Robins Family: A New Look at an Old Family of Va. & Md.

Part I - John Robins of Somerset Co Md. Manack.jpg (74671 bytes)

Note: Part I was written with the help of Stephen M. Robins of Highland Village, Texas, who carried the research forward after reading this web page.

John Robins "of Virginia"  was granted a land warrant in Somerset Co Md. on May 5, 1679, for transporting himself, his wife Katherine, and daughters Mary & Sarah Robins. [1] John Robins patented 600 a. of "Late Discovery," dated Nov. 22, 1679 in "Early Settlers of Md: Their Earliest Land Surveys in Lord Baltimore's Rent Rolls." [2 & Appendix B]

By comparing patents in Worcester & Somerset Counties, John Robins of Somerset appeared in one patent called "Late Discovery" Nov. 22, 1679, 600 a.  in Somerset Co, Md., on the  Pokomoke River, which was not part of "Jingateague" or "Ingleteague." [3]  In 1683, John & Katherine Robins sold 200 a. of "Late Discovery" to Samuel Collins called "Snow Hill." On Jan 31, 1687, John & Katherine sold 400 a. to Hugh Mannix. (3) It is possible with the sale of his Maryland land, John & Katherine Robins moved back to Virginia where they bought 200 a. in 1688 for their home plantation from Elizabeth Stevens. After John Robin's death, this land was owned by William Robins as the only son. [3a]

John Robins I was a cordwainer, a maker of fine leather goods.  He transported himself, his wife Katherine, and his two daughters, Mary & Sarah, and five others from Va. to Somerset Co Md. [3b] Between 1683 & 1686,  Katherine & John Robins of Somerset Co Md. sold the entire parcel of "Late Discovery." [Appendix B]  Obviously, the land had been purchased for investment.

The marker event for the Somerset Co Md. Robins family was "Late Discovery," patent in 1679, made by John Robins "of Virginia." Could "of Va."  mean neighboring Accomack Co, Va.? Was John Robins related to Col. Obedience Robins or one of his brothers? Evidence thus far suggests no known relationship.

John & Katherine Robins of Somerset Co Md. had a son, William Robins, who was born May 13, 1679 in Somerset Co Md. [3c]  William and Katherine Robins sold 200 a. to Nicholas Milman in which the deed indicated the land came from William's father, John Robins I, and that William Robins was the only son of John Robins who had died intestate. In William Robins' will dated 1718, this 200 a. plantation was left to his son, Joseph Robins; William Robins, however, sold the land in 1724 before his death in 1725. [3d]

William Robins' will in Accomack Co Va. dated Nov. 27, 1718, probated Aug. 3, 1725, named wife Sarah Robins as executrix, and sons Joseph & John Robins II. Will was witnessed by James Taylor Sr. [Appendix A]  A study of wills of E-Shore & Robins family history uncovers no sons named  William Robins in first three generations of Col. Obedience Robins' family. John Robins' son William Robins, born 1679, died before 1725. 

Robbins.jpg (83441 bytes)John Robins II of Accomack Co Va., son of William & Sarah Robins, died before Feb. 25, 1752. He left to his wife, Mary Robins, his estate for life, will not to be proven until death or marriage of my wife.  He appointed his brother, William Robins II, guardian of his son Michael Robins. In order to probate the will in 1752, Nathaniel Stockley was appointed guardian of Michael Robins, heir-at-law. His estate inventory and appraisal was dated Nov. 28, 1752, returned to court Nov. 28, 1752 with no total added; appraisers were William Robins, Anderson Patterson, John Cain, & Joseph Feddeman. [4 & Appendix A]

Michael Robins I, son of John Robins II & Mary Needham, was the only known male child in this family. It is possible he had a sister or sisters. Excerpts from the wills of other Robins family members indicate Michael Robins I was active in buying & selling of land in Accomack Co, Va.

