The Maddox Family of Maryland

Forward: On a trip to Maryland in August 2000, I took my granddaughter to see the Christ Church in Chaptico, Md., near town of Maddox. We drove to Saint Clement's Manor and stopped  at Old Port Tobacco Town Square.We viewed the Potomac River from the bluff overlooking St. Clement's Island where Maryland was founded.   We stopped at the plantation of Thomas Stone, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and the Smallwood State Park which has a reconstructed manor house of the Smallwood Family and the grave of Revolutionary War General William Smallwood. The grounds of Smallwood's Retreat contain a memorial monument placed by the Sons of the American Revolution to honor General Smallwood, and a  marker placed by the Lords of the Maryland Manor to memorialize the 1659 original manorial grant called Mattawoman Plantation.        (Photo right: "Smallwood Retreat," Smallwood State Park, Rison, Maryland)

Smallwood State Park web site click Gen. Wm Smallwood & "Smallwood's Retreat."

On early Maryland Rent Rolls, state census and tax lists, two main Maddox families stand out in colonial Maryland records. These two families are outlined more fully below. Maddox and Maddocke in Maryland State Census and Tax Lists

(A) Cornelius Maddox or Maddocks of Charles Co, Maryland

Sources: (a)  "Maddox: A Southern Family," Cornelius Maddox appears on pp. 239-241. (b) "Maddox Family Records," by Roberta Wiley: Cornelius Maddox, pp. 239-41.. Roberta Wiley cites sources: "The Smallwood Family of Md. & Va," comp. by Mildred A. McDonnell, 1970, and "Emison Families Supplement," 1962, by James W. Emison, Vincennes, Indiana. (c)  Maddox DNA Project headed by Brandon L. Maddox <> web site contains Maddox test results as well as lineage charts by those tested. Go to DNA comparisons and click number 10794 on yellow chart for Cornelius Maddox lineage. Brandon lineage from Cornelius Maddox on blue chart no. 94488. If you are interested in genetic testing or have questions about the two Maddox lines, please contact Brandon.   

Maddox Lineage Chart: First Generation: Cornelius Maddocks (c1650-1704/05).  Second Generation: James Maddox (1686-c1710).  Third Generation: Notley Maddox Sr. (c1712-1786) & Eliz. Martin.  Fourth Generation:  Notley Maddox Jr. (c1738-1801) & Violetta *Boswell.

Mary Smallwood (d/o Col. James) was born Nov. 2, 1670. She married (1) Cornelius Maddocks, merchant, (2) Robert Taylor. Her first marriage occurred before she was 16 for on March 16, 1685, James Smallwood made gift of one cow and mare to daughter Mary Maddocks (Chas. Co Deed Lib M:1, f. 27) Cornelius Maddox died before Feb. 25, 1705/06. His inventory was ackn. March 9, 1705/6. His widow married Robert Taylor before Sept. 16, 1712 (date of father's will). By her first husband she had children: James Maddox, John Maddox, Edward Maddox, Benjamin Maddox, Phoebe Maddox Clements & Walter Maddox(?); by her second husband she had William Smallwood Taylor, Anne Taylor (Inventory Aug 10, 1745, source for her mother's children), and Elizabeth Taylor. Source: Maryland Genealogies, Vol. 2, pp. 334-335: James Smallwood Family & Mary Smallwood Maddock

(Painting of General William Smallwood, Maryland Revolutionary War Commander)

Charles Co. Md. Land Record (1714-16) Liber J-2:84: January 21, 1715: Judith Warren, widow, relict of John Warren, dec'd, to John Bruce for 5 shillings land on Wicomico River formerly granted to Thos. Hatton, 500 a. Ackn.10 January 1715. John Bruce Account (I&A Md. 1738 p. 559) dated May 4, 1738: Accounts payable for land rental from Notley Maddox (Sr.) and Thomas Rigg, both to pay 600 pds. of tobbacco to the estate. John Bruce of Chas. Co Md. had married widow Judith Townley Warren, and had sons Townley Bruce and Charles Bruce. Notley Maddox was appointed guardian of the oldest son Charles Bruce in Chas. Co Md. Nov 1738 Court Records: "Notley Maddox guardian of Charles Bruce, s/o John Bruce (and wife Judith Townley  Warren Bruce) applied to Robert Yates, Chas. Co. Justice, to apt. persons to view "Chestnut Point" for his ward dated Nov 10, 1738. Wts. Barton Warren & John Wider.                                               

Notley Maddox in above guardianship was *not son of Notley Maddox and wife Mary Warren of Wm & Mary Parish because his dod was 1730. He would have been age 8 at guardianship appointment. John Bruce's first wife was Judith Townley Warren, widow of John Warren. Notley Maddocke Sr. and his family were neighbors of John and Judith Bruce, in fact, they rented land from the Bruces. Both John Bruce & Notley Maddox Jr. of Port Tobacco Parish named sons Townley to honor the first families of Port Tobacco.

