original members of McConnell's Baptist Church on McConnell's Run, Scott Co Ky.

Biography of the Rev. John Taylor:
"Taylor Family of Pennsylvania & Kentucky" Robertson Co Ky. GenWeb

Kee/Key/Kay Scott Co Ky.

Scott Co Ky. erected 1792 from Woodford Co. 

1795 Campbell Co Ky Tax List: John Key 1 Wilmington Town Lot Scott Co Ky.

Scott Co Ky. Tax Lists: 1795 James Kay 250 a. North Elkhorn Creek and 1797 William Kee 62 a. west of N. Elkhorn Crk.

1801 July 2nd: John Kay will, Scott Co Ky. Adm. Bond. "Know all men by these present that Nicholas Long & Waller Rhodes are bound unto John Mosley, et all, Gentlemen Justices of Scott Co, for sum of 600 pds. 27th July 1801. Conditions of above obligation: Nicholas Long, adm. goods & credits of John Kay, dec'd, to make an inventory of goods & chattels which come into possession of Nicholas Long. Ackn. bef. open court by Joseph Hawkins. Signed: Waller Rhodes & Nicholas Long. John Kay Probate Bond Wt: Robert Hogg

(c) James Key and James Kea witness two deeds in Fayette Co Ky. 1802 & 1804:

"Fayette County Kentucky Records," Vols. 2, 4, 5. Michael & Bettie Cook. Evansville, Ind.: Cook Publication, 1985. Fayette Co Ky. District Court Bks A-D; Circuit Court Deed Bks A-C (1803-1806)

Vol 2, p. 194. February 13, 1802. Wm. Trimble, Clark Co., to Robert Trimble, Bourbon Co., and Robert Crow, Montgomery Co, for 303 pounds, tract on waters of Hinkston & Slate Creeks in Montgomery Co, p.o. Wm Trimble's entry of 750 a., begin at s.e. corner of Hart's survey, s. to Wm Trimble's line. Wts. *James Key, Wm. Todd, Jas. Ledgerwood, Ambrose Kirtley. Sept. 9, 1802.

Vol 2, p. 340. Dec. 6, 1804. Peter Guerrant, Buckingham Co VA, to Jordan Harris, Powhatan Co VA, for $1700, tract on waters of Main Licking in Campbell Co Ky. begin at Mitchell's line, corner to Carrington, s.w. to Rubsaman's line, cont. 2000 a. patented to Guerrant Feb. 2, 1790, by Virginia. Wts. *James Kea, Guerrant Perrais, Robt. Mosley.

John Kay and James Kay and Margaret Kay Gatewood Craig:

1797 July 10. Fayette Co Ky. Indenture. Margaret Gatewood, extrx, and John Kay, Lewis Craig, Wm Gist, Samuel Ayres, Richard Allen, excrs. to JOHN McCORD 200 a. for 160 pds. on dividing ridge between S. Elkhorn & Hickman Creeks, p.o. John Campbell's Military Survey, land adj. John Kay's line.

 1797 July 10 Fayette Co Ky. Court Order Bk Vol 1, p. 36: Andrew Gatewood exc. Bond of Conveyance for 200 a. to John McCord (on which he lives), 200 a. laid off for McCord by John FOWLER on April 15, 1790.

Margaret Kay Gatewood, daughter of John Kay of Fayette Co Ky, married (1) Thomas Gatewood (2) Elijah Craig;

Vol 2, p. 46. July 10, 1797: Andrew Gatewood in his lifetime did sell & execute a bond of conveyance for 200 a. of land to John McCord on which McCord lived, which 200 a. was laid off for McCord by John Fowler April 15, 1790, but Gatewood neglected to make a conveyance, but by his last will in Fay. Co, he authorized his executors to execute deeds of conveyance for lands to persons according to contract to whom he was bound. This indenture made July 10, 1787, by Margaret Gatewood, executrix, and John Kay, Lewis Craig, Wm Gist, Sam'l Ayres, Richard Allen, executors, to John McCord, witnesses conveyance in consideration of 160 pounds to Andrew Gatewood in his lifetime, tract of 200 a. on dividing ridge between South Elkhorn & Hickman Creeks, part of John Campbell's Military Survey, as assignee of Edward Ward beginning at John Kay's line, corner to John Robertson, and by Robertson sold to Andrew Gatewood, then s.w. bounded by Jacob Starnes line. Signed: Margaret Gatewood, John Kay and Wm Gist. July 10, 1797.