Michael Robins I  died before April 29, 1789, in Accomack Co Va. He married (1) Agnes Fitzgerald, dau. of David & Bridget Chandler Fitzgerald  and (2) Leah Cain. The mother of John III, Sarah, Susannah & Mary Robins was Agnes Fitzgerald, while Leah Cain was the mother of Michael Robins II. From the will of John Robins III dated Mar. 2, 1795,  Leah Robins was his *step-mother and Michael Robins II was "his *half-brother."  [5 & Appendix A: The Bannister Connection]

Michael Robins' will named children Michael Robins II, Sarah Robins, Susanna Robins [future wife of  Shadrack Redden], John Robins III, and Mary Robins who mar. Jesse Wilkerson. Susannah Robins bequest from her father was a "slave after death of Bridget & David Garrett." John Wilkerson, son of Mary "Polly" Wilkerson, was named grandson.  Appraisal of the estate was made by William Downing, Samuel Henderson & Joseph Waggoman at 366 pounds, 13 shillings, and 9 pence. The estate included at least 15 slaves, livestock & household goods. One of the buyers at the estate sale was Samuel Melvin.

John Robins "of Virginia" who came into Somerset Co Md. in 1678 was the Grt-Grt-Grandfather of Susanna Robins, daughter of Michael and Agnes Fitzgerald Robins.  Susannah Robins, daughter of Michael & Agnes Robins, married widower Shadrack Redden (born abt. 1770 in Wor. Co Md.) sometime before January, 1796. Shadrack Redden and his second wife Susanna Robins had a son, Purnell Burch Redden, born Aug. 20, 1802, in Worcester Co Md. Shadrack Redden died 1828 in Bracken Co, Ky., and is buried in Mt. Zion ME Church Cemetery near Augusta, Bracken Co, Ky. 

Purnell Burch Redden  married Eleanor Norris of Bracken Co, Ky., on Jan 20, 1825. Ellen Redden, daughter of Purnell "Bud" Redden and Ellie Norris, married Noah Dawson on Aug. 27, 1857 in Batavia Courthouse, Clermont Co OH. Ellen Redden Dawson died Oct 22, 1921, and was buried in Persimmon Grove Cemetery, Campbell Co, Ky.  [6]

An interesting side-light for Dawson descendants: Jump & Purnell families of Queen Anne Co & Worcester Co Md. were from Northamptonshire, England. William Jump & William Purnell were both transported to Maryland in 1664 by George Hacke, a Dutchman from New York. After the death of George Hacke, Ann Hacke Boots claimed headrights. William Jump was testator of the will of William Purnell of Talbot Co Md. on Nov 10, 1703, revealing close ties between the two families in colonial Maryland, which points toward a possible common birthplace in England not far from  the Robins family.

Footnotes & Bibliography for Robins Part I.

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Appendix A - Wills of Robins of Virginia and Maryland:

William Robins of Accomack Co Va. Will dated Nov. 27, 1718, probated Aug. 3, 1725: to wife Sarah Robins, res. legatee and executrix.; to son Joseph Robins plantation where my father John Robins resided which fell to me by inheritance cont. 200 a.' to three daus: Diana & Sarah Robins and Ann Sterling Robins; to my sons: John Robins & Joseph Robins "to be at liberty until age 18;" Friends Williamson & Thomas Townsend Jr, named trustee of my son Joseph Robins. Wts: James Taylor Sr. & Sebastian Delastatius Jr./Sr. [Source: Accomack   Wills & Adm. comp. by Stratton Nottingham, Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1990, p. 75.]

John Robins II of Accomack Co Va. Will dated Dec 2, 1751, probated Feb. 25, 1752: to wife Mary, my estate for life, will not proven until death or marriage of my wife;  brother William Robins to be guardian and executor of my son, Michael Robins. Wts: William Robins, Dennis Blake, John Spalding, Wm. Holston. In order to probate, Nathaniel Stockley apt. guardian of Michael Robins, heir-at-law.  [Source: Nottingham, op. cit., p. 175; Accomack Co Va. Will Book 1752-1757, p. 22; LDS Microfilm #30153]

Joseph Robins of Accomack Co Va. Will dated Sept. 29, 1747, probated Aug 25, 1747: to wife Catherine Robins planta. during widowhood; to son Josias Robins rest of land I purchased from John Townsend; to son Levi Robins 125 a. purchased from Stephen Townsend. At wife's marriage, she to receive half of estate; other half to be divided among William Robins II, Levina & Sarah Robins. [Source: Nottingham, op. cit.,  p. 346]

William Robins II of Worcester Co Md. Will dated Mara. 3, 1764, probated April 13, 1764: to son John Robins land where I dwell after term of seven years to be used for rent to be applied to upbringing of my two youngest daus Martha & Mary Robins; to son Spencer Robins land in Accomack Co VA purchased from Josias Robins and all land in Somerset Co Md. purchased from Michael Robins; to dau-in-law Lucretia Hall personalty. Excr: George Bailey, bro-in-law. Wts: Michael Robins, Samuel Feddeman, and Nancy Bond. [Source: Worcester Co Wills JW3 1759-1769, abstracted by Sharon A. Jones,  pp. 90-91; photocopy in possession of Pat Doster.]

