Thomas Spalding of St. Mary's County, Maryland - First Generation

Thomas Spalding was born in Wissett, county Suffolk, England, around 1640. He came to Maryland about 1657/1658 as a young man seventeen/eighteen old. He was transported into the Province of Maryland by his cousin: John Shercliffe. There is no record of any person by the name of Spalding in Maryland prior to June 21, 1659. On that date, John Shercliffe demanded one hundred acres of land for having brought Thomas Spalding into the Province. Thomas Spalding was the progenitor or founder of the Maryland Spalding family in St. Mary's County.

John Shercliffe of St. Mary's Co made his will on December 2, 1661. Among bequests, he left 50 acres of land to his "cousin, Thomas Spalding." It can be surmised a close relationship existed between Thomas and John because Thomas continued to reside with the widow, Ann Shercliffe, after the death of her husband.

St. Giles was surveyed by Thomas Spalding on March 22, 1667 for 116 acres. He married Catherine Hall before July 27, 1674, because Catherine proved on that date her right to 50 acres of land for "service" under Lt. Col. John Jarboe. Thomas & Catherine were married c1673. We know her name was Hall because on Jan 14, 1668, Jarboe had her age judged in the provincial Court as follows:

"The age of Catherine Hall, servant to Lt. Col. John Jarboe, was judged that she serve the said Jarboe or his assigns until she arrive at age 22 years." [Md. Archive No. 57, p. 232. Prov. Court Proceedings, 1667-1668] 

Thomas & Catherine prospered in their new home. Thomas had already obtained 250 acres of land before he received 50 a. awarded to Catherine. In addition to 116 a. called St. Giles Thomas acquired 109 additional acres called William's Hermitage in 1688.

There is no record of the death of Thomas and Catherine. Thomas witnesses the will of John David Feb 2, 1690. On July 28, 1698, he appeared in court to prove the will of Davis. In March, 1710, he sold 42 a. of Spalding Addition to his son, William Spalding. No wife   signed the deed, so Catherine must have died before 1710. This is the last record of Thomas Spalding. He probably died c1713. Since he died intestate (without a will), his five sons are named through court proceedings: JOHN, WILLIAM, THOMAS Jr., *PETER, and EDWARD.

Children of Thomas Spalding Sr. and his wife Catherine Hall :

1. John Spalding b. c1675 SMCo Md; m.  (1) ? Field, (2) Priscilla Smith 1720; d.  June, 1726, Charles Co, Md.

2. William Spalding b. c1678 SMCo Md; m. Ann Jenkins; d. bef. Jan 9, 1741.

3. Thomas Spalding Jr. b. c1682 SMCo Md; m. Honora Cole c1704; d. ?

4. Peter Spalding b. c1685 SMCo Md; m. Elizabeth Bellwood; d. bef. July 21, 1741.

5. Edward Spalding  b. c1691 SMCo Md; m. ?, d. ?



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