Vol 2, p. 313. June 13, 1803. John Kay, Fayette Co, in consideration of trust & power given in a tripartite deed executed between Elijah Craig & Margaret Gatewood and the said John Kay on October 31, 1802, in consideration of an appointment made by Margaret Gatewood, now Margaret Craig, dated June 3, 1803, does sell and deliver to Lucy Gatewood, Fayette Co, one negro man and woman, Gilbert & Isbell, and Sarah and Phil. Also cow & calf, one bedstead and furniture. Wts. Robert Kay, John Kay, Thomas Gatewood. 

Vol 2, p. 342. April 27, 1805. Indenture. Sarah, Wm., & Jos. Beard, Chas. & Eliz. McGowan & Robert J. Beard of Europe, legal heirs of John Campbell, dec'd, to Wm. Gist & John Kay, executors of Andrew Gatewood, dec'd, in pursuant to decree of Fay Co Circuit Court, Sept. 1803, for consid. rec'd by John Campbell in his lifetime, this conveys 901 a. on waters of South Fork of Elkhorn Creek in Fay. Co, beginning at Ward's old line, corner to Andrew Gatewood's land (where he formerly lived), and by line of old military survey for Mary Frazier, s.e. by Clay's Road, p.o. Edward Ward's military survey, sold by him to John Campbell, to Alex. Robertson, who sold same to Andrew Gatewood. Wts. J. Watkins, Jas. Bliss.  

Vol 2, p. 627. November 8, 1805. Indenture. Richard Taylor, Jefferson Co, executor of last will of John Campbell, dec'd, formerly of Jefferson, late of Fayette Co, to John Kay & Wm Gist, excrs. of last will of Andrew Gatewood, dec'd. Campbell in his last will dated July 25, 1786, devised to Richard Taylor, Jas. Milligan, Chas. Simms, Wm. Elliott, and Phil. Ross, his execrs., all his estate in trust, whereas all executors/trustees except Taylor, renounced acceptance, whereas Campbell sold to Alex. Robertson 1000 a. (p.o. Edward Ward Military Survey in Fay Co on South Elkhorn) land was sold by Robertson to Andrew Gatewood for whom a legal title was not passed, and did after sell to Campbell 90 a. In pursuance of a decree of Fay Co Circuit Court, wherein Wm Gist & John Kay, excrs., and Margaret Gatewood, extrx, were complainants, and Richard Taylor, excrs. and Sarah Beard, Wm. Beard, Jos. Beard, Robert. J. Beard, & Chas. & Eliz. McGowan, devisees of John Campbell indenture.

Vol. 4, p. 260. 1809. Testimony concerning burned records. Robert A. Gatewood came into court & made oath the following is a true copy of agreement made between Margaret Gatewood, John Kay, and Elijah Craig, dated Oct. 31, 1802, wherein a marriage was about to be solemnized between Elijah Craig & Margaret Gatewood, and Margaret being possessed of an estate in her own right, consisting of negro slaves Lishy, Cat, Feby, Isbel, Sarey, Becky, Hannah, Clary, Rody, Judy, with their increase, and every species of household & kitchen furniture, stock and plantation utensils, and it was her intent that her estate would be vested in the said John Kay for her separate use during her natural life, and for the use of such persons after her death as by her last will appoint, in consideration of such, released all her right of dower, which she might have, in consequence of her marriage to John(sic) Craig.

Vol. 4, p. 408. March 12, 1809. Will of John Kay, dec'd, with codicil, proved by the oaths of Robt. A. Gatewood and Wm. Gist for the will; and Robt. Kay & Price Curd for the codicil; ordered recorded. Robert Kay & Merryman B. Curd, two executors named therein, took oaths and entered into bond of $20,000, with Wm. Gist, Robert A. Gatewood, Price Curd, securities. Ordered Jesse Lamme, Jonathan Lamme, Abraham Bowman Sr. and John Higbee, or any three, make appraisal of personal estate of the decedent. 

