The Melvin Family of Somerset & Worcester Counties, Maryland, 1689 - 1771

Note: Surname alternate spellings: Melvill, Malvin, and Maliur. Please note the number before each person signify first (1), second (2), third (3), etc., generation, beginning with the oldest & working forward in time.

1. William Melvin mar. Florence Tucker, widow of __ Stevens & __Tucker.

On 29 Nov  1689, William Melvin signed the Advice of Loyalty. On 11 Mar 1675, Florence Tucker was cited in judicial records. [Som. Judicial Records 1675-1677]

William and Florence Melvin were the parents of the following children:

Robert Melvin b. 10 Oct 1688 [E-Shore Vital Records, comp. F.E. Wright, FLP, 1982-1986]

Elizabeth Melvin b. 9 Apr 1691

Son (no name)

Edward Stevens d. testate. Will dated 12 May 1684, proved 29 Sept 1685, mentioned Ruth Stevens, his wife, to inherit Blake's Hope; three sons of Florence Tucker, exctrx. : Edward, William & John Stevens. [Somerset Wills EB-5:187] On 9 Apr 1688, Florence Tucker filed adm. act. on estate of Edward Stevens. [Inv. & Act. Bk 9:506] William Stevens d. testate, will dated 5 July 1708, proved 7 June 1709. Mentioned: eldest son Wm. Stevens (under 16) to receive one-half plantation; youngest son Samuel (under 16) to rec. one-half plant.; wife Eleanor; mother Florence Melvin. [Som. Wills ED-5:152] Mary Stevens d. testate, will dated 1 Feb 1721, proved 11 Feb 1720, ment. mother Florence Melvin. [Wor. Wills MH-3:155]

2. Robert Melvin Sr. b. 10 Oct 1688, son of William (1) and Florence Melvin, mar. Elizabeth __, d. c1749.

Robert & Elizabeth Melvin were parents of the following children: Mary Melvin mar. __ Moses; William Melvin b. c1714; Robert Melvin Jr. b. c1719; Elizabeth Melvin, and Sarah Melvin.

On 19 Aug 1709 an inventory was made of estate of William Stevens. Next-of-kin: Robert Melvin & John Stevens. [Inv. & Act. Bk 30:88] On 11 July 1711, Eleanor Stevens filed adm. acts. on estate of William Stevens. Mentioned: Robert Melvin, Edward Stevens, & John Stevens. [I&A Bk 32C:130]  On 26 Jan 1716, an inventory was made of estate of Edward Stevens, next-of-kin: Robert Melvin & Samuel Donner. [I&A Bk 38A:142] On 22 Apr 1718, an inventory was made on estate of John Stevens, approvers were Robert Melvin & Thos. Jukes. [Md. Inv. Bk 1:187] Mary Stevens Sr. d. testate, will dated 1 Feb 1721, proved 11 Feb 1720, ment. daus Mary, Sarah & Alse, all under age 16; mother Florence Melvin; brother Robert Melvin; Mary Maddox & her son Lazarus Maddox, exec. To son John, under age 18, plantation. Wts: James Noble, Samuel Clogg, John Perkins. ]Wor. Wills MH-3:155] Robert Melvin & Samuel Coopeer were listed an next-of-kin on the inventory of Thomas Scott filed 31 Jan 1735 by Margrett Harper, w/o Francis Harper. [Md. Inv. Bk 21:221]

Somerset County Md. Tax Lists 1723 and 1730-1740 show Robert Melvin Sr. as head of household in Pocomoke Hundred. William Melvin in same household, separating in 1738 to become head of nearby household. Robert Melvin Jr. first appears in 1735 in the household of Robert Melvin Sr.