John Bruce Accounts with Notley Maddox:: )   Notley Maddox Jr.'s brother, James Maddox, married Sarah Warren c1769 in Charles Co Md. Sarah Warren was the widow of Notley Warren who was the son of Barton Warren. Warren family's alliance to the Townley family of Maryland was through the marriage of Dame Margaret Townley's daughter, Judith Townley, to John Warren.

Notley Warren (1736-1768) lineage can be found in "Charles County Gentry," by Harry Wright Newman, reprint Clearfield Co, 1971, p. 298.

Fredonia Maddox Webster's The Maddox Family of Maryland, privately pub. 1957 discusses the Patriot Notley Maddocke of Charles County (pp.28-29) as follows: "Through the Committee of Correspondence letters were sent to all of the colonies and pledges were taken and delegates were elected to meet in Philadelphia at a Continental Congress in September of 1774. At a meeting of the Committee of Correspondence in November18, 1774, the Committee qualified for representatives at Port Tobacco Town when Samuel Hanson Esq. was chosen chairman. Resolve, Notley Maddocke with a number of other distinguished patriots was appointed to represent and act for this county to carry into execution the association agreed upon by the American Continental Congress and that any seven have power to act." (Scharf's "History of Marland," Vol 1 p. 165) Daniel Jenifer's Returns, February 21, 1778, list Oath of Fidelity: Notley Maddocke Sr., died 1784; Notley Maddocke Jr., Notley Luckett, Cornelius Maddox, and William Maddox. (Ibid:29) 

(Photo: Committee of Correspondence, Port Tobacco Courthouse, Chas. Co. Md.

On Sept 11, 1786, came Notley Maddocke Jr. and Elizabeth (Martin) Maddocke, administratrix and made oath, etc. Notley Maddocke will returned October Court 1786; Inventory of Notley Maddocke Sr. of Chas. Co. dated Oct. Court 1786 with next-of-kin: George Maddocke & Henry Maddocke. Records of April Court 1787: "It appears to the Court that Notley Maddocke Sr. late of Chas. Co, dec'd, died considerably in debt & the court ordered the administrators of his estate to pay as many debts as they could." The court's action supplied the motive for migration of the Notley Maddox Jr. family to Kentucky after sale of "Cool Spring."

Dr. James J. Maddox of St. Louis "Hezekiah Maddox" paper was used by Roberta V. Landrum Wiley in Maddox Family Records. Roberta Wiley's cautioned: "The line shown here (William Notley Maddox d. 1801 Mason Co Ky. mar. Violetta) is correct only if the above assumption is right." (p. 33), i.e. Notley Maddox of Mason Co Ky. was the same Maddox as William Notley Maddox, s/o Notley Maddox Jr. & Mary Warren of Maryland.  Kentucky Maddox descendants assumed Notley Maddox (d. 1801 Mason Co Ky.) was off Samuel Maddox of William & Mary Hundred. They point to the naming of his two sons: Notley Maddox (Jr.) and Townley Maddox. There are, however, records in Maryland which show William Maddox, son of Notley Maddox Jr. & Mary Warren, died by 1779.

Elise Greenup Jourdan's "Early Families of S. Md., " Vol. 9, p. 231-32, contains the following biographical sketch: "William Maddox died by 1779. He married Sarah Ford, b. 28 July 1746, d/o Charles Allison Ford and Ann Chandler. William was next-of-kin in 1767 estate record of his brother, John Maddox. William Maddox was security for estate of Jacob Mason on 22 July 1777 (Chas. Co Probate 1777-1780). William Maddox inherited a slave from the 1748 will of his brother, John Maddox, but is not mentioned in the will of John's widow, Sarah Maddox. Aug. 31, 1779: Letters of Administration granted on estate of William Maddox to Sarah Maddox, his widow. On May 6, 1780, William Maddox's Inventory was returned at value L389.16.5 (Chas. Co. Probate 1777-80, p. 390). William and Sarah Maddox had four children: Edward Ford Maddox b. 20 Aug 1771; Samuel Maddox b. 17 July 1773; William Maddox b. 20 Mar 1776, d. 30 Sep 1795; Ann M. Maddox b. 18 Mar 1778. ( MSA Film CR49154-5, Charles Co Reg. of Wills, Liber AH9)"