Vol. 5, p. 112. April Court 1812.  Will of John Kay probated. It is understood son Robert Kay paid for land and other personalty in his possession to the value of 157 pounds. To dau Polly Curd personalty, and to Merryman B. Curd 200 pounds book account; to dau Margaret Gatewood personalty. To daus Jane Kay & Lucy Kay personalty, also tract on waters of Cumberland River near Green River one-half of 1334 a. Military Warrant No. 990 granted to John Kay & Charles Grimes. To son-in-law James Kay, tract of land in Green County on Russells Creek, waters of Green River, cont. 600 a., military land entered in name of Alex. McRoberts, and personalty. To two sons Wm. F. Kay & Andrew G. Kay, tract of land on which testator now lives, to be divided when they come of age. Appoint wife *Mary Kay, and sons Robert Kay, James Kay, and Merryman B. Curd as executors. Jan. 29, 1812. Robt. A. Gatewood, Wm. Gist, and Larkin Adams, witnesses. Codicil to Jane Kay personalty. March 23, 1812. Wts: price Curd & Robert Kay.

Lexington Observer & Reporter, 1839, p. 123: Mrs. Mary Kay, Fayette Co, Ky., died Jan. 20, 1839, age 81 years.

Lexington Observer & Reporter, 4/15/1846, p. 148: Mrs. Elizabeth Kay, consort of Robert Kay, of Fayette Co Ky. died March 24, 1846, age 63 years.

Pendleton & Scott Cos. Ky. Census & Tax Lists 1787 - 1819

1790 "First Census of Ky" -  James Kay, Woodford Co,   3/29/1790 and William Kays, Fayette Co Ky. 3/19/1790

1795 Scott Co Ky. Tax List: James Key 250 a. 1 WM21+ and 2 cattle and 11 slaves

1797-1799 Scott Co Ky. Tax Lists: William Key

1797 Scott Co Ky. Tax List: James Kee 230 a. on North Fork of Elkhorn Creek: 1 WM21+ 13 slaves, 8 cattle, 4 horses

1797 Scott Co Ky. Tax List: William Key 62 a. on North Fork of Elkhorn Creek & 1 lot in Georgetown 70 pds.: 1 WM21+ and 2 horses

1799 Scott Co Ky. Tax List: James Key 1 Lot in Georgetown 21 pds.
1799 Scott Co Ky. Tax List: William Key 1 Lot in Georgetown 12 pds.

1800 Census Scott Co: James Keys (4).

1800 Scott Co Ky. Tax List: James Key 250 a. on North Fork of Elkhorn Creek
1801 Scott Co Ky. Tax List: James Key 119 a. on N. Fork of Elkhorn Creek and 800 a. in *Pendleton Co on Licking River.
1802 Scott Co Ky. Tax List: James Keys 90 a. Elkhorn Creek, entered in name of R. Johnson survey & patent and 800 a. in Pendlton Co Ky. on Licking River.
1803 Scott Co Tax List: James Kay 60 a. N. Elkhorn Creek & 600 a. in Pendleton Co. patent & survey by Robt. Johnson
1804 Scott Co Tax List: James Kay 60 a. N. Elkhorn in name of Robt. Johnson & *600 a. in Pendleton Co on Licking R.
1805 Scott Co Tax List Eastern Dist.: James Kay 60 a. N. Elkhorn under Robert Johnson, survey & patent. & 600 a. Pendleton Co.
1806 Scott Co Ky. Tax List: James Kay 60 a. in N. Elkhorn Creek under Robt. Johnson & 600 a. in Pendleton Co entered under Jordan Harris.

Scott County Kentucky Tax Lists 1795-1806 - LDS Microfilm No. 0-008-221

Name                 Date                     Acres               Water                 WM 21+            WM 16-21       Blacks 16+   Total Blacks      Horses

James Key        1795    250 acres N. Elkhorn Crk            1           0           11          0              2
James Kee        1797    230 acres N. Elkhorn Crk            1           0             4        13              8
William Kee        1797       62 acres N. Elkhorn Crk            1           0             0          0              2
William Key        1797 1 lot G-town     none            1           0             0          0              2
James Key        1799 1 lot G-town none            1           0             0          0              0
William Keys        1799 1 lot G-town none            1           0             0          0              0
James Key        1800    250 acres N. Elkhorn Crk            1           0             2          3              6
James Key        1802    90 acres N. Elkhorn Crk            1           0             3          8              8
James Keys        1802    800 acres Licking River Pendleton Co John Harris Survey and Patent              0
James Kay        1803    60 acres N. Elkhorn Crk            1           0             3          6              8
James Kay        1803    600 acres Licking River Pendleton Co John Harris Survey and Patent              0
James Kay        1804    60 acres N. Elkhorn Crk           1           0             3          7            10
James Kay        1804    600 acres Licking River Pendleton Co John Harris Survey and Patent              0
James Kay        1805    60 acres N. Elkhorn Crk            1           0             4          8            15
James Kay        1805    600 acres Licking River Pendleton Co Jordan Harris Survey and Patent              0
James Kay        1806    60 acres Elkhorn Crk            1           1             1           0              6
James Kay        1806    600 acres Licking River Pendleton Co Jordan Harris Survey and Patent              0