Spencer Robins of Accomack Co Va. Will dated Dec 4, 1776, probated Mar. 31, 1778: to cousin John Robins, son of Michael Robins, 40 a. of land if I don't return from the War. Wts: Jno. & Robt. Pitt, Mark Robins [Source: Nottingham, op. cit., p. 309]

Michael Robins I of Accomack Co Va. Will dated Feb. 28, 1789, probated April 29, 1789: to wife Leah Robins; to sons John Robins & Michael Robins II, to dau Susannah Robins negro after death of David & Bridget Garrett; to dau Sarah Robins, to dau Mary "Polly" Wilkerson, and grdson John Wilkerson. Excrs: Jesse Wilkerson and John Bayne. Wts: Lisney Gootee, John & Hannah Morrison, Nehemiah Broughton. [Source: Accomack Co Va. Wills, 1788-1794, pp. 142-144; copy in possession of Pat Doster]

John Robins III of Accomack Co Va. Will dated Mar. 2, 1795, probated April 28, 1795: to *sister Polly Wilkerson, w/o Jesse Wilkerson, dec'd, to *sister Susannah Robins, to cousin John Wilkerson; to mother-in-law [aka step-mother] Leah Robins Evans [widow remarried]; to *half-brother Michael Robins II.

Daniel Robins of Worcester Co Md. Will dated Jan 13, 1790, probated Mar. 4, 1791: to wife Comfort Stockley Robins, excutrx.; to son Bowdoin Robins 200 a. in Accomack Co Va purchased by my father, Bowdoin Robins, of Samuel & Peggy Scarborough being 465 a. of Jingateague in Wor. Co Md. (bounds by Wm. Coard, John Scarborough) and 465 a. of Williams Choice s.w. Pocomoke River mentioned in Snowhill #15; to son Nehemiah Shockley Robins & Daniel Gore Robins balance of tract Jingateague (bounds Nehemiah Holland & Col. Southy Littleton) and 90 a. of Friendship & Lot in Snow Hill #35. To daus: Betsy & Joice Robins, 300 a. in Accomack Co Va where Spencer Walters lives; Excrs: relations Littleton Robins & Charles Stockely.  Wts: John Wheelton, John Brittingham, Nancy Guy. [Source: Worcester Co Md Will Book JWB, p. 16-20; Wor. Co Md Will Abstracts 1790-1799 by Ruth Dryden, pp. 2-3. 

Biographical Notes: Daniel Robins, son of Bowdoin   Robins & Joyce Gore Robins, married Comfort Stockley. Daniel Robins was son of Thomas & Elizabeth Bowdoin Robins. Thomas Robins of Somerset Co Md. (1677-1731) mar. c1698 Elizabeth Bowdoin (c1675-c1747), dau. of Pierre Bowdoin, a Huguenot immigrant. Thomas Robins was the son of Col. John Robins of Salt Grove, Accomack Co Va., who was a member of the Va. House of Burgesses. Col. John Robins was son of Col. Obedience Robins of Northampton Co Va., an illustrious Va. pioneer who served as first commander of the Eastern Shore colony & a member of the House of Burgesses. [Source: "A Biographical Dictionary of the Md. Legislature, 1635-1789, Vol 2, Balto: Md: John Hopkins Univ. Press, 1985,  p. 702]

The Bannister Connection: Sarah Robins & her brother John Robins (father of Michael Robins):

Thomas Bannister Sr. immigrated into the Somerset Co, Province of Md., by 1679. He transported his wife Elizabeth and seven children, but only Thomas Jr. & Richard were named in the record. (MPL WC#2:78). Thomas & Elizabeth were the parents of (a) Thomas Jr. (b) Richard (c) William, plus four unnamed children.