Of the other Maddox family in Charles Co., Hurley (op cit:239) wrote a biography of Cornelius Maddox, warning "this man is not to be confused with the son of Benjamin Maddox d. c1770. Cornelius Maddox (d. c1705) was married in Charles Co Md. to Mary Smallwood, the daughter of Col. James Smallwood, on May 20, 1688. The Cornelius Maddox line not only used the given name Notley for their sons, but also the given name Townley, causing confusion among the descendants of Notley Maddox of Mason Co Ky. The question for descendants of Notley Maddox (d. 1801 Mason Co, Ky.) is from which family do we descend: (1) Samuel Maddox of Wm & Mary Hundred,  or (2) Cornelius Maddox of Portobacco Hundred.  

Published genealogies like "Snowhill Remembered" and "Maddox Family"  require documentation to be accepted as proof by hereditary societies like the SAR and DAR. Modern-day family historians realize there are mistakes in published genealogies and most publish updated corrections.

(Photo: Christ Church, Port Tobacco Parish, now LaPlata, Md.)

Below is an outline of the Samuel Maddox family of St. Mary's Co, and Charles Co's Wm. and Mary Parish.  Kentucky Maddox descendants may wish to test the assumption Notley Maddox d. 1801 Mason Co Ky. was off the Samuel Maddox family.  Diana Bara, Longmont, Col., reports Notley Maddock Sr. of Port Tobacco Parish, Charles Co Md. was the father of Notley Maddox of Mason Co., Ky. and offers documentation for Notley Maddox of Mason Co Ky. which includes (1) lineage of Violetta Boswell Maddox & her husband, Notley Maddox (2) Elizabeth Maddox Lanham, d/o Notley Maddox of Mason Co Ky.

Good place to begin: - read will of Notley Maddox d. 1801 Mason Co Ky. at end of this page, and sort out the seven children. Notley Maddox mentions his wife, Violetta, and gives most of the estate to his son Hezekiah Maddox. Martha, Sarah and Hezekiah receive slaves and household items.. Obviously, these three children are nearby in Mason Co Ky. Notley, Townley and Elizabeth Lanham, however, receive very little from the will. Usually that means the father has already bestowed land or money on these children. Son Charles Maddox received 50 pounds, a lot of money for the times. In other words, the will is written to favor those who are near the father and not those who are farther away. Townley Maddox, in fact, can be found on the 1800 US Maryland Census in Port Tobacco Parish on p. 86 living next door to Ignatius Boswell.

 GenLinks follows the lineage of Martha "Patty" Maddox, daughter of Notley & Violetta Maddox, who married George Harris in Mason Co Ky., and  removed to Campbell Co Ky. to raise their family. George Harris Family of Campbell Co Ky.

Lineage of Cornelius Maddaox Descendants

Sources:  (1)  Wiley, Roberta L., "Maddox Family Records," Parkville, Mo., 1974, pp. 109-126, "Cornelius Maddox and Some of His Descendants."  (2) Lineaege of Maddocke Family of Charles Co Md," by Diana Barra,

Notley Maddocke (1714-1786) Great-Grandson of Cornelius Maddox:

Notley Maddox Jr. was born ca. 1735 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, Md., son of Notley Maddox Sr. (Maddocke) and Elizabeth Martin. Notley Maddocke Sr. was son of James and Mary Hawkins Maddocke.  James Maddox (Maddocke) was son of Cornelius Maddox, early settler of Charles Co. James Maddox was born ca. 1686, mar. Mary (?) prior to 1714, d. ca. 1734/35. At the time of his death, he left four children. Only one child is named in his probate: Notley Maddocke Sr., although Walter Maddocke is probably of this family.   

