The Jump Family of Talbot Co., Dorchester Co., and Queen Anne Co. Maryland

Generation 1

William Jump I was b. c1632 pos. Beckley, Northamptonshire, England. He was transported to Maryland in 1664. He patented land in 1664 and 1665 in Talbot Co, Md. (MPL 15:422) "Jumps Point," Grant No. 96 of 100 acres was located on n. side of Little Choptank River bounded on w. by Hudson Creek. He married Rebecca (b. c1636) about 1664. William Jump may have had a first wife, Elizabeth Wheat, whom he married in England.  Dorchester Land Record 4:12, dated January 4, 1679, shows that William Jump was a carpenter of Talbot County. On July 20, 1684, Richard Carter, a London Merchant, sold to Timothy & Mary Dunnavon, cooper, 200 a. of land on St. Michaels River was witnessed by William Jump, John Purnell Sr. & Peter Dennis. (TLR 2:358). On Aug 19, 1701, William Jump, Talbot Co Planter, gifted William Purnell, planter, 100 a of "Jump's Lane," e. side Tuckahoe Creek in fork of Great Choptank Rover, south side of St. Jones Path. (TLR IX:730) . On 17 Nov. 1701, William Jump conveyed to his daughter Elizabeth Feay, wife of George Feay son-in-law, part of 500 a. of "Jump's Chance," on s. side of Tuckahoe, reverting at her death without issue to his son William Jump II (TLR 9:106). In Nov 10, 1703, William Jump was testator of the will of William Purnell of Talbot Co Md. which reveals close ties between the two families in colonial Maryland, possibly pointing to a common birthplace in England, not far from the Robins family. (MWB 3:23) On 27 Nov 1702, William Jump, age 70 years, deposed regarding the boundary tree of "Stevens' Fields." (TLR 9:152)  Later record shows him by March 11, 1727, to be an inhabitant of Queen Anne County. William Jump of Q. A.. Co died testate, will dated 1 March 1709/10: to son Thomas 200 a. "Horse Pasture" & 100 a. of "Jump's Chance." To dau Eliza, wife of George Feay, 50 a. of  "Jump's Chance" adj. her present dwelling place. To son William, residue of land. To dau. Margaret, w/o William Boon, personalty. Execs. sons afsd. Will wts. by Charles Farrow & Thomas Fisher (MWB 13:414)

Sons: Thomas Jump I (b. c1675), William Jump II (b. c1665). Daughters: Elizabeth Jump Fee, Margaret Jump Boon (b. c1672).

William Jump I's Talbot Co Md. Land: Horse Pasture 200 a. 19 Feb 1685;  Jumpe's Addition 49 a. 3 June 1682; Jump's Chance 500 a. 16 May 1689; Jump's Chance 100 a. 30 July 1681; Jumpe's Lane 100 a. 3 April 1682. (Settlers of Maryland 1679-1700, Peter Wilson Coldham, Baltimore Md: GPC, 1968, p. 97.)

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Generation 2

Thomas Jump I, son of William Jump I, was born c1675 in Talbot Co Md. He married before 18 June 1718 Alice Wooters, a widow of John Wooters of Q.A. Co Md. He lived adjacent to his brother, William Jump II. He died in Q.A. Co. in 1752. His will was dated 23 April 1752, and was proven 30 November 1752. He left his plantation dwelling to his wife Alice Wooters Jump, unless she remarried. To his sons Thomas Jump Jr. and Isaac Jump he left 100 a. each of "Horse Pasture." To his son Peter Jump, he left the plantation where he resided. To his son Abraham Jump, he left "Jumps Branch." To his grandson John Bounds Jump, heir of his son Edward Jump, he left one shilling. Excrs. Thos. Jump Jr. and Peter Jump. Wts. Nathaniel Knotts, James Beall, Solomon & Vaughn Jump (his nephews), and Whitman Macholean. Sons: Thomas Jump Jr., Isaac Jump, Peter Jump, Abraham Jump, and Edward Jump.