William Bannister, s/o Thomas, mar. Mary Hall. On 28 Aug 1692, Randal Revell sold part of "Arracoco" (340 a.) to Wm Bannister. It was aka "Father's Purchase" and "William's Purchase." In 1710, Wm Davis granted "Marish Ground" to Wm Bannister, father of Thos, and on 18 July 1729, Thomas Bannister sold 50 a. to Henry Miles. Wm Bannister d. by 5 Aug 1718 (adm. act. by Mary Banister, widow) at which time his estate was appraised at 137.16.2  pds. Distribution made to widow Mary (one-third) with residue to 5 children under age. Wm & Mary Bannisger both predeceased their son Wm who d. by Aug 1720, and stated in his will that his parents had died intestate. William & Mary Bannister's children: William, Charles b. 24 Feb 1697, Rachel, Mary, Thomas b. c1703.

Thomas Bannister, s/o Wm, mar. Sarah Robins. They lived in Manokin 100, Somerset Co Md. On 27 Nov 1728, Thos Bannister, son of Wm, sold 60 a. to Thomas Mitchell, part of "Double Purchase" & "Arracoco" aka "Fathers Purchase & Wm's Purchase." On 18 July 1729, Thos Bannister sold 50 a. of "Marish Ground" to Henry Miles. On 17 Mar 1742, Wm & Comfort Beauchamp wold 110 a. of "Fountains's Adn" to Thos Bannister & his wife Sarah. Thos. Bannister, Som. Co planter, died testate, will dated 19 Aug 1751, proved 2 Nov 1751. Proviso: "My single children to the care of my 3 brothers [bro-in-law]: Chaarles Bannister, Isaac Mitchell, John Robins." [MWB 28:200] On 13 Nov 1767, Michael Robins and wife Agnes of Accomack Co VA, eldest son of John Robins who was eldest brother & heir of Sarah Robins Bannister, deceased, sold "Double Purchase" to Mitchell Bannister of Som Co Md.

Source: "Colonial Families of E-shore of Md," Vol 9, by Henry C. Peden Jr. & F. Edward Wright, Delmarva Roots, Lewes, Del, 2000, pp. 26-29, "The Bannister Family of Somerset Co Md."

Appendix B: Two Robins Patents:

Late Discovery, patented Nov 22, 1679 by John Robins, 600 a. in Brinklys Election District, see map #16 in "Land Records of Somerset Co Md. by Ruth T. Dryden, Westminster, Md." Fam. Line Pub., 1985, pp. 250-51:

Jan. 23, 1683: John Robins, wife Katherine Robins, sold to Samuel Collins 200 a.

July 16, 1686: John Robins, wife Katherine Robins, sold to Hugh Mannix 400 a.

Jan 31, 1687: John Robins, wife Catherine Robins, sold to Hugh Mannix 400 a. who in turn deeded 370 a. to Samuel Collins.

Jingateague, patented Oct. 13, 1675 by John Robins for 1550 acres in "Land Records of Worcester Co Md. by Ruth T. Dryden, Westminster, Md.: Fam. Line Pub., 1987, p. 32.

Rent Rolls 1666-1723 show Thomas Robins, owner.

In 1703: Thomas Robins willed to son Bowdoin Robins.

May 24, 1770: Bowdoin & Joyce Robins sold to John & Ann Scarborough Jr  141 a. per agreement of recovery on dividing line of Accomack Co Va; no name of land.

1780: Bowdoin Robins willed land to son Daniel Robins 1145 a. and 141 a.

1790: Daniel Robins willed to son Bowdoin 465 a.; to son Nehemiah Stockley Robins and Daniel Gore Robins, the balance.

Part II - Origin of Robins Family of England

The family seat of the Robins family of Northamptonshire, England,  was Long Buckby, approximately seven miles northwest of town of Northampton.  Richard Robins II, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Pamer Robins, was not yet of age when his grandfather Richard Robins I wrote his will in 1582. Richard Robins II, Gent., was buried at Long Buckby on May 19, 1634. He had married Dorothy Goodman, daughter of Edward & Mary Rushall Goodman

Richard Robins II "of Buckby" died leaving a will dated March 1, 1633, which left bequests to his wife Dorothy and sons: Obedience, Edward, John & Thomas Robins. Richard & Dorothy Goodman Robins has issue: Continue (dau.), Richard III, Obedience, John, Edward, Sarah, Thomas, Dorothy, Lemuell (dau.), and Mary Robins. [1]