Notley Maddox Sr.3 (James2, Cornelius1) was born ca. 1714 Charles Co Md. He mar. Elizabeth Martin ca. 1732. He died before 12 June 1786 in Charles Co. Letters of Administration were granted to the widow, Elizabeth Maddocke and Notley Maddocke Jr. on 12 June 1786. Bond for the widow was posted by William Cox and Michael Martin. The widow Elizabeth Maddox mar. (2) Samuel Luckett bef. July 27, 1790.  Notley & Elizabeth  Maddox Sr. had four children: James Maddocke b. ca 1734 who mar. Sarah Warren ca. 1769, widow of Notley Warren (s/o Barton Warren); Notley Maddocke Jr. b. ca. 1735 who mar. Violetta Boswell; George Maddocke b. ca. 1736; Henry Maddocke b. ca. 1737 who mar. Mary Cox;. (Source: Wiley op cit p. 116)

Diana Bara  on "The Maddox Family" web page: Notley Maddox Jr. married Violetta Boswell in Charles Co, Md. Violetta Boswell b. ca. 1749 was daughter of John Boswell and his wife Sarah Harris of Charles Co Md.  John Boswell was born ca. 1707; d. 1792. Sarah Harris was born ca. 1711.  The couple had 13 children, Violetta the youngest girl. (Family Group Record 6033176 Sarah Harris comes from the Harris family of Charles Co Md. which has no known connection to Charles Harris of Worcester Co Md., the father of George Harris of Campbell Co., Kentucky.

Notley Madadox from "Early Families of S. Md.," Vol. 9, by Elise Jourdan, Willow Bend Books, Westminster, Md., 2000, pp. 191-195.

Notley Maddox Jr. was son of Notley Maddocke Sr. (b. c1714-5). His father, Notley Maddocke Sr. was son of James & Mary Maddocke of Port Tobacco Hundred, and grandson of Cornelius Maddock & Mary Smallwood.  Notley Maddocke Sr. was age 65 on 24 Apr 1780 as "son of James Maddocke" cited in Chas. Co Land Records T-3:600. He married Elizabeth Martin, d/o John Martin and Elizabeth. The widow Elizabeth Martin Maddox mar. (2) Samuel Luckett. Their children were (1) James Maddox b. c1734-37 (2) *Notley (Warren?) Maddox (3) George Maddox (4) Henry Maddox (Jourdan, vol. 9,  p. 191). Mrs. Jourdan incorrectly listed the 2nd son of Notley Maddox Sr. as Notley Warren Maddox.    

Notley Maddox of Port Tobacco Parish & *Notley Warren Maddox of Virginia  by James Emory, Diana Bara , and Sandi <>

Diana Bara descends from William Maddox, son of Notley Maddox & Mary Warren. William Maddox married Sarah Ford, dau. of Chas. Allison Ford & Ann Chandler. Claim in "Snowhill Remembered" by Richard E. Stevens that Notley Maddox, d. 1801 Mason Co Ky., was William Notley Maddox is false. William Maddox, s/o Notley Jr., died in Charles Co Md. and did *not* migrate to Mason Co Ky. (Photo: Old Port Tobacco Courthouse)

*Notley Warren Maddox was the son of Notley Maddox & Susannah Lee, and grandson of Notley Maddox and Mary Warren based on Virginia tax lists and my own research. In the will of Notley Maddox of SMCo Md. dated April 23, 1761/prov'd Nov. 3, 1761, wife Susanna and two children are mentioned. Susannah was given use of the plantation. Susannah married (2) John Cartwright as proved in Md. Prerogative Balance Books, 1763: Susannah Cartwright, "wife of John Cartwright." 

According to Fredonia Maddox Webster in "The Maddox Family of Maryland," Notley Warren Maddox was the son of Notley & Elizabeth Maddox of Port Tobacco Parish. The probate of Notley Maddox of Port Tobacco begins in 1786 with Letter of Administration appointing his wife Elizabeth and son, Notley Maddox Jr. These two continued to administer the estate in Charles Co through the year 1790. Notley Warren Maddox, however, was on the Amherst Co Va. Tax List 1784-1802. Probate on Notley Maddox of Port Tobacco never refers to his son being from Amherst Co Va. In fact, James Maddox, another son, was resident of Goochland Co Va. and gave power of attorney to represent him in his father's estate. My conclusion, therefore, is that Notley Warren Maddox and Notley Maddox Jr. are *not* the same person. Fredonia Webster and Elise Jourdan have confused the two men. The clues to Notley Warren Maddox's ancestry lie in the tax lists. In 1787, taxes for John Cartwright & John Bowling were paid by Notley Warren Maddox. John Cartwright was his step-father and John Bowling was a step-brother. Notley Warren Maddox was named for his father, Notley, and his grandmother Mary Warren. Notley Warren Maddox married Francis "Fanny" Dillard in Amherst Co around 1779.and eventually moved to Madison and Clark Cos. GA. For further info on this line, contact James Emory. 