William Jump II, son of William Jump I, b. c1683, mar. Susanna Vaughn . William Jump II was age 61 in 1744 (QA Dep. 1:26102). At November Court 1711, William Jump was appointed Constable of Wye Hundred in place of Charles Neale. (QAJU ET No. B:156) William Jump II and his wife Susannah his wife convey to John Barns 50 a. of "Jump's Choice" on s. side of St. Jones' Path on 25 Nov. 1713 (QALR ETA:176).  William Jumpe II of Q.A. Co., died leaving a will dated 30 Dec 1741 and proven 31 Nov 1745. He named his son William Jumpe III to whom was devised 100 a. "Jump's Point," lying in Dorchester Co, n. side of Little Choptank River. To his son Thomas Jumpe, 50 a. to son Vaughan Jumpe, tract "Pokety Ridge." Mentions son Benjamin Jumpe. To son Thomas Jumpe. plantation where he lives. To son Absolom Jumpe, remaining tract "Jump's Chance." To son Solomon Jumpe, dwelling plantation. Wife Susanna Jumpe and five sons and three daus: Thomas, Vaughan, Benj., Absalom & Solomon Jumpe; and Susanna Lane, Mary Croney and Esther Jumpe. Execs. wife Susanna Jumpe and sons Vaughan & Benj. Wts. Richard Mason, Benj. Sylvester, James Karton, Wm. Roe and John Roe. (MWB 24:244) Susannah Jumpe, widow of Q.A. Co, died leaving a will dated 9 Feb. 1753, proven 8 Mar 1753. She named sons Absalom & Solomon to have estate; son Vaughn Jumpe cattle. Friends Nathanaaiel Knotts and Henry Casson. Wts. Henry Casson, John Knotts & Thos. Price (MWB 28:463)  Sons: William II, Thomas, Vaughan, Benjamin, Absolom, Solomon Jumpe, daughters Susanna Lane, Mary Croney, & Esther Jumpe.

 Generation 3

Isaac Jump, son of Thomas Jump I,  was born about 1717 Q.A. Co. Md. He was a landowner in Dorchester/later Caroline Co. in 1773. He married Sophia Smith 14 January 1754. His Dorchester Co Md. will was dated 21 January 1769, probated 14 Mar 1769. He left his real and personal estate to his wife Sophia Smith Jump unless she remarried. He left his dwelling plantation to son Olive Jump. He left the plantation where Moses Connor & George Fitzgerald resided to his son William Smith Jump. Also 20 pounds when he reached the age of 21. He left one negro Jack and personal estate to his two daughters: Sarah Jump and Ann Jump. Wts: Peter Adams Jr., Wm. Montgomery and Beauchamp Causey. Sophia Smith Jump died 17 Nov 1792 Sussex Co Del. Sons: Olive Jump, William Smith Jump. Daughters: Sarah Jump and Ann Jump Dawson 

Thomas Jump (b. c1705), s/o William Jump II of St. John's Parish, Q.A. Co Md., was a property owner in St. Johns parish, Queen Anne Co Md. His will dated November 1, 1772, was probated 22 April 1773. His wife Isabel Jump was named executrix. He left his manor house & plantation to her during her widowhood. He left 68 a. of "Knott's Range" & 32 a. of "Jump's Lot" to his eldest son, Levin Jump; remainder of his land to his son, Jacob Jump. If Levin or Jacob Jump died without heirs, the land was to be equally divided between his sons Andrew Jump & Thomas Jump.  Personal estate and the sale of proceeds from sale of a grist mill were to be divided between sons: Andrew Jump, James Jump, Aaron Jump; daughters: Margaret Jump & Elizabeth Jump. Witnesses to the will: Shadrack Wooters, Richard Priest, * William Bell. Six Sons: Levin Jump, Jacob Jump, Andrew Jump, Thomas Jump, James Jump, and Aaron Jump. Two daughters: Margaret & Elizabeth Jump.

Thomas Jump, s/o William Jump was age 57 in 1763 (Dep. QA-3 108-9. Thomas Jump age 42 in 1747 (Dep. QA 2:295) Benjamin Jump age 40 in 1783 mentioned Thomas Jump s/o William abt. 30 years earlier (Dep. QA 1:100-101)

Isabel Jump, widow of Thomas, married (2) James Bell on 19 Aug 1795, shortly before her death in October, 1795. Isabel Jump Bell's will dated 10 Oct 1795, probated 5 Nov 1795, had provisions which included her niece Ann Dawson Dyett & her nephew William Gray.