On 20 Nov 1741, Ursly Fowler sold to Robert Melvin Sr. 50 a. of Bradshaws Purchase, renamed Melvin's Double Purchase. In 1770, Robert Melvin willed to sons George & Robert 50 a. each. In 1777, Wm. Melvin willed to son Wm Melvin Jr. 100 a. of home plant. (unnamed) and to son Samuel Melvin land on the Md.-Va. border. On 24 Mar 1786, George Melvin, son of Robert Melvin, and his wife Dianna, sold to James Townsend 50 a. of Cowley. [Wor. Deed Bk A:127-128] On 21 Nov 1748, Elijah Brittingham & his wife Sarah, sold 50 a. Cowley to Robert and William Melvin. [Wor. Deed Bk B:120-122]

Robert Melvin Sr. of Worcester Co Md. d. testate. Will proved c1749. To dau Mary Melvin Moses, son William Melvin, son Robert Melvin Jr., to have plantation on which I dwell at death of my wife, Elizabeth Melvin; if Robert Melvin Jr., my son, should die without issue, said land to go to nephew Jonathan Melvin. To dau Elizabeth Melvin, furniture. To niece, Rachel Melvin, furniture. To nephew Jonathan Melvin, furniture. To wife Elizabeth Melvin my plantation on which I dwell. Balance of est. divided among Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel & Jonathan Melvin. Wife Elizabeth Melvin & Robert Melvin, her son, execs. Wts: Wm Wharton, Mary Canelbord, Moses Mills. On back of will was written: Worcester Co 3rd Apr 1749, said witnesses state they saw testator sign his will. [Md. Wills Bk 26:28] 

Inventory of Robert Melvin Sr. estate filed approved on 3 Aug 1749 by Robert Melvin Jr., adm/exec. Nest-of-kin: William Melvin, Elisabeth Melvin. Legatees: Mary Moses, Elisabeth Melvin, Wm Melvin, Jacob Melvin, Sarah Melvin, Rachel Melvin, Jonathon Melvin. [Md. Inv. Bk 40:333] Admin. Account of estate submitted 1st July 17663 by Robert Melvin Jr. surviving exec. Legatees: son Wm; dau Mary Moses; dau Elisabeth, accountant; dau Sarah Melvin; Rachel Melvin; Jonathan Melvin, wife of dec'd [unnamed-she died before he did]. Distributions made to Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel & Jonathan. [Md. Account Distributions Bk 49:472]  

3. Robert Melvin Jr. b. c1719, based on Som. Co Tax Lists, son of Robert Melvin Sr., mar. Edith Taylor on 11 of November, 1744. Robert Melvin Jr.   d. 21 Apr 1771. [Records of Coventry Parish; Edith = Edey & Adath Taylor]

Robert & Edith Taylor Melvin Jr. were parents of following children:

George Redden,  b. 26 Oct 1746, mar. Dianna Rogers 3rd Oct 1767 [Rec. Coventry Parish, Somerset Co Md.]

Elizabeth Redden, b. 12 Oct 1748 [Rec Coventry Parish] mar. __Pilcher.

Leah Redden, b. c1750, mar. Nehemiah Redden Sr., d. c1800 Wor. Co Md.

Robert Melvin Jr., planter of Worcester Co Md, d. 21 April 1771. [Cov. Parish Rec.]  His will dated 14 Nov 1770, proved 26 April 1771. Mentioned were wife Edey Melvin & children: George, Elizabeth Pilcher, Leah Redden, Robert Melvin III. Tract Cowley. Exec. son Robert Melvin III. Wts: Solomon Webb, Elijah Burnitt, Jonathan Melvin. [Md. Wills Bk 38:344]

Inventory of estate filed 8 May 1771 by Robert Melvin III, exec. Next-of-kin: Jonathon Melvin & William Melvin. [Md. Inv. Bk 108:77] Admin. Account submitted 4th Sept 1772, Robert Melvin III, exec. [Md Act. Bk 69:318] Distribution of estate made on 4th Sept 1772 by Robert Melvin III, executor, to widow (unnamed, 1/3), and to Robert Melvin III, son. Legatees: George (son), Elisabeth Pilcher, and Leah Redden. [Bal-Distr. Bk 6:284]

Source: Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Vol. 9, compiled by Henry C. Peden Jr. & F. Edw. Wright, Lewes, Del.: Delmarva Roots Pub., 2000, pp. 167-171.

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