Notley Maddox and his wife Violetta Boswell of Mason County, Kentucky

Dr. J. J. Maddox of St. Louis, Mo., a descendant of Hezekiah Maddox of Cambpell Co Ky., wrote a history of the Kentucky Maddoxes, based on the will of Notley Maddox dated Jan. 14, 1801, in "History of Maysville & Mason Co, Ky., Vol 1, by G. Glenn Clift."  The lineage of Notley Maddox by Dr. Maddox was reproduced in "Maddox Family Records," by Robert V. Landrum Wiley of Parksville, Mo. Dr. Maddox, who was superintendent of St. Louis schools, added two children to the list: James and Mary, not mentioned in the 1801 will of Notley Maddox.  

Children of (William) Notley Maddox and his wife Violette (Boswell):

1. Hezekiah Maddox b. 22 May 1777, m. Rhoda Harris Dec 26, 1801 Mason Co Ky.

2. Charles Maddox, m. Sally Cahoe 19 Jan 1802

3. Sarah Maddox

4. Martha "Patsy" Maddox b. c1783 Charles Co Md., m. George Harris Oct 21, 1801, Mason Co, Ky. 

5. Notley Maddox

6. Townley Maddox

7. Elizabeth Maddox m. Moses Lanham Charles Co. Md. (see data below)

8. James Maddox (not mentioned in will)

9. May Maddox (not mentioned in will)

Will of Notley Maddox of Mason Co, Ky.

"I, Notley Maddox, of Mason Co, Ky., give & bequeath unto my beloved wife Violette Maddox the following negroes (to wit) one woman named Jenny, one named Dard, and three negro men, and a woman named Jenny, with all my household & kitchen furniture of every nature and kind; also my stock and all land I have in Campbell Co, Ky, on the waters of the main Licking River, to remain hers during her life or widowhood, excepting that there must be as much of the personal estate given unto my wife as will satisfy the debts I now owe for said tract mentioned, which shall be invested by the hand of my son Hezekiah Maddox, which shall be given unto him by my wife.

I also give & bequeath unto my son Hezekiah Maddox, Sarah Maddox, and *Martha Maddox the above mentioned negroes given to my wife to be equally divided among them after my wife's death.

I further bequeath unto my son Hezekiah Maddox one negro boy named Frank; to my daughter Sarah Maddox one small negro girl named Anny; I also give unto my son Charles Maddox fifty pounds to be paid after death or widowhood of my wife in horses, horned cattle & hogs out of my estate. I give to my son Hezekiah Maddox and my daughters Sarah & Martha Maddox all my household & kitchen furniture with all stock and plantation utensils after the death or widowhood of my wife Violette Maddox, to be equally divided among them.

I also give to my sons Notley Maddox & Townley Maddox and my daughter Elizabeth Lanham, one English shilling apiece paid out of my estate.

I do hereby constitute & appoint my son Hezekiah Maddox to be my sole and whole Executor, revoking all former wills by me made.

Wts: Thomas Tolly Worthington & Samuel Park."

Source: "History of Maysville & Mason County," Vol 1, by G. Glenn Clift, Transylvania Printing Co, Lexington, Ky, 1936. (no page)

Elizabeth Maddox Lanham, daughter of Notley & Violetta Maddox ( Research by Diana Bara)

The most crucial record for locating origin of Elizabeth Maddox Lanham and her father, Notley Maddox, is a deed of gift from Notley Maddox to his daughter Elziabeth Lanham dated Oct. 76, 1790. The name of the daughter matches the 1801 will of Notley Maddox of Mason Co Ky. The date on the deed of gift shows Notley Maddox was in Maryland in 1790, *not 1784 as noted in "Snowhill Remembered."

Charles Co Land Records 1786-1790 by TLC Genealogy, pp. 63-64 from Liber D-4:276: Deed of Gift recorded at request of Sarah Lanham. "I, Sarah Lanham of Chas Co, for natural love for my son Asa Lanham give my son 1 negro woman named Terry and her child named Lawson. The afsd negroes to remain my property during my life, and go to my son. Should he mot survive me, then negroes to be property of my heirs. But if I die without issue, the said negroes to be property of SARAH MADDOX, daughter of NOTLEY MADDOX. Signed on May 12, 1788. Wts: Richard Barnes. Recorded May 12, 1788.  Note: Sarah Lanham must have been widowed at the time of this deed. Her husband was Notley/Knotley Lanham which was revealed in later probate records. Notley Lanham deceased by 1790 Chas. Co. Md. Census: Sarah Lanham: - 0 M 16+ ; 1 M -16; 1 F.