Aaron Dyett of Caroline Co MD married Ann Dawson on March 8, *1792. ["Marriage Licenses of Caroline Co 1774-1815" by Cranor]

James Bell of Tuckahoe 100, Caroline Co Md., second husband of Isabel Jump, widow,  mar. (1) Margaret Willoughby 9 July 1779 in Caroline Co.

Will of Isabel Jump Bell, widow of Thomas Jump, of Caroline County Md. Oct 1795 to Nov 1795:  "I, Isabel Bell, the wife of James Bell of Caroline Co, give to my loving husband all my lands & plantation while he shall remain a widower, provided he permit my daughter-in-law, Mary Jump, and her son Andrew Jump, to have a home on my said land and uses them with kindness. After the death or marriage of Mary Jump, to pay ten pounds toward the support, maintenance & education of my grandson Andrew Jump. I give my husband, out of my personal estate, the amount of as much property as he, the said James Bell, had in possession on the day of our marriage, to be ascertained by the appraisers of my estate, during his life only. I give & devise to my nephew William Gray a yellow heifer 3 or 4 years old. I give & devise all my lands & tenements after the death or marriage of my husband to my grandson Andrew Jump & his heirs; but in the case of his my said [grand]son Andrew's death without issue, I give all my lands & tenements to my nephew William Gray & [niece] Ann Dyett (sic) to be equally divided between them and their heirs forever. I give my wearing apparel to Ann Dyett (sic) & Mary Gray to be divided in three parts: Ann Dyett to have two parts thereof and Mary Gray one part. I appoint my friends, Thomas Bell, Henry Downes, Aaron Dyett, and William Gray, trustees to my estate & the residue of my personal estate to pay the same to my grandson [Andrew Jump] when he arrives to age 21; or in case of his death, the same between my nephew William Gray & my niece Ann Dyett or their heirs, and the said trustees shall have full power & authority to settle and adjust any differences that may arise out of my said personal estate, either in specifics or in interest, in case it should be changed must profess to convert the same into money, the interest to be applied to the maintenance of my Grandson. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 10th day of October 1795: Isabel Jump (her mark) (seal) Witness: Mary Kinnamont, Rebecca Cooke, Shelby Jump. Then came the said witnesses.....3rd November 1795...signed John Richardson, Registrar" Source: Caroline Co MD Will Record Liber J.R. No. 8:296-298. Note: Reason for Isabel Jump Bell signing her will Isabel Jump was perhaps a clerical error.

Generation Four

William Smith Jump, the youngest son of Isaac and Sophia Smith Jump of Dorchester ( later Caroline Co Md.) was a minor in 1769. He was born c1768 Dorchester Co Md. He removed to Bourbon Co Ky. where he married Margaret Wilson January 24, 1796, then to Bracken Co Ky. (1799 Tax List),  and then to Clermont Co Ohio. He was listed on the 1809 Clermont Co Ohio Tax List. William S. Jump was Justice of the Peace for Brown Co., Ohio. He witnessed the marriage of Daniel Dawson to Catherine "Katie" Kellam in Brown Co, Ohio, in 1832. The Isaac J. Dawson family and the William Smith Jump family lived near each other in Lewis Twp., Brown Co, Ohio, between 1830 and 1840.  In 1830, he and his wife are listed in age category 60-70. Daniel Dawson was the son of Isaac J. Dawson and his wife Mary of Brown Co Ohio.

 Oliver Jump (b. c1754), son of Isaac & Sophia Smith Jump,  inherited the dwelling plantation of his father, Isaac Jump. The plantation was probably "Double Purchase." He was born in Maryland, but moved to Delaware early in life. He was a farmer, surveyor and conveyancer writing most of the legal papers for his neighbors. He was a man of good education.  He married Mary Priest. He died at age 56 (c1810). Mary Priest Jump d. c1813 when her son Isaac Jump was about four years old.  Couple had twelve children, the youngest was son Isaac Jump, M.D., born 8 Nov 1809. Dr. Isaac Jump made his home with his sister Mrs. Mary Nexia Stafford until he was age 18. (Runk's "Biographical Ency. of Del.," p. 1336)

Ann Jump, daughter of Isaac & Sophia Smith Jump, married (1) Thomas Dawson of Caroline Co Md. (2) Aaron Dyett. Her oldest son was probably Isaac Jump Dawson who migrated to Brown Co Ohio sometime before 1820. William Smith Jump was the great-uncle of Daniel Dawson, s/o Isaac J. Dawson.

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