Obedience Robins, b. c1601 in Northamptonshire, England,  was a member of the first Accomack Co. Court in 1632.  He was a brother of Richard Robins III of Northamptonshire, England, and Edward Robins, a merchant of Accomack Co, Va. His name and alliances indicate he was of Puritan stock. Grace O'Neill Waters, his wife, was the widow of Edward Waters who had been shipwrecked in the Bermudas in 1610. The ship Diana arrived in Bermuda in 1618.  Among the passengers was Grace O'Neill, a girl of sixteen. She became the wife of Edward Waters, and they removed to Elizabeth City, now Hampton, Va. Edward Waters died about 1627, and his widow, Grace O'Neill Waters, married Obedience Robins I. [2]

Edward Robins, son of Richard & Dorothy Goodman Robins & brother of Col. Obedience Robins, was baptized Aug. 26, 1604, at Long Buckby. Edward Robins, age 33, was transported to Va. Aug. 21, 1635, on the ship Thomas by Mr. Henry Taverner. He married Jane Cornish.  He was in Accomack Co VA by May 1, 1637, when he was ordered to pay a debt to Thomas Nuton. On June 4, 1646, Elizabeth & Rachel Robins, orphans of Edward Robins, were granted 350 a. in Northampton Co for the transportation of seven persons, including Edward Robins and others. Edward Robins died by 1646 in Northampton Co, Va. He had no known sons. [3]

Part III - Col. Obedience Robins of Accomack/Northampton Co. Va. and His Descendants

Maj. Robert P. Robins, writing for the Richmond Standard in 1880, listed genealogical history of the Robins family of Accomack Co. Va. which has been updated by many descendants. [5] Rebecca Furniss Miller of Princess Anne, Md., placed a family file in Somerset Co. Md. Library. [ 6]  By far, the most complete and updated source on the Robins family can be found in "The Littleton Heritage" by Matthew M. Wise of Salem, Va. [7] The following is a summary of the data found in all three cited sources:         

Col. Obedience Robins Ichirurgeon, b. April 16, 1601, in Long Buckby, Eng., son of Richard & Dorothy Robins, arrived in Virginia by 1628.  He was appointed one of the first commissioners [justices] of Accomack Co. in 1632, was six times a member of the House of Burgesses, and a member of the Council. Col. Robins settled on a 950 a. tract "Salt Grove" or "Cherrystone" on Cherristone Creek, n.w. of modern-day Cheriton in Northampton Co. which passed to his son, Major John Robins, and continued in the family until 1866. He married Grace Waters, widow, after 1630,  and died abt. 1662.

Major John Robins I, son of Obedience Robins I, was born July 6, 1636, at Cherrystone; married Esther Littleton, dau. of Nathaniel & Ann Southey Littleton, on Jan 9, 1662, in Northampton Co, Va.,  and died by May, 28,  1709. On Oct. 13, 1675, he patented 1550 acres of "Jingateague" [Chincoteague] Island in Somerset Co, later Worcester Co. In Somerset Co. Md. records, the patent was written "Ingleteague." He had inherited all of his father's land, his elder brother, Obedience II, having died in 1683.  In 1704, he owned 1180 acres in Northampton Co., 2700 acres in Accomack Co., Va. John & Esther Robins sons were: (a) Obedience Robins II, b. 1664, bachelor, d. 1740; (b) John Robins II b. 1669, d. by July 7, 1739, mar. Katharine Teackle, d/o Rev. Thomas & Margaret Nelson Teackle; (c) Littleton Robins b. c1679, died between Jan. 19/Mar. 17,  1718/19,  mar. Margaret Teackle Stringer, sister of his brother John's wife;(d)  Edward, b. c1671, d. by Aug. 6, 1728; (e) Thomas, b. 1677, mar. Elizabeth Bowdoin, d. by Mar. 22, 1731/2. In his lengthy will dated Dec. 5, 1707, probated May 28, 1709, John Robins bequeathed his extensive property to his five sons named above & three daughters: Esther Denwood, Grace Stringer, Elizabeth  Harmanson.