Charles Co Will Book AH-9:269. Oct 1786: The Chas. Co Court finds issue with Sarah Lanham to appear before the next Orphan's Court to testify to an account of Henrietta Morris against Notley Maddocke Sr. late of Chas. Co, deceased. Notes: Morris were part owners of "Cool Spring." Sarah Lanham did not survive her son, Moses Lanham, because she died by 1797. Moses Lanham became the guardian of his brother Asa Lanham.

Charles Co Guardian Accounts 1797-1802: Asa Lanham guardian bond, son of Notley Lanham, Moses Lanham apt. guardian. Sureties: Michael Martin & Joshua Mudd. Nov 11, 1796. By June 11, 1799, Asa Lanham's guardian bond, s/o Notley Lanham, Michael Martin now guardian. Surety John Berry & Leslie Robey. Moses Lanham adm. Asa's guardian acts. until Feb 1799. Moses Lanham had left Md. because probate records were not found for him. Moses Lanham app'd in the 1790 Census for Chas Co Md, but is missing in 1800. In 1810 he ap'd in Frederick Co Va. In 1820 in Fauquier Co. In 1790, Nathan Lanham Jr. & Sr. apr'd in PG Co Md.

Charles Co Land Record Liber K-4:155-56: Deed of Gift. At the request of Elizabeth Lanham a Deed of Gift was recorded this 6th day of October 1790 in Charles Co. "Whereas, Notley Maddocke of the aforesaid co did heretofore on or about the 20th day of March last give and deliver to my daughter Elizabeth Lanham one negro girl named Sarah, to her administers the said Elizabeth Lanham, her exec. admin. and assigns. Wts my hand and seal 6th day of October 1790.

Charles Co Deed Book N-4:388: "I, Nathan Lanham of Charles Co, for 5 shillings which I owe Moses Lanham & his wife Elizabeth, for love of my grandson, Isaiah Lanham, part of a tract named "Friendship." March 18, 1795. Wts. Wm H. McPherson, Ben Lancaster.

Charles Co Land Record K-4:417. April 14, 1792. William Cox to Nathan Lanham of Prince Geo. Co p.o. tract "Freindship" which was obtained by a verdict & judgment in Chas. Co Court March Term 1780. Wts. Wm Cox, Johannah Catharine, his wife relinq. her dower. Wts. Henry Barnes & Jas. Freeman.

Charles Co Land Records IB-2:463-4: Nov 22, 1798: Moses Lanham & Elziabeth his wife 30 a. "Friendship" conv. to Hezekiah Berry.

1790 Census Charles Co Md: Moses Lanham - 1 M 16+; 1 M -16; 3 F; 1 slave.

1800 Census Charles Co Md p. 86: *Townley Maddox M: 0-0-0-1 (26/44 b. bet 1756-1774) - 0 and F 1-2-0-1-0 + 1 slave. Next door to Ignatius Boswell M: 1-2-0-1-0 F: 4-0-0-1-0 + 9 slaves.

Notes: *Townley Maddox, s/o Notley Jr. and wife Mary Warren, will probated July 23, 1787 in Wm & Mary Parish, Chas. Co Md.

John B. Boswell and his wife Sarah Harris Family Group Record

John Boswell (b. c1707 Charles Co Md;; d. c1760 Chas. Co Md., son of William Boswell & Mary McAtee) married Sarah Harris (b. c1711-c1792) in Charles Co,  Md., Children: Mary Ann Boswell b. c1727; Matthew Boswell b. c1729, d. 1810 Albermarle Co Va.; Wm Boswell b. c1729, d. 1784-85 Chas. Co Md.; John Boswell b. c1731, d. bef. 1772 Chas Co Md; Edward Boswell b. c1733 Chas Co Md; Selina Boswell b. c1735; Ann Boswell b. c1737; Sarah Boswell b. c1739; Elizabeth Boswell b. c1741, d. bef. 1792; Charles Boswell b. c1743, d. bef. 1775; Violetta Boswell. b. 29 May 1745 Chas. Co Md. d. 30 January 1832 Mason Co,  Kentucky;  Joseph Boswell b. c1747.