Tax List Summary:
James Key appeared on 1795 -1806 Scott Co. tax list with acreage on North Elkhorn Creek near village of Stamping Ground. In 1797, James Key held 230 acres west of North Elkhorn Creek, while William Kee held 62 acres west of North Elkhorn Creek. William Kee was taxed for one lot in Georgetown in 1797, while James Key was taxed for 1 lot in Georgetown in 1799. William Keys was taxed on lot in Georgetown in 1799.  From 1801-1802, James Keys paid tax on a 800 a. tract on Licking River in Pendleton Co, Ky. From 1803-1806, James Kay paid tax on 600 a. on Licking River. Evidently the 200 a. tract James Key purchased from John & Elizabeth Grant on south side of Main Licking in Pendleton County was disposed of in some manner between 1802 and 1803. Further, Pendleton Co, Ky. tax lists showed James Kees was not charged for poll tax 1801 & 1803 because his main residence was in Scott County where he paid the poll tax. (2)

Since both James Key and William Kee lived near Stamping Ground west of North Elkhorn Creek, there was probably a familial relationship between William Kee and James Key. James Key & William Key in Scott County held common ownership of land on North Fork of Elkhorn Creek and two lots in Georgetown. After 1799, William Key disappeared from the Scott County Tax List. He reappeared in Harrison County from 1797 to 1799. (Appendix A) Settlers could own land in one county, but reside in adjacent county.

James Key appeared on May 1801 Tax List in Pendleton Co Ky. (5) and on 1803 Tax List Pendleton Co Ky. (6) James Key owning tract on Main Licking River made it possible the Solomon Whaland Sr. family (living on Main Licking) knew the James Key family.

James Key was active in Pendleton County as shown by Court Order Books:

(a) he marked out a road,  (b) he purchased land from John Grant (8),  (c)  he left a "slave tax" unpaid after he left the county. (7a-b-c-d).

1803 Pendleton Co KyJames Key made a deed of gift of a one acre lot, for divers good causes and considerations, but more especially for the love & affection I bear unto the [Flour Creek Baptist] church, for benefit of the meeting house, but not a burial ground. Flour Creek Baptist Church was located on the road leading from Sanders Road to Grant's Salt Lick running northwardly.(9) First minister of Flour Creek Church was the Rev. John Taylor. (10) 

(e) James Key Sr. of Mason Co Ky. a descendant of Pocahontas

Pocahontas, Powhatan Princess:
Statue of Pocahontas stands in the National Historical Park at Jamestown, Va.  A replica stands at her gravesite in the yard of St. George's Church in Gravesend, England.  Lady Rebecca Rolfe (Pocahontas) was wife of John Rolfe, Jamestown planter. The Keith family of Fauquier Co VA claim Pocahontas as their ancestor (Mrs. Julius C. Lane, "Key and Allied Family," Macon, Ga.: J.W. Burke Co, 1931, p. 341. "Today, many of Virginia's most distinguished families claim Pocahontas  as an ancestor,"  from "Pocahontas: Powhatan Peacemaker," by Anne Holler, New York: Chelsea Pub., 1995, p. 96. "Descendants of Rev. James Keith" No. K-2 File, Clayton Genealogy Research Library, Houston, Texas.)
Keith Descent from Pocahontas: (1) Judith KEITH m. James KEY Sr. of Fauquier Co VA and Mason Co KY (2) Rev. James KEITH of Fauquier Co VA m. Mary Isham RANDOLPH (3) Thomas RANDOLPH of Tuckahoe m. Judith F. FLEMING (4) Col. John FLEMING of Henrico Co VA m. Mary BOLLING (5) Col. John BOLLING m. Mary KENNON (6) Col. John Robert BOLLING m. Jane ROLFE (7) Thomas ROLFE m. Jane Poythress (8) John ROLFE of Jamestown VA m. Pocahontas (Matoaka) or Lady Rebecca Rolfe.