Thomas Robins I (b. c1675) was s/o John Robins I. John Robins I in his will dated May 18, 1709, left all of his part of Chincoteage Island to his sons: Obedience II, Edward, Littleton, John & Thomas II.  He left Thomas Robins II 1110 a. of land from the Chincoteague Island Md. patent. [Northampton Co Va. Will Book 19:25]   In 1731, Thomas Robins, s/o John Robins I, in his will filed in Somerset Co Md. dated March, 1731, left to his son Bowdoin Robins "all the rest of Gingoteague being in Somerset Co Md. where I dwell;" and to his four sons: John, James, Thomas & Bowdoin, "land and marsh on Gingoteague Island in Accomack Co Va. [7a]  Thomas Robins I, s/o Major John Robins, was included among settlers of Somerset Co between 1666 and 1700. [7b]

John Robins II, s/o John & Esther Littleton Robins, b. Apr. 29, 1669 "Salt Grove," mar. Katharine Teackle 1703/04.  In his very detailed will dated Dec. 13, 1739, probated July 8, 1740, John Robins II bequeathed land to his son Edward & grdson John Robins, and to daus. Margaret & Esther Robins. [7c]  

John Robins III, s/o John & Katharine Teackle Robins, b. 9 Mar 1704/5 in Northampton Co VA, d. 1727, married (1) Sarah Harmonson, daughter of John & Susanna Kendall Harmonson; and (2) Susanna Godwin, who had been witness of the first marriage bond. In his will dated 28 Nov 1734, probated 14 Jan 1734/5 he left bequests to to son John Robins [IV], his wife Susanna Robins and his daughter Sarah Robins. [7d]

John Robins IV, s/o John III and Sarah Harmason Robins, b. c1730 Northampton Co VA, d. before March 11, 1772, mar. Elizabeth. In his will in his own hand dated Feb 25, 1772,  he left use of his estate to his wife Elisabeth until son John Robins V reached age 21 then  plantation to son John Robins V; entire estate to be placed in trust with "friend" Col. Littleton Savage and divided among daughter Sarah, Mary & Catherine and wife Elizabeth. [Northampton Co VA Wills No. 25 p. 3]   [7e] Conclusion: John Robins V had sisters named Sarah, Mary, and Catherine named in his father's will.

Compare Maj. John P. Robins' descendancy charts [8] with Robins land patents in Whitelaw's "Va.'s Eastern Shore."  According to Whitelaw,  "Robins Seaside Plantation," [tract N41] passed to John Robins I. In 1701, John Robins I gave 1000 a. of N41 to his son Littleton Robins. In 1719, Littleton Robins left N41 to his son, John Robins, who died without issue c1720.  In 1731, Obedience Robins II, invalid brother of Littleton Robins, gave land to his brother John Robins II "land which had reverted to me as the oldest brother." John Robins II had inherited the unsold part of Tract N41 upon the death of Col. John Robins I in 1709.  In 1739. John Robins II, with wife Katharine Teackle, left unsold land to a grandson, John Robins IV, son of John Robins III who d. 1735.  Bequest excepted a small part at the west end of Tract N41 which John Robins II left to his son Edward Robins.

In Maj. Robert  P. Robins data: Col. John Robins III, son of John Robins II, was b. 1704, d. 1727. [8a]   From "The Littleton Heritage" Robins lineage: "John Robins III signed his will Nov 28, 1734, and it was probated Jan 14, 1734/5. [8b] Why do dates of death John Robins III  not agree?

Part IV - Arthur Robins I of Accomack Co, Va.

Arthur Robins I of Accomack Co Va. named in his will, dated Aug. 24, 1692, two sons: John Robins to receive a plantation cont. 450 a., also 200 a. of land in the northern part of Edward Smith's patent  and Arthur Robins II to receive the remainder of land in either Va. or England; seven daughters, Elizabeth, Sabra, Esther, Scarburgh, Barbara, Margaret & Sarah, to receive 5000 pds. of tobacco. Overseers: Lt. Col. John Robins, son Edward Robins, Capt. John Custis, and bro-in-law John Wise. In a law suit, Richard Fenn vs. Simon Harman, the lineage of Arthur Robins I  is outlined as follows: "After the death of the testator, Arthur Robins I, eldest son and devise, & his brother, John Robins were seized of the lands. John Robins afterwards died without issue in the lifetime of his brother, Arhur Robins who became seized of his brother's land. Arthur Robins III, son of Arthur Robins II, conveyed to Simon Harmon 300 a. of land, part of the land granted within the patents above recited. Suit dated Mar. 27, 1753.  [8c]   

Littleton Family of Accomack Co Va - Allied Family to Robins of Virginia and Maryland

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