Will of William Boswell Sr., father of John B. Boswell (above), Charles Co Md. June 3, 1741/proved Sept 9, 1741: to son George "The Desert" & "Mary's Delight"; to son Matthew his dwelling planta. for 8 yrs; to son JOHN BOSWELL his dwelling planta. for 8 yrs. To wife Mary, dwelling plantation. To children Geo, Wm, Matthew, Thos & JOHN, residue of estate. Excrs. wife Mary and son Wm. Wts. Wm Coomes, John Knyventon, Jno Worland. Source: Chas. Co Will Bk 22:384 in Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol VIII

Violetta Boswell Maddox, d/o of John & Sarah Boswell & wife of Notley Maddox Jr. d. 1801 Mason Co Kentucky

by Diana Bara

Violetta Boswell was daughter of John B. and Sarah Harris Boswell. She had brothers named Charles and Edward. The Boswells are connected to Notley Maddox Sr. by Mankin probate naming him as surety for Edward Boswell who was executor for estate of Stephen Mankin in 1781. Since Notley Maddox was married to a Violetta which was confirmed by his will, the Maddox-Boswell connection is more of a certainty than the wife named in "Snowhill Remembered," as Violetta Tarvin. For good reason, the Tarvin books published by the Tarvin Family Association make no mention of a Violetta Tarvin who married a Maddox.

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  (B) Samuel Maddox (1640-1684) of Green Springs Farm, St. Mary's Co, Md.

Sources: Hurley, W.N. Jr., "Maddox: A Southern Md. Family," Bowie, Md: Heritage Books, 1994, Chpt. 1-4; Wiley, Roberta V. Landrum, "Maddox Family Records," Parkville, Mo., 1974, pp. 1-108.

Samuel Maddox/Maddux line of William and Mary Lower Hundred, Charles Co, Maryland 

Notley and Townley were used as given names by Maddox families in Charles Co. Notley honors the first governor of Maryland, Thomas Notley;  Townley family related to the Warren family of Charles Co Md. In Maddox: a Southern Family, W. N. Hurley Jr. wrote: "Since the middle of the 17th C. the Maddox families have figured prominently in the history of Md. primarily St. Mary's and Charles Cos. According to available records, the progenitor of this large family was Samuel Maddox, born in Wales about 1640. When he arrived in Maryland, he was in the company of Thomas Notley, born in Dorset, England, who had been to the colonies in 1662 as lawyer for Thomas Gerrard."  Thomas Notley became governor in 1679, and there were many families in s. Md. who named sons after this historic figure. 

Samuel Maddox was born about 1640 in Wales, the son of John Madog, Lord of Scethrog. He immigrated to Maryland about 1665, arriving in St. Mary's County in the company of Thomas & Walter Notley. Thomas Notley was born in Dorset, England, but records are unclear about his relationship to Samuel Maddox. Thomas Notley seated himself at Notley Hall on the east bank of Wicomico River. His neighbor, Samuel Maddox, lived at Green Springs Farm. Thomas Notley became the 7th Proprietary Governor of Md. in 1678. In the governor's will of 1679, he left a substantial bequest of 14,000 pds. of tobacco to his godson, Notley Maddox Sr. (1672), son of his neighbor, Samuel Maddox. About 1669, Samuel Maddox married Ann Notley, d/o Walter Notley, and niece of Gov. Thomas Notley.  Samuel Maddox was possibly not the eldest son of his father. Under English law of primogeniture, therefore, he was not entitled to his father's estate. He was perhaps encouraged by Thomas Notley to join him in the Maryland adventure. References to Samuel Maddox appear in Archives of Maryland. In 1675, Samuel Maddox served in the Md. Militia as Lieutenant under Capt. Justinian Gerrard during an expedition against the Susquehanna Indians. The Assembly awarded him 900 pounds of tobacco for his service. In 1678, the Assembly awarded him 700 pounds of tobacco for his contribution to an expedition against the Nanticokes. In 1677, court records report a pardon was issued to Martha, wife of Richard O'Cain, for stealing goods & chattels of Samuel Maddox. (Photo: Notley Hall 1663, Thos. Notley, St. Clement's Manor by Dot Bishop, Fortson, Ga.)

Samuel died February, 1684, leaving a will dated Jan. 18, 1684, proven March 9, 1684. (Will Reg. Liber PC-1:51) The estate was appraised March 25, 1685, at 162 pds, 14 shillings, 7 pence. Ann Notley Maddox predeceased her husband. The couple's four sons were named in father's will: Notley Maddox (b. c1672), Samuel Maddox Jr. (b. c1674), William Maddox (b. c1676), and John Maddox (b. c1680).

Notley Maddox Sr. (1672-1716) of Green Springs Farm, St. Mary's Co, Md.

Notley Maddox was the eldest son of Samuel Maddox, the progenitor. He was born about 1672 in St. Mary's Co, Md. on the home plantation Green Springs Farm. Under his father's will, he inherited the plantation, living there until his death on March 26, 1716. The farm is located at Chaptico, first port of entry on the east bank of the Wicomico River. Today, a small hamlet called Maddox marks the spot. In 1694, he married MargaretMadmap.jpg (78534 bytes) Goldsmith, d/o John & Judith Gerrard Goldsmith. Margaret was born in 1675; died Sept.,1739, at Chaptico. Her mother, Judith Gerrard, was daughter of Thomas Gerrard of St. Clement's Manor, a prominent friend of Lord Baltimore. Six men provided capital to found Maryland. Richard Gerrard, brother of Thomas, was one of six. Thomas Gerrard received a grant of 11,400 a. known at St. Clements. He also received Basford manor of 1,500 acres, later sold to Thomas Notley. Lords of Maryland manors were empowered to hold court, settle disputes, and levy taxes & fines. St. Clements manor was one of the few who operated on a medieval model. 

The will of Notley Maddox dated Feb. 24, 1715, probated Apr. 3, 1716 is in Liber 14, folio 108, at Maryland Archives. It reads in part... I give to my son Notley Maddox (Jr.) one negro boy called Nedd and one girl called Beck and the seventh part of my Estate; also 100 a. lying in Charles County which my brother William Maddox brought from Benj. Fanning. Inventory of Notley Maddox was reported June 1, 1716, appraised at 161 pds., 10 shillings 7 pence. (I&A Bk. 37:167)

Margaret Goldsmith Maddox died in Sept., 1739; her will dated Sept. 26, 1739, was probated Nov. 6, 1739. She made a specific bequest of one shilling to her son Notley Maddox. (Wills Liber 22:117) Three sons & four daughters were born to the union: Samuel Maddox (b. c1797), Notley Maddox Jr. b. c1698, Ann Maddox b. c1700, Sarah Maddox b. c1701, Jane Maddox b. c1703, John Maddox b. c1705,  Margaret Maddox b. c1715. 

Notley Maddox Jr. (1698/1703-1758) of Picawaxon Parish, Charles Co, Md. & his son William Maddox

Notley Maddox Jr., son of Notley Maddox Sr. (1672) and Margaret Goldsmith Maddox, was born between 1698 and 1703, and died c1758. He moved to Picawaxon Parish in Charles Co, Md., where he had received a bequest of 100 a. under the will of his father. He married Mary Warren, daughter of John & Judith Townley Warren of Hatton's Point, and granddaughter of Margaret Townley. Mary Warren was born 1707, and had received a substantial inheritance under the will of her father who left her Rich Thickets (50 a.), The Hills (430 a.) and Warren's Discovery (250 a.).

The will of Notley Maddox Jr. names his wife Mary as executrix of his estate, and left various bequests to his children. Under the will, son William  Maddox received the home plantation. A feature of the will is that it bears the original red wax seal in evidence of its authenticity. (Box 59, folder 6 in Md. Archives) The piece of wax is about the size of a dime, impressed with either a signet ring or a metal seal. The crest is a lion rampant in profile facing left with the right front leg bent and raised -- the principal charge on the Coat of Arms of Maddox in General Armory by Burke. Presence of the crest is proof the Maddox retained and used the symbolism of their ancient Welsh heritage.

Notley Maddox Jr. and his wife Mary Warren were parents of five sons: John Maddox b. c1730, d. 1767; Notley Maddox III d. 1761; Charles Maddox b. c1737, d. 1820; Townley Maddox d. 1787; William Maddox d. 1779. Sources: Hurley, W.N. "Maddox," pp.43-44, and "Charles Reg. of Wills Liber AF-7 f. 492-93 named next-of-kin: Townley Maddox and Charles Maddox.

William Maddox, s/o Notley Maddox Jr. and wife Mary Warren, apparently never left Maryland, but married  Sarah Ford, and died intestate 1779 leaving an inventory which named his brothers: Charles and Townley Maddox.

The claim that William Maddox in the "History of Mason Co Ky," was the same man as William (Notley) Maddox is incorrect. Notley Maddox on 1796 Mason Co Ky. Tax List was the father of Martha "Patsy" Maddox who married George Harris in Mason Co Ky.

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