"Pocahontas: Her True Story," A&E Biography, VHS #AAE-10496.
"Pocahontas, The Life and the Legend," by Frances Mossiker, NY: Da Capo Press, 1996.

Larry A. Keith webmaster of "The Keith Website" sent family history of Judith Keith, d/o Rev. James Keith (1696-1758) of Scotland & his wife Mary Isham Randolph (1716-1772), and Judith's sister Mary Randolph Keith (b. 28 Apr 1737 Fauquier Co Va.). Judith Keith (b. c1738) m. James Key Sr. (b. c1735) in Fauquier Co Va.

Key/Kay/Keys Revolutionary War Virginia service and pension records:

James Key, Ensign in Armands Corp. in Caroline Co VA Court Order Book A, qualified for bounty land January, 1778. (2)

James Key in 1785 had patent and warrant in Fayette Co, Ky. (3)

James Key in 1794 had a grant for 32 acres on waters of Great Cacapon River in Hampshire Co, Virginia. (4) In 1810, William Key was a resident of Hampshire Co, Va. He and his wife were in age category: over 45. (4-5)

James Key Jr. (b. c1756) and his brother, Thomas R. Key of Fauquier Co, Va., "lived in Westmoreland Co Pennsylvania until 1788-89 when they removed to Kentucky."(6) James Key Jr. married Nancy Ireland in 1802 in Mason Co Ky.   Key genealogy listed three children for the  marriage including son Ireland Key - Ireland as a given name to honor the third wife's family. Ireland Key married Mary Ann Rankin in Mason Co, Ky., their son, William Rankin Key was b. 1864 in Mason Co, Ky.  (7-8)

Rev. Pension No. S31179: James Kay Va. Line. Soldier enlisted in King George Co, Va in the spring of 1776 in the 8th Va. Regiment under Thomas Berry. Soldier was wounded at Battle of Brandywine on Sept. 1777. He received a disability pension from Sept. 4, 1825, but in 1823 he had settled in Boone Co, Ky., but was formerly from Fayette Co, Ky. Included in the file, a letter from C.W. Kay, New Orleans, dated 1927, requesting information. C.W. Kay indicated his ancestor, James Kay, was born on September 15, 1759, at enlistment he lived in King George Co VA. He died in Georgetown, Scott Co KY, on July 12, 1833.  


2. "Virginians in the Revolution," Louis Burgess, Balto Md: GPC, 1927; "Alphabetical Register of Virginians in the Revolution," Clearfield Co,  reprint, Vol. I, p. 444; Caroline Co VA Court Order Book A: "Correspondence of Officers."

3. James Key, May 18, 1785, Fayette Co Ky, 400 a. S. Stoners Fork of South Fork of Licking River adj. Joseph Kennedy. Source: VA Land Office Grants, Bk. O:524 (VSL Reel 55)

4. James Key, April 8, 1794, Hampshire Co VA (WVa), 32 a. on waters of Great Cacapon River adj. John Chenowith. Source: Northern Neck of VA Land Grant Bk W:491, 1792-1795 (VSL Reel 302). Survey Book 3:96. (VSL Reel 314)

5. 1810 Federal Census Hampshire Co VA, p. 33: William KEY: 0-0-0-0-1; 0-0-0-0-1 (M & F over age 45)

6. 1790 & 1800 Tax List Fauquier Co VA:

1790 Fauquier Co VA Personal Tax List A:

John Taylor - John Taylor: 3-6  [also Peter, Zachariah, Charles, & Raleigh Taylor]

Benjamin Jolly - Benjamin Jolly: 1-0

1790 Fauquier Co VA Personal Tax List B:

p. 25. James Key - James Key Jr. & Richard Key: 3-2-2-7-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-3=14 total in household 

p. 29. John Mattox - Nathaniel Mattox: 2-0-0-3-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0=5 total in household; in 1800: Smallwood Maddox. 

7. "Forks of Elkhorn Church," Ermina J. Darnell, p. 258; FGR for John Shipp b. c1729 (AFN:3NVH-D9)

8.  "Forks of Elkhorn Church," Ermina Jett Darnell, reprint by Clearfield Co., GPC, Balto., Md., 1995, pp. 256